This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

taegeonum pushed a change to branch serverless-optimize
in repository

      at 3462928  kafka optimize

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new fb6ddc6  nexmark
     new 66de21f  dd
     new 92c6bd3  nexmark fix
     new 10c8cbd  fix script
     new d4c224c  Merge branch 'Nemo-279' into 247-unbounded-nexmark
     new 69f161e  Merge branch 'Nemo-279' into 247-unbounded-nexmark
     new 31cbc83  Merge branch '247-unbounded-mr' into 247-unbounded-nexmark
     new fc407e9  set window
     new 21bae85  fix script
     new 9a0b341  fix parsing
     new 71ac442  Merge branch '247-unbounded-nexmark' into 
     new cd73c8c  broadcast windowed value
     new d551e0a  impl..
     new a0e84c6  Merge branch 'master' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls
     new 4a024c3  done: upload main/side input to s3
     new bfa69d0  done: upload main/side input to s3
     new 8a63da3  lambda
     new 967aa71  serverless deserialize
     new fe2e2d9  nemo serverless
     new 8b3a850  flush multithread
     new 7c1136d  flush fix
     new 3802f98  fix concurrent map
     new adcbfd9  rm log
     new dc20f66  fix
     new d3bc3f8  Merge branch 'master' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls
     new e0e6a84  add netty leak log
     new 6d8c09a  delete unncessary files
     new 10722e9  fix
     new f5f4ff5  complete
     new 01f4c03  rm file in lambda
     new 9290861  delete key
     new aa2e69e  origin
     new db0d126  merge jyk branch
     new dfe8083  0.2 snapshot
     new eede9f9  0.2 snapshot
     new 433d7b9  fix driver option
     new 6697c71  fix
     new 3efbb20  enable sls
     new 33a053b  operator20 -> operator22
     new 6a6028c  fix
     new 186cc80  fix
     new 964c845  fix side input output
     new 278373c  multiple async client
     new f7b2a9c  logging
     new c78691d  fix cli size
     new 1dc79c8  fix num
     new 97df641  Merge branch '247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new 2d7e4f2  add warmer
     new 1c3c068  Merge branch '247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new 977b47c  aws async -> aws client
     new f7128e1  Merge branch '247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new d448ccf  Merge branch '259-sideinput' of into 
     new f0fddaf  merge jyk
     new 18bbb06  warmer fix
     new fdd377b  Merge branch '247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new c215433  Merge branch '247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new d4290c8  fix max client
     new 167fa8f  Merge branch '247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new dfdd60a  side input lambda
     new a2c9a8a  Merge branch 'master' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new 2080b74  Merge branch 'master' of into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new 925336f  logging fix
     new 7835f8e  fix fanout
     new b93b820  late data
     new caf9d3f  Merge branch 'drop-data' into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new 4447cac  allowed lateness
     new d219b78  nemo 282
     new f3cd3a2  Merge branch 'Nemo-282' into 247-unbounded-nexmark-sls-origin
     new 19638cb  disable compression
     new 9331059  logging
     new 8514db5  comment out
     new 03d3ea6  comment out
     new 82b78d3  fix inmemory side input reader map
     new 5637218  unbounded source revert
     new 1628034  fix window access map
     new d5d0c1b  compression enable
     new ad68349  logging fix
     new 83b2729a fix logic
     new 4f43afe  warmer invocation
     new 7eeadb1  fix periodic flush
     new 4410dfa  inmemory
     new f8c55a7  fix
     new c1d2ba3  inmemory
     new 73eb1a1  logging
     new ec262be  fix filename
     new b9a5495  fix server side channel handler
     new 6610ee3  add logging
     new df43b94  adr
     new b664b44  logging
     new 97293d1  coder fix
     new dd8501a  logging
     new 94dc1c8  logging
     new 9d41d90  logging
     new 3f12125  fix
     new 9d8f0a4  bug fix
     new 05e08e5  fix
     new d9754df  logging
     new 06bb8a8  close obj
     new cb578be  loggingg
     new 7f3bf52  log
     new 7049138  fix bug
     new c9a479c  rm logging
     new ceaf10d  fix sending byte
     new 0d2e171  Merge branch 'Nemo-293' into 247-sls-inmemory
     new 4d7cd3b  Merge branch 'Nemo-293' into 247-sls-inmemory
     new 0654f2a  in-memory
     new d9206b7  warmer fix
     new 5229583  logging
     new c562e86  lambda async inmemory
     new 23dcc00  no wait all handshakes
     new 5e9e953  Merge branch 'master' of into 247-sls-inmemory
     new 07c52ce  Merge branch 'Nemo-293' into 247-sls-inmemory
     new 3360381  synchronized
     new d78cd38  Merge branch 'master' of into 247-sls-inmemory
     new a4fe1fa  Merge branch 'master' of into 247-sls-inmemory
     new a32142d  lazy init
     new ae23c9f  add log
     new f8fce01  write and flush
     new 65bc6f0  Merge branch 'Nemo-309' into 247-sls-inmemory
     new eb3bfa8  flush at watermark
     new 211a30b  Merge branch 'Nemo-309' into 247-sls-inmemory
     new 9c99a9e  logging
     new 31987e3  lo0g
     new c6392e6  log
     new 5778d96  log
     new aea2679  logging
     new 3cec2f3  log
     new f03ad17  fix ped
     new fb165c3  fix script
     new f50ee6c  query8 logging
     new a9eca42  gc
     new 103296d  fix gbkw
     new e5d909b  number of key logging
     new d4a4b94  rm unused keys
     new 9ffead2  logging
     new 537abaa  log
     new 425ad7a  fix trigger
     new 18c77d8  rm key
     new 3b73444  log:
     new e40cb73  fix gbkw timer internal
     new 9afbfc8  rm log
     new d6443c6  fix bug
     new dfc8f36  rm log
     new 9e468b4  element-wise processing
     new b5e22c6  log
     new bbc7ca8  element wise flush
     new f42b080  netty flush fix
     new 8fdbfa4  add ser file
     new bdd0e5e  send ir vertex
     new efa9d96  fix
     new 0346794  query8 serverless
     new 2776944  address fixgs
     new 2dffba1  fix
     new d987f3a  disable serialized file
     new 7323712  disable query8
     new 58dc48b  fix bug
     new c4b7fbd  warmup
     new 51a7fcb  warmup
     new 7d3ca18  fix handler
     new efcb77a  warmer count fix
     new a453d6a  add query8
     new df3ae05  watermark logging
     new e8f6cbe  warmup
     new 6fd591a  rm warmer
     new 0881066  warmup fix
     new 786aaa4  logging
     new 6b2a778  fix
     new a337157  fix netty handler
