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ccollins pushed a commit to branch master
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commit b8147e0284cf75765799a79f6ec0f57a49542a50
Author: Christopher Collins <>
AuthorDate: Tue Mar 24 16:54:37 2020 -0700

    Use rc-tag-inference in inter-repo dependencies
    A repo can specify dependencies in its `repository.yml` file, e.g.,
                type: github
                user: apache
                repo: mynewt-nimble
                    mynewt_1_4_0_tag: 1.0.0
    The `mynewt_1_4_0_tag` tag of *this repo* depends on nimble 1.0.0.  If
    `mynewt_1_4_0_tag` does not exist, then `newt upgrade` would fail.
    The tag-validity check that newt was doing here was too strict.  If the
    specified tag doesn't exist, newt should attempt rc-tag-inference.  For
    example, if `mynewt_1_4_0_tag` does not exist, newt should check for the
    latest corresponding rc tag (e.g., `mynewt_1_4_0_rc1_tag`).  If one is
    found, then the dependency list is valid after all.
    Newt already applies this rc-tag-inference procedure when it actually
    performs the upgrade.  However, the check that happens before the
    upgrade was not using rc-tag-inference.  This commit adds
    rc-tag-inference to this check.
 newt/install/install.go | 5 +++++
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+)

diff --git a/newt/install/install.go b/newt/install/install.go
index 5bc5f0c..c26e956 100644
--- a/newt/install/install.go
+++ b/newt/install/install.go
@@ -423,6 +423,11 @@ func (inst *Installer) calcVersionMap(candidates 
[]*repo.Repo) (
        for _, r := range repoList {
                for commit, _ := range r.CommitDepMap() {
+                       commit, err := r.Downloader().LatestRc(r.Path(), commit)
+                       if err != nil {
+                               return nil, err
+                       }
                        equiv, err := r.Downloader().CommitsFor(r.Path(), 
                        if err != nil {
                                return nil, err

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