mwilliford opened a new issue #46: ble_ll_scan.c calls ble_ll_scan_init twice, 
which corrupts g_os_mempool_list
   While troubleshooting why mpool cli command does not show anything beyond 
   To watch it corrupt g_os_mempool_list, I did something like this following, 
where 0x20003648-0x2000364a is the pointer to the first of my missing mpool 
entries (via cli).  
   So, I didn't know what was altering the memory, and I didn't own JTAG w/ 
TRACE, so I wrote a small MWU IRQ to catch whatever was altering this memory.  
I then moved stack pointer back, so my Clion could show me the real offending 
stack.   I setup the MWU after all usual inits of mpools ran (at which point 
g_os_mpool_list was still accurate), then it hit (corrupted) when the ble stack 
was coming up.
   Let me know if you have some more clever way to watch memory on the ARM for 
changes, I am just learning how to debug more advanced stuff.
   So, ble_ll_scan_init triggered it, but on the 2nd runthrough.  So, my mpool 
was in the linked-list, but the 'new' mpool for ble_ll_scan_init was sorta 
replaced, and broke the linked list (cutoff any mpools after it).
   This only occurs when BLE_LL_CFG_FEAT_LL_EXT_ADV is defined.
   I will post a PR for the fix, verified it already.
   ------------- example code to catch this program in action------
       void MWU_IRQHandler( void );
       // start memory watch of 0x20003648 for debug
       NRF_MWU->REGION[2].START = (uint32_t) 0x20003648;
       NRF_MWU->REGION[2].END   = (uint32_t) 0x2000364a;
       NVIC_SetVector(MWU_IRQn, (uint32_t)MWU_IRQHandler);
       NVIC_SetPriority(MWU_IRQn, (1 << __NVIC_PRIO_BITS) - 1);
       /* As the last thing, process events from default event queue. */
       while (1) {
   void HardFault_Handler() {
       while (1) {
           if (hal_debugger_connected()) {
                * If debugger is attached, breakpoint here.
   void MWU_IRQHandler( void )
       asm volatile(
       " tst lr,#4       \n"
               " ite eq          \n"
               " mrseq r0,msp    \n"
               " mrsne r0,psp    \n"
               " mov sp, r0       \n"
               " bkpt #1          \n"

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