     new f161c3f  buffer -> ioBuffer
     new 9d98d68  addr
     new 63e5fd8  refactoring gbk lambda emitter
     new 46dbf4b  buffer batch
     new c8d4a51  Add logging
     new 6e6fb2b  refactor
     new 812e3e5  fix
     new f80d07b  rm warmer
     new b3a9512  fix
     new 7f59f96  fix
     new c9c0892  fix
     new 8c3725a  fix
     new 672d5c6  fix
     new cca81c4  fix gbk
     new f19427d  fix period
     new a4816fe  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new ec0a59b  fix
     new f077fbf  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new c76480c  logging pushback
     new 6014623  serialize vertices
     new ee53aca  fix
     new 4c15b42  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 8d11b03  vertex submit
     new 79f7679  fix
     new ad24bf6  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 4538fac  fix
     new 582b74d  logging
     new ac88fed  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new df79b23  logging
     new ba1167e  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 556abab  add pending queue
     new 9d6426f  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new d437149  fix
     new d826f58  fix addr
     new 34e923a  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 4112457  fix pending
     new 808e6e4  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 94a6932  fix
     new b7aca1e  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 93a6d8a  logging
     new 4be704f  MMerge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 0a30537  log
     new bfe73c7  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 90508fd  fix
     new b8116e0  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 4092c50  rm log
     new a692694  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 9458e06  refactor for vm
     new 45bdcd3  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new bc0056c  fix bug
     new c10b13b  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 1862301  refactoring for vm
     new dd0cd89  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 4b14153  fix
     new ee457bd  address
     new 82a5ceb  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 22e1a2b  vm
     new d311a54  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 454ff1b  fix address
     new bb6676e  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 05ef119  log
     new 9bf9f95  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 7bc3cee  fix
     new 061cc23  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new eb221c5  fix pom
     new 84385cc  rm pushback logg
     new 3664ec2  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new b05e4f7  rm gbkw log
     new 5565577  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 11df234  logging:
     new ac13e5b  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 48682e9  bug fix
     new 44d0f0e  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 48b8a5c  offloading handler
     new 3349f54  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 3d23977  fix bug
     new 43c9a56  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 923afef  rm logs
     new 58a22ef  fix address
     new 972e6e8  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new d956cd1  fix pa
     new 4973141  fix
     new 7152ead  add start/stop vm
     new 327320a  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 92b94ae  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new 56ab2fa  fix destroy
     new d4f3970  Merge branch 'after-hos-refactor' of into after-hos-refactor
     new f6fd317  handle restart exception
     new bf7f6b7  fix bug
     new 2f24ccd  fix ready vm
     new 2d4089e  rm pool
     new 7ea9816  constants
     new f9f137a  element wise flush
     new 52b1d88  fix lambda offloading requester
     new 4699f48  fix
     new fce0896  loggig
     new 632b576  logging
     new 964a7dd  synchronized
     new c51141e  rm sync
     new f99f952  push back log
     new 65a221d  logging fix
     new 65f16c9  refactoring
     new c4fd515  fix dependency
     new 84bb5b9  Revert "fix dependency"
     new ebf5e7d  Revert "Revert "fix dependency""
     new 9ee8d29  refactoring
     new 6df363d  fix sh
     new 864549f  fix pom
     new 9d1702d  fix pom
     new d541f71  warmer in master
     new b63fa4a  fix script
     new a7f21e3  Merge branch 'serverless-general' of into serverless-general
     new 6a0727d  fix address
     new 4b354a3  fix constants
     new 7735396  Merge branch 'serverless-general' of into serverless-general
     new 2109c64  fix netutil
     new 57a4d8a  Merge branch 'serverless-general' of into serverless-general
     new 99b0d5d  Addrr
     new f4c4a84  inet socket addr
     new 18783df  disable serverless warmer
     new 1fd19e1  logging
     new 167acd6  fix
     new 545546c  logging
     new 974b6cd  20332
     new 473faaa  fix
     new 450f9b9  warmer in master
     new 517f636  fix lambda worker connection
     new b92a13b  refactoring task executor
     new 8cd8d3b  log
     new 2535528  support join
     new 8b2bdf9  rm unused import
     new c7df232  fix push back
     new 955b35c  fix bug
     new 1671331  fix bug
     new 0ba4b83  add bytebuf.release()
     new ad410cc  fix exernal class loader
     new 7d424c2  logging
     new 49a3cd3  log
     new 2d385d8  fix bug
     new f4cf373  rm logging
     new 9689565  fix bug
     new 088a2a5  log
     new 861cb68  parallelism
     new ec4779e  log
     new 1b1444a  fix push back transform
     new c0ac3bc  extra request
     new 377d9f4  logging
     new 1d8088d  fix extra request logic
     new 717f825  logging
     new a2911c3  rm write and flush
     new 4213b27  more logging
     new 7289cb3  logging
     new e41ea95  pipelining data transfer
     new 39e3653  fix
     new 28c2cbd  no direct flush
     new 6232335  fix constnats
     new d0ff291  rm
     new f5e03ab  fix
     new 605a206  fix
     new c95c296  refactoring
     new 1eed91e  fix format
     new c79c00e  fix pushback offloading
     new 1df130d  worker init buffer retain
     new 13eca46  fix
     new 8df4d03  logging
     new a9a1728  fix sls executor service
     new 1fa731b  write ordinal
     new e27b064  fix result
     new 0dbe513  logging
     new db8452b  output emit
     new 981fbde  result logging
     new d4142e0  rm logging
     new eabc609  fix log
     new 2c38af6  log
     new abf4e23  rm pending request in offloading factory and preparing for 
speculative execution (global id)
     new 37fb5a5  speculative exection
     new 3cc69ea  fix output emission
     new 67f1843  fix shutdown logig
     new 07642cf  logging
     new 8f7be6e  rm logging
     new 09a1961  log
     new c5f5fe4  rm result map
     new 66a92b1  loggingg
     new 90dddad  pushback fix
     new 7b7446e  fix push back offloading
     new a8442ec  rm ready state
     new 8b0e159  log
     new fa5ef0e  optional fix
     new 6891754  fix result map clear bug in finishOffloading
     new 98fa2df  period
     new 6fc7a65  logging output latency
     new 4d4626b  more logging
     new 2b1cf15  fix
     new 7481a3d  more logging
     new 6b56cc7  serialize fix
     new d99dd6f  fix transient
     new db27346  fix bug
     new cc6a5cd  data ordinal add
     new 166d6cc  direct buff -> heap buffer
     new f25bd1a  log
     new 7938d6e  speculative execution
     new 745794b  fix bytebuf bug
     new 571d8ce  fix bug
     new c635471  speculative fix
     new c0e6f33  comment out
     new 8ef6f43  speuclative bug fix
     new aa787a3  emittable fix
     new 74d2a73  logging
     new 313d8b3  logging fix
     new e7c9afd  fix retain
     new 7619de8  scheduler log
     new a17c6e3  scheduler log
     new 3bb0541  print exception
     new f3bf055  fix error
     new 27d4fa8  fix speculative execution (reject execution if the work is 
     new 28f29ca  fix
     new e276dff  more logging
     new ea49c39  fix
     new bed7b49  finish offloading
     new b3fa0ad  remove rejected output
     new 438e1b2  speculative execution optimization
     new b76c7e1  fix speculative
     new 7e2ec0d  sync bytebuf
     new 13cff04  Revert "sync bytebuf"
     new 39cb71e  exception handling
     new 52f375d  ioBuffer -> buffer
     new 5ef047d  wo speculative
     new 6f7a016  more logging
     new c7235a2  add exception
     new 12407e6  Revert "ioBuffer -> buffer"
     new d63df8f  sls general logging
     new 56486e7  more logging
     new 2a79bf2  speculative execution fix
     new 41b4a3d  Merge branch 'serverless-general-wo-speculative' of into serverless-general-wo-speculative
     new 22a7062  bug fix
     new dd2d9f0  Merge branch 'serverless-general-wo-speculative' of into serverless-general-wo-speculative
     new abbeea0  logging
     new a8dd525  Merge branch 'serverless-general-wo-speculative' of into serverless-general-wo-speculative
     new 2756201  fix log
     new 5311d96  decoupling serverless module
     new 1c4ad0a  add nexmark
     new 172440c  rm unnecessary
     new 9a9a781  Merge branch 'decouple-serverless' into serverless-general
     new c26cbc4  rm no element
     new fd56ddd  offloading false
     new a0a0fbb  fix pushback
     new dd17583  fix
     new b666488  Revert "fix"
     new d9e7abd  Revert "rm no element"
     new c621867  nexmark 2.7.0-snapshot
     new c516d9b  fix pom
     new 754f678  add gcp pom
     new 2fddccb  rm gcp pom
     new 89f8583  Revert "rm gcp pom"
     new 22e6486  cpu bottleneck detection
     new f1c1e46  fix event handler
     new 8f1c857  logging prcoessed events
     new 6f55fb6  logging prcoessed events
     new a20a4ae  fix cpu bottleneck handler
     new f8fed16  start/stop offloading skeleton code
     new 5a592b0  input fluctuation detection
     new a3f8284  fix
     new 2108a6f  fix cpu bottleneck detection
     new fa8a4f9  comment
     new 36f0e7e  automatic offloading checkpoint... rm data type write
     new 30dffde  fix offloading event coder
     new 75e3591  fix offloading event coder
     new 3727ad4  fix
     new 3e250e9  fix encoder
     new 2685979  fix
     new cb6dbd7  fix
     new 70d0924  fix
     new 0344bd7  fix
     new 5a3e4ea  logging..
     new 3d598f0  add sdk
     new fe34c6e  set context class loader
     new e368f9c  use composite
     new 71ace5e  add writer index
     new c0c7e11  fix
     new 57758f7  logging encode/decode byte
     new fb4dd7c  fix cached pool worker init buf
     new a7733d7  more logging
     new c8e6fec  rm windowaccessmap
     new 3772170  log
     new bca6df1  new pushbackdofn
     new dc9bd6a  new pushbackdofn
     new f703da3  offloading bytebuf
     new 94e1117  revert to beam 2.6.0
     new 92557e1  fix pom
     new 8246f4a  initial commit for offloading stateless transform
     new 1840095  add offloading result event
     new 3ec5b4a  add offloading true
     new 3a59a76  add logging
     new 1b29e06  log
     new 3246b6f  fix encoder
     new efc2cf1  more logging
     new 62b21b2  add nemo-beam-runner
     new bd911c9  skip sink
     new 2b83693  logging
     new 2f7a786  logging and fix
     new 32fbd7d  output emit logging
     new b3ecbe6  mv file
     new 9302453  remove logging
     new 3d4f100  flush to sls
     new d4e896b  flush fix
     new 9e288aa  rm logging and fix
     new b097c5f  logging
     new b30dfee  shutdown thread
     new c04a068  operator bursty disable
     new 5177ae2  add configuration for offloading
     new e598367  create evalconf
     new 88c4164  fix
     new 0d7d70e  use evalConf for poolSize and flushBytes
     new 7650b3e  fix
     new 9a9a55b  fix
     new 0ec9c31  rm log
     new 79e6998  rm log
     new 88d705a  bottleneck detection parameter conf
     new 3942df6  logging enable/disble lambda
     new 016c047  add offloading debug
     new eb7a508  fix
     new 6be1b0e  offloading request after 10 sec
     new f1305d8  Add Timestamp Value to NemoEvent for Input Tracking
     new b4658c9  metric collector implementation
     new 55455a2  rm logging
     new 5bee178  latency logging fix
     new 0988de4  latency logging fix
     new a0d99ed  latency logging fix
     new 04ef8f7  Timestampvalue for offloading
     new 610ab7c  fix
     new 012f686  add script
     new 734db94  fix pom
     new 9ba3f9e  fix dependency
     new 8b21e67  fix dependency
     new 810b2f9  Automatic offloading for general query DAG
     new d40e090  Refactoring packages
     new cf41b1f  rm logging
     new 6d95df6  merge
     new 97d6109  Merge branch 'serverless-general' of into serverless-general
     new d5db1ad  fix
     new 07d107b  Merge branch 'master' of into merge-from-master
     new 5a11b3c  logging
     new 78b049f  fix unbounded source readable
     new 42a3d36  rm nemo-client dependency from nemo-beam-compiler-frontend
     new e1b02f9  rm unnecessary files
     new f55b258  latency logging
     new dbb72b8  fix logging
     new ec2ec1c  rm unnecessary variables
     new 9b6a7b9  Support multi-stage offloading (output writer)
     new 338b2e2  Handling offloading event in one thread
     new 5aedf29  gradle and rm shaded nexmark
     new 6860bd5  nexmark shaded
     new 2a65741  Support input watermarks of multiple sources
     new 7fd4110  [Logging latencies for multiple stages]
     new d2f363e  Merge branch 'master' of into serverless-general
     new da38ae5  fix
     new 07a561b  Merge branch 'serverless-general' of into serverless-general
     new 6ebcec7  rm logging
     new c378052  Merge branch 'serverless-general' of into serverless-general
     new 450b07a  rm logging
     new c046f7c  Merge branch 'serverless-general' of into serverless-general
     new c1b4f6f  bottleneck detection fix
     new 0e9fc77  latency monitoring fix
     new ef5827f  logging
     new 95adfa9  [Fix bugs ]
     new a0105fe  [Support kafka source and remove uber jar by adding small 
dependent jar files]
     new 4241b7a  add lib
     new c7a7eec  [Enable kafka dynamic partitioning]
     new 0373d9b  [Taks source split]
     new 78cc921  [Fix bug and offloading logic]
     new eef95d3  [Source merge]
     new 5e12f33  [Support Yarn]
     new 599c8f4  [Pipe reverse connection]
     new 0db4c50  [Preparing multi-stage lambda.. remove protobuf and move 
     new fda7a65  dynamic task source addition
     new 326ffb1  preparing for multi-stage
     new 486560e  log
     new 8901aab  fix
     new 5adc5a6  Add avro
     new 72b5a00  fix
     new f61c393  rm sink
     new fcc4311  fi
     new 6db5878  fix
     new 488550c  fix
     new 2588590  log
     new f463ab7  log
     new 593a2f3  log
     new b8b978f  rm log
     new ade6384  fix
     new 0bfd5da  fix
     new a3f535b  add taskIndexMaster
     new 19ae068  fix
     new 57d59ea  log
     new 565d622  log
     new ed4620a  fix
     new c1e02d1  fix
     new fd24917  fix
     new 4f362e4  fix
     new 31352c4  log
     new 327be6c  log
     new 9be5c30  fix
     new 2446664  fix
     new 01ba1d5  cpu 100 debugging
     new 5279ca9  netty flush fix
     new a443746  pipe container null point exception fix
     new 3cb00db  gbkw batched trigger
     new efb666e  fix rm key
     new db97780  fix lambda flush
     new 54823b7  offload debuging fix
     new bf35a3a  log
     new 58c4622  fix
     new 3dec247  context stop/restart
     new 1138f8a  rm offloadingdebug in taskexecutor
     new 1bed909  context stop fix
     new ab63a55  context stop fix
     new 74e96b9  log
     new 29f5716  fix context stop
     new 04b0799  rm restart
     new e839b4d  context restart message
     new 3be55aa  fix
     new 2fc7746  restart fix
     new 747599d  rm logs
     new 77e6bbb  [Fix cpu modeling with cpuTime and offload only for stateless]
     new 49a3804  [Local communication]
     new 584922b  [Streaming combiner]
     new 5af95fa  latency logging
     new 8687a56  add start slack time
     new 40ffc6c  fix
     new 3c0c671  Deoffloading fix
     new 7a6eaec  break
     new f8e71ca  logging
     new a82ddfa  channel exception logging
     new 58503f7  special case
     new 4e46801  cpu load
     new de2dd2c  fix offloading algorithm
     new 1cd0376  deoffload slack time
     new 3007244  slack time
     new 78d07de  fix constants
     new dbeab29  fix constants
     new 045ea0b  fix logic
     new 6210869  handshake and gbk fix
     new d276d7f  watermark logging and dynamic input watermark setting fix
     new 8175151  log
     new 6ce34cf  logging
     new cde6408  fix output writer
     new e079c4a  Stream remote input context
     new 7885796  gbk
     new fef7047  fix bug
     new e4bf390  fix bug
     new 72afa00  add finished
     new b6ce73b  [Offloading mechanism refactoring]
     new 85873fd  fix
     new 78bd9a2  fix
     new 3b57f49  iterator add/remove fix
     new bcd207d  lessen watermark check
     new 68db6a5  watermark fix
     new 2be29fd  slacktime
     new dd4d236  more logging
     new 42574b0  enable late data
     new b20edd7  validation
     new 6609231  fix
     new 13f188c  bug fix
     new a2d592c  fix
     new 413acf7  local iput context atomic boolean
     new 450b469  fix dynamic input watermark
     new aee4925  fix dynamic input watermark
     new d6c60ca  bug fixed
     new b35bd3a  enable drop data
     new 47ef399  fix constant
     new 12fb7fb  force close
     new 266fe2f  fix null..
     new c627cb2  rm log
     new d9ccc82  fix offloading logic-
     new 2fbfda6  fix
     new 4067c84  gbk partial flush fix
     new 083c316  handle init watermark
     new 91285f6  reset watermark
     new 3e65c54  flush fix
     new 6c5d951  snapshot vertex
     new eaec342  prepare gbk
     new 4e9abe0  null byte fix
     new 60ce88e  value fix
     new 35ff8d7  log
     new ab3c87d  force close
     new cd699bd  offloading logic fix
     new 8e1aeda  vm offloading
     new 6ae0e29  logging and fix
     new 9689d8d  fix
     new 488bbdb  fix lambda offloading worker factory
     new 6c158fd  fix pom
     new 4f28737  fix
     new 7daf8d1  multiple vms
     new 59c36d8  multiple vms fix
     new 8a67ad3  fix
     new a193128  vm
     new fee1cad  fix logic
     new ef1f760  vm round robin
     new 6b9778a  5 vms
     new 2c056a4  seep task offloader
     new e19e74c  offloading fix
     new eb806d0  offloading middle stateless
     new 78ddc36  offloading result fix
     new 1dcb526  logging
     new 4435b96  restart middle
     new 1128fdf  fix middle
     new 3074473  fix
     new 68abf39  rm logging
     new 0f2461e  fix values
     new 40c0282  fix
     new 9f125c3  fix value
     new 0434331  consider deoffloading
     new 8840b14  slac time
     new b0a3c50  observed window
     new 6de8aae  heartbeat
     new ef53f51  fix
     new e70644d  deoffloading fix
     new 375401c  heartbeat fix
     new d86a44b  normalize
     new 1478491  rm log
     new 44ab710  logging fix
     new a0f8b84  fix
     new 9b9660e  fix cpu sum
     new a789245  logging
     new adfa7a2  running tsak in cpu time order
     new 3652021  rm logging
     new c3fc93f  offload only stateless
     new 17e4164  poly 2
     new a9a9a65  val
     new 2add4c9  fix
     new abba3ae  fix curr cpu time sum
     new 32c3bf7  fix iterator bug
     new bfd9ab6  fix val
     new bd929a9  nemo fix
     new c220da7  Fix
     new 7fe8fb6  fix
     new d02ba82  force close fix
     new 5933519  tiny tasks
     new 889e188  executor threads
     new f453168  sleep
     new 5d8d1a4  implementing vm scaling..
     new ec3ec69  implementing vm scaling..
     new 7126a0e  debugging
     new da3491e  logging and fix address
     new e4118ff  logging
     new 24b29a4  data id
     new 18f1ec5  downstream transform fix
     new b717f8c  fix
     new 19777d5  fix
     new 8b96ac8  logging
     new 8fe71c4  fix downstream transform
     new e127952  remote test
     new 0f41b00  fix for remote executor
     new 9206643  fix
     new 06ff968  log
     new 68be93b  downstreamTaskOffloader getEvent immediately
     new 809af91  writeAndFlush
     new 160e866  [VM scaleout checkpoint]
     new 0e208e2  Implement VM scale in
     new ac5eb97  fix offloadpending
     new fc883c6  disable sendToServerless
     new ddaaa41  shared channel close
     new 3388a91  shared channel close
     new 547ec36  fix and logging
     new cfd07a8  logging
     new 95d0711  logging
     new 7cc0513  channel close
     new e0ded04  getandincrement
     new 6959d9c  remote byte output context ack
     new 37766b2  [VM scalin checkpoint]
     new a74ae51  Merge branch 'serverless-general-upstream-tasks' into 
     new 72817f8  refactoring checkpoint
     new ee0a176  try to remove local
     new 8d56644  offloading
     new 8f7d63f  fix compile error
     new b0c5d27  serilaization issue
     new 543ff18  serilaization issue
     new 7cfcc19  logging
     new e3b7510  logging
     new ba787b3  isReady
     new 33fd48f  null pointer exception fixed
     new 468c8bc  logging
     new bdce885  print ordinal
     new e962f63  byte array logging
     new 41af9e0  byte array logging
     new 166565f  byte array logging
     new 5e91628  byte array logging
     new 866e237  fix offloadingTask encode
     new 30c0d6f  fix offloadingTask encode
     new 271d0fa  fix offloadingTask encode
     new 8c7142f  fix offloadingTask encode
     new cc5ca98  fix offloadingTask encode
     new ebe91d7  logging
     new 5948aa7  stage ser fix
     new efc1c2a  logging
     new 180cb29  fix offloadingTask encode
     new 8da820a  do not close
     new 62ef481  logging
     new a84084e  check readable bytes
     new d408d1b  fix pair
     new eeda5da  rm byte logging
     new 2e7d6d5  rm byte logging
     new 5dc47d0  rm logging
     new 76eeff7  logging
     new 3bf8589  remote input and output context handling fix
     new 910321c  logging
     new dbbdafa  input output context fix
     new 974cd45  scaling in
     new 7787f2f  fix and logging:
     new 6dbe1f2  logging
     new 722e45d  checkpoint fix
     new 02f6371  just add data fetcher
     new 2872cc5  logging
     new c1b9e8f  logging
     new e137b14  logging
     new 6662480  logging
     new fc4a5a8  logging
     new bc99427  logging
     new fb376e4  fix
     new e378526  input context logging
     new 92e1dde  disable dataframe end
     new 5e4d205  delete VM
     new 6280c7e  vm request fix
     new 55759b0  disable onContextExpire in lambda
     new 0f37f34  stage1 scaleout
     new 0e4956c  disable deoff
     new 88b5238  check available fetchers
     new ecc2a31  logging
     new ce02ef3  logging
     new c053ea0  logging
     new 46016c7  exception logging
     new db353db  add logging
     new b0fedf7  add logging
     new 41d6c10  fix bug
     new 5a3bd18  fix
     new a06ade5  getInpuContext in LambdaContextManager
     new 6a3bd2f  byte output context channel flush
     new 654adf1  element logging
     new 6346e86  logging
     new 2b915ff  logging
     new 3eebeaa  blockingqueue logging
     new 77426c0  fix
     new 3eb6652  synchronized isEmpty
     new 558b8d9  fix parentTaskDataFetcher
     new 0862902  rm logging
     new 7cc5b9d  [stage1 stageout]
     new b847056  vm scalin
     new 1d183bd  vm scalin
     new 7cd12f9  fix task deletion
     new e9fee1b  logging
     new 1d43ddb  add finish
     new b8c8486  ack logging
     new f98b565  fix
     new 4efcd70  fix pair
     new 07d13bf  fix
     new 07fabe3  delete task
     new 72771c7  multiple task stop
     new adad67c  stage0
     new 66fb8f8  stage0
     new c635c93  debugging
     new 05984ded transfer index
     new 87061a5  disable vertex6 split
     new 4f8bbcb  schedule at fixed rate
     new eedc31b  rm worker
     new 2c2fc0b  vm requester fix
     new 018e338  start fix
     new 15df7b9  logging
     new de7f0af  logging ts
     new c206b64  logging ts
     new d0a983e  logging ts
     new af5d741  logging
     new 1dc9bce  log
     new 2dc667d  set input timestampe for gbk partial and final
     new 43d9500  transient
     new c9275e1  state scaleout
     new 8647437  logging
     new 31e18de  comparator
     new 27f4618  fix combining state coder
     new 015b0f6  nullable state fix
     new e994610  combining state logging
     new 2363d83  logging
     new 7bf12e6  accum coder
     new 2fef767  fix accum coder
     new 888592d  logging
     new bf2f5c7  state decode
     new 4c7460a  state stringify
     new 378df6b  state scaling in
     new 67cd07e  fix error
     new c2bf7e4  gbk final logging
     new 028675a  more logging
     new d83b5e7  more logging
     new aaffa83  logging
     new 0933f33  hashcode
     new d43eeb1  hashcode
     new 9145327  logging
     new a95e43b  set staet fix
     new c9ffc63  state map
     new a40e058  encoding fix
     new 2938718  partial flush remove
     new 1b0f7d0  rm log
     new f483aa0  offload stage0
     new 1ae5846  Remove flush
     new 89821c0  schedule fixed rate
     new 6b36f2c  relay server ...
     new de67b77  flush fixgs
     new 3601757  Merge branch 'serverless-general-state-scaleout' into 
     new 1d9e0db  relay server (upstream)
     new e5edb65  decode fix
     new e114056  fix decode
     new 3ffb12b  fix
     new c117932  ack fix
     new 03f5280  checkpoint mark coder
     new 1f67fe7  state map coder fix
     new 55822b6  coder fix
     new 7849ff3  logging
     new 78f4bcc  logging
     new e669ee9  logging
     new e84111b  fix relay control encoder
     new 831593f  fix relay control encoder
     new 8224b56  debugging
     new 054b542  byteTransferMsg wrapping
     new 75cc63b  fix
     new 6ebca4a  skip control message
     new 186bb3a  logging
     new 51f60e9  logging
     new ac70924  channel flush
     new b53519b  logging
     new 49d7947  global transfer index
     new 0687894  global index
     new 23ade9b  fix
     new 210be2c  logging
     new 6e07487  logging
     new 1658268  logging
     new 07dd32a  logging
     new 770d366  fix relay coding
     new 77bab97  fix relay coding
     new e2ad578  fix relay decoder
     new 17c38aa  fix
     new 2a52fd9  while loop
     new c2a542b  logging
     new a11d639  fix logic
     new 5c461e2  ack from downstream
     new 2d62f1c  deoffloading stage0
     new 03db96a  deoff off
     new 3f505d2  do not throw duplicate context
     new f54ddf8  Scaling in second stage
     new 8a59760  resetting context manager for input context
     new 62040c6  input context relay server
     new 767a5ad  fix
     new 254c5e0  disable wrong executor id
     new d4d8120  logging fix
     new 9f374dd  more logging
     new b7723ac  more logging
     new c2fe44c  more logging
     new 64145da  pending bytes
     new 014e4ee  executorId
     new 3a6691b  refactoring..
     new 5186eb3  refactorig
     new 1710ccc  set is relay server and logging
     new bb46a8b  isDone fix
     new a9d7bb5  rm countdown latch in lambda remote byte
     new 5d78da5  upstream off deoff
     new c50841b  complex off and deoff
     new 9b9c4c4  deoff fix
     new fedb37b  waiting for ack
     new 1dbefa2  send message fix
     new 63fd5ee  setting input output context
     new 017643b  setting vm -> sf
     new c8a38ed  concurrent exception in finish fixed
     new 79f2443  more logging
     new 396b57b  pendingCnt fix
     new 4dce0ba  fix to bytetomessagedecoder
     new 146900d  source vertex data fetcher stop fix
     new 39a4c9d  get logging sourcevertexdatafetcher
     new 960ae2a  logging
     new 571128c  hasSource
     new 65498dc  fix hasSource
     new 82706c2  source data fetcher restart
     new af25c20  output writer close order changed
     new 1879439  complex offloading
     new d452824  task relay test
     new 809690c  pipe init logging
     new 2d75d66  logging id bytes
     new 7d760e3  Revert "logging id bytes"
     new 26f07c4  Revert "Revert "logging id bytes""
     new 8e24db3  global scheduling..
     new 5043d56  byte logging
     new f3b7421  more bytes logging
     new 6d47be5  ..
     new 24a5257  fixing
     new 0fd2bd1  offloading done
     new dd6159f  Merge branch 'serverless-general-relay' into 
     new 6487597  taskdone fix
     new dbb5af0  stage id
     new a870d5a  query5 stage1
     new 0a19cfe  stage 0
     new b0d63ec  disable logging
     new 1193258  worker heartbeat
     new 33f26f0  cpu load fix
     new 8512b39  just single stage
     new 0521b49  logging for q5
     new eec470c  rm log
     new d6ec8fe  offload stage0
     new 56ad8d8  lambda byte output context relay dst
     new 5ce04ae  fix slot
     new fabbef5  bis available
     new abc8a69  logging
     new 88de8f8  more logging
     new 88f8003  more logging
     new 52026a5  logging
     new 27a717b  logging
     new 49be69f  more logging
     new 34acbee  logging
     new 64a0696  logging
     new c177e05  use atomic counter for queue
     new 5c6409f  gs
     new a880edc  disable loggin lambdainput
     new 13e6cd8  closable blocking queue fix
     new f0dcc6f  array blocking -> concurrent liked
     new 6e4d6aa  reuse array dequeue
     new 93bd059  fix
     new 1abb3c6  logging
     new 4cd695b  concurrent linked queue
     new fd0e0ca  decoder logging
     new e26359a  Rm bis
     new fc43c63  closable queue use atomic integer
     new 8dfb0b6  timer internal trigger fix
     new ce2d16b  fix
     new 9d8b876  rm logging
     new db40945  deoffloading signal
     new a675411  deoffloading signal
     new 1a8e92b  ack fix
     new 800e189  break
     new f72267e  fix output context
     new 0154b78  oflfoading
     new c315406  logging gbkf
     new a9424c8  partial logging
     new 283f637  logging watermark
     new bb9e330  fix
     new f39d51f  logging
     new 0ca0930  logging watermark
     new 2c7f2c2  logging and concurrent queue
     new f7dde3c  watermark logging
     new af2b5c3  fix watermark
     new 41b9805  profiling cpu time and load
     new 1701c4c  disable logging
     new bf6bc43  more logging
     new 5dbd1c1  prepare service
     new c57feb9  offloading status in master with atomic integer
     new fcda344  lambda layer lib added
     new bcc6146  task offloading
     new aca8449  Merge branch 'serverless-general-lambda-layer' into 
     new 9b34c2b  add taskSLot conf
     new fbd8991  rm google collect
     new b25659a  fix
     new 11c3b74  logging channel
     new 122f371  fix
     new cd42f97  logging
     new e38b973  logging
     new 810f989  sync invoke
     new 706bcbe  fix weired lambda behavior
     new bfde0be  debugging
     new 5fc2524  use nemo event handler, rm log, lambda.close non blocking
     new 5a3517a  rm jars
     new 5b214f2  rm thread sleep
     new 796fb1e  q5 test
     new 89ba6f0  warmer fix
     new e9ed43c  logging disable
     new 72828ee  fix logic
     new 179f586  more logging
     new 8f502f9  offloading executor shutting down
     new d388600  offloading test
     new 0171afa  channel closed handling wo exception
     new 73c7a56  channel closed fix
     new 77787e0  heartbeat logging
     new b394392  multiple off
     new 7685e42  offloading some part
     new 5c55f1d  fix
     new 0d13f15  scheduling worker in workermanager
     new 5530ed7  offload time heartbeat after 10 seconds
     new 1e049af  offload time heartbeat after 10 seconds
     new 79381ae  target offload fix
     new 4a77a85  asynchronous offloading
     new d60b2b3  fix error
     new 75d8063  fix prepare cnt
     new 63cae0c  worker ready prepare
     new c3c3ad2  fix heartbeat
     new e9336f6  worker init fix
     new 7291d89  q5 offload test
     new e9effbf  logging
     new 89e37a2  lambda handler executorservice
     new 739e5e6  stage-based offloading
     new f60135c  fix logging
     new c8909fe  fix logging
     new cf767be  log
     new d4fec75  stage0
     new b4bd80e   more logging
     new feabbfd  more logging
     new 039fc8a  fix
     new b646af6  ser fix
     new d0f0bdf  ser fix
     new d404d4d  logging
     new a93cc8f  change ser order
     new 23f00b1  cached pool
     new 7da1fdb  process cpu -> system cpu
     new 2d49089  fix val
     new 4947f3c  task offloading fix
     new bc87ff8  task offloading fix
     new ea40622  fix val
     new 2a084e0  multiplicative offloading
     new e65648b  multiple
     new aab85c1  window increase
     new d492d78  multiplicative percentage
     new 6a5b90c  rm slack time in multiplicative and concurrent add/rm tasks 
in offloading executor
     new d9534f0  logging rm in gbkFinal
     new 0e1ce9f  executor service fixed thread:
     new d5ea9c4  stage scheduling
     new 468e181  cached tp
     new fc44eeb  message id logging
     new d5ee133  thread sleep 1000
     new d548a64  pick fixed
     new 3aa2528  rm logging
     new cc6b7a9  peek blocking
     new 39e15ec  logging
     new 61597a5  log
     new e8a15b7  fix pending rm
     new 475cf5b  offloading handler fix
     new 20eba24  fix policy
     new a4ab4d7  add stepwise offloading
     new b4ccfac  fix policy
     new b8d8717  fix policy
     new 68b7a86  more logging, executor service in event handler
     new 0656460  logging
     new 8e5c935  logging
     new 648a471  more logging
     new e8c0dd0  disable state encoding
     new 2f0ed97  null fix
     new 489b467  more logging
     new 4e429bb  print
     new 37cad72  print
     new efa4e9d  executor thread exception fixed
     new ebd0e24  offloading handler fix
     new bef0d8c  fix
     new 6a0f2d9  unbounded source start fix
     new b2e15a7  readable fix
     new 5e74cf3  increase slack time
     new 6d5d321  offloading event handler thread pool
     new 2ee1886  logging
     new 9d65213  50 sec
     new c8ec34f  decoding time logging
     new bc11a98  enable task encoding
     new 54f7abd  executor fixed thread pool
     new 8276602  rm logging
     new 905a7ea  rm log messages
     new 3162a17  fix thread sleep in streaming sched
     new 69fcf0c  rm logging
     new 9ee4ee8  rm map encoding of task
     new f7ae543  encoding decoding time logging
     new b3384e4  70s
     new 9604e33  stepwise stage1
     new f975820  taskid
     new 7274dda  filter stage1
     new 62971ca  stage1
     new bf9157d  stage1
     new 68244e2  duplicate input context
     new f5835ff  serialization fix
     new aa907cc  null pointer exception fix
     new ef40191  input context logging
     new 6416de2  input reader stop fix
     new e2c2c89  fix input fetcher stop and check offloaded executor
     new a2d900a  fix
     new 6891e35  off deoff
     new af3f737  set grpc
     new 097f621  add script
     new 305b8d5  logging
     new 92a5283  add
     new b8bf5f6  Merge branch 'serverless-general-0607-serialization' of into serverless-general-0607-serialization
     new 5e5500e  logging
     new 025840e  miMerge branch 'serverless-general-0607-serialization' of into serverless-general-0607-serialization
     new 8f38ed1  miMerge branch 'serverless-general-0607-serialization' of into serverless-general-0607-serialization
     new 28d11a0  logging
     new 35d60a7  logging
     new ccf318c  Merge branch 'serverless-general-0607-serialization' of into 
     new 6a503b4  logging
     new b7532ca  fix bug
     new df47dac  sync
     new 862f9d8  slack time
     new e5ff0d9  off deoff
     new eb82928  off deoff
     new e76574e  logging
     new e24cae6  concurrent rm fix
     new 0741312  more logging
     new 44d60f5  fix null pointer
     new 520a9f1  byte output context fix
     new eb7a773  rm log
     new 4588884  inmemory state coder optimize
     new be58390  fix
     new 8113ba3  logging
     new c74c6a2  fix coder
     new f251b95  logging
     new d10d789  log
     new b50e780  coder fix
     new 236c926  watermark coder optimize
     new 6544145  coder fix
     new 829cc04  offloading after 200
     new 4c491e8  fix
     new 0642d22  offloading after 400
     new 738e2fc  offloading bug fix
     new 3347448  coder optimize
     new fd6cc63  off deoff
     new fca3212  fix
     new c2db9ea  policy fix
     new df44c66  taskOffloadingManager bug fix
     new 75f0c10  logging
     new a3fc8fe  fix bug
     new 2993091  logging
     new 7cbba07  fix concurrent mod
     new cccef0e  multiple stage off deoff
     new 6657f81  threshold based policy
     new 4b5b593  state remove after timer triggered
     new b69fedc  rm log
     new 9e7022a  task execution time average
     new 2ae7a8e  watermark logging
     new 8155fd7  fix log
     new 2043bf4  logging watermark
     new f529a85  more logging watermark
     new 588025a  more logging
     new 88ad56c  more logging
     new 52634ef  watermark emit fix
     new 44c7b23  watermark emit fix
     new 63b4b55  log
     new ce4ccfb  log
     new a15ac3b  logging
     new 7376b30  logging
     new 6a43140  disable logging in dynamicWatermarkAManger, gbkpartial and 
     new 5de37fe  revert prevWatermarkHold
     new 1675581  fix encoding
     new 555d1ec  gbk final watermark logging
     new f9060c1  input watermark logging
     new a9eeceb  input watermark logging
     new 9ec6f5c  gbk partial watermark emit logging
     new 8f01d4f  logging and all fetcher set
     new 6dca9a0  input watermark fix
     new a74c97c  rm timer key
     new e1fa2e5  threshold based logic fixed
     new 574f817  disable logging
     new 0e64fa2  fix threshold based offloading offloadPending.contains
     new 3edd9cd  scaleout latency test
     new a1aa626  disable stop vm
     new 60afad5  create channel req
     new fc70ccc  create channel req
     new b30ab70  disable closing running worker for test
     new 49fa283  rm no such element exception
     new 0450870  empty element in unbounded readable
     new 55f76bb  optimize readable
     new 3a08049  disable offloading and vm request
     new 5b4f5cf  polling time 100 ms
     new 7361d1c  enable offloading
     new cba3099  polling time 50 ms
     new dca2448  offloading q5 multistage
     new e9902ee  watermark progress
     new 178bc9e  fix compile error
     new 7f03468  prev watermark offloading
     new f2b3190  keyandwatermarkmap logging
     new 43a7c11  watermark progress fix
     new 317d4f6  fix taskoffloader debugging
     new e551198  deoffloading fix
     new 7a1bd81  logging
     new cb1655c  logging
     new ffbe980  debugging
     new eb461b3  restart and setting context sync
     new 8d9e42c  restart and setting context sync
     new 9dab754  global watermark trigger
     new fe3b73e  global watermark trigger
     new 1513c06  optimize executorThread
     new 4e05adc  optimize executorthread
     new 4855a58  optimize executor thread and polling time
     new 38e4a6f  fix compile error
     new 741b3c8  rm polling time in task executor
     new e488331  rm log
     new c0da030  fix source readable
     new 634c0f4  Revert "fix source readable"
     new 177f09f  watermark trigger fix
     new 51ca4a5  gbk partial transform watermark logging
     new 9f42b0c  concurrent linked queue
     new ef2714d  multiInputWatermarkManager fix
     new 470fab1  logging
     new 57eb032  logging
     new f555c9f  lambda parent task datafetcher iterator bug fix
     new e62f6e3  while
     new c6e76f8  rm logging
     new b83bb93  rm byteInputContext after stop
     new a5f7f9a  fix bug
     new 0e24caa  clear byte input contexts after stop
     new bf17f88  separate scale out and in when downstream operator moves
     new 15a157b  thread per stage
     new 475bd5a  unbounded source readable fix
     new 26515ca  processed cnt logging
     new d617679  system cpu -> process cpu
     new f9be4ee  implement static offloading policy (signaling from file)
     new ce11420  logging thp (implement thp event)
     new e89abef  logging thp latency
     new 2df3c66  static off deoff fix
     new 47e9e7f  thp latency logging in source vertex fetcher
     new 280b206  thp latency logging in source vertex fetcher
     new 99d9e12  static offloading per stage
     new 8a7c417  static offloading per stage
     new 5ad28f3  deoffload bug fix
     new 54046d9  rm watermark logging
     new ab925fa  static off deoff logging
     new ff3e77f  logging taskId for offloading
     new a7fc2bf  logging taskid
     new 7ce7b77  add tid logging for pending
     new ffe27f4  gbk partial final emit watermark
     new 308acab  disable offloading check cache
     new 842c20a  disable offloading check cache
     new 2e23857  disable offloading check cache
     new 921f292  restarting signal fix
     new 85d64cb  fix bug
     new 4879e10  directly send pending ack
     new 67679bf  executor thread 2
     new a5c2b37  kafka polling
     new 36aadab  Revert "kafka polling"
     new 41218c6  check whether tasks have data or not
     new 891073a  nullpointerexception fix
     new eb64da8  source vertex data fetcher isFinished
     new d356c4a  rm partial combiner
     new 9407902  fix scheduling
     new 7af7669  operator metric logging diabled
     new cf12d6a  logging
     new 2988a01  logging
     new b315af5  rm logging
     new e13a23a  worker logging:
     new d2346c0  logging
     new d1c95c3  more logging
     new 020ca6e  Removing channel when inactive in RelaySErver
     new d8b98bd  Rm logging
     new 6277bd2  logging
     new acba2fb  fix relay server decoder and logging
     new bb710cd  fix formatting
     new ff18073  logging
     new 84e0144  relay decoder logging
     new b82dd4f  relay server pending fix
     new 03f9259  rm logging relay server
     new c6771ee  multi-stage offloadint at a time
     new 7b82d55  logging
     new a01ca82  fix offload cnt set
     new 9d235e7  byte output context null pointer exception fix
     new eef8f12  relay server decoder key
     new d32ddc8  logging
     new 2bf1905  Channel flusher
     new f16afe2  Output writer flusher channel
     new ecf461c  grpc version up
     new de0d458  rm groupbyKeyAndWindowDoFn
     new dc585cf  set main input coder
     new 038c841  adhoc
     new 280cd1b  inmemory internal fix
     new 65373fb  parameterize offload number
     new d3d71ae  logging
     new 75149d9  logging
     new ca3e040  policy fix
     new 8a6f909  [Implement master scaling decision]
     new 2a0cfd4  Implement multivm relay server
     new ecbfa32  fix
     new 9c48fcd  fix
     new 43f4be1  fix
     new e016bc2  divide
     new 165a784  logging
     new 7725d9f  fix
     new 067e9b9  sync
     new 9b1adec  logging ncs
     new 4339c29  global message send fix
     new dccbc57  logging
     new 38d788e  logging
     new 50de936  logging
     new a4103af  outputWriter close future
     new f146ea5  logging
     new 54d900b  lgoging
     new 0cd165c  register task fix
     new 2bd5094  logging
     new 34e433d  ncs message context fix
     new be66d50  fix bug
     new 8467c86  fix
     new bf4de78  Revert "fix"
     new 3fe53b6  logging
     new 981b955  logging relay server
     new 5a5085b  task executor id map fix
     new 881f200  log
     new 8c45276  Register task fix
     new 012a592  fix
     new 040eb2b  possible order problem
     new d6ee2f3  possible order problem
     new 393ad77  logging lib path
     new 7e93750  logging lib path
     new c075168  add jvm process for verbos class logging
     new fc6cb22  log class path
     new 4e3d2e2  logging executorAddressMap
     new 897ece2  logging
     new 7b21804  relay server decoder
     new 0966849  logging relay control message encoding
     new e332327  logging
     new b9a759f  task register fix
     new 9752d75  logging executorId
     new d5558d6  remote relay server
     new 9c4726e  remote relay server
     new b2adbaf  lgoging
     new ec22ab6  set remote relay channel when scaling out
     new b7bd3d6  add local address
     new f88b9c6  relay server length field
     new 19601ef  relay server encoder ifx
     new dc2345e  relay server encoder ifx
     new d870cab  flush fix
     new 253534b  add offExecutorThreadNum
     new 9f898f0  local tiny worker task scheduling fix
     new 567d313  fixed codes in ec2
     new e39e212  Merge branch 'serverless-relay-server-task-register' into 
     new 5204710  fix null pointer exception
     new ec3a41a  fix arrayindex error
     new b52a842  Remove logging
     new f305733  fix compile error
     new 8f15e41  GlobalExecutorAddressMap and remove logging
     new 3d30fca  rm executor address map put
     new cd63d97  fix nullpointer excep
     new 0721496  rm logging
     new b4f3813  cached thread pool
     new 554debe  logging
     new d3433d7  Rescheduling
     new b1554aa  rescheduling
     new 79a0f89  logging
     new 22c7c61  logging
     new e8a429e  task offloading ready signal
     new 6503458  fix check order
     new 784587e  fix output pending done
     new 420c86e  vm offloading
     new b83d734  vm scaling in multiple nodes
     new 7e8860a  fix vm scaling
     new a7897e0  vm 16
     new 499f8da  fix error
     new 26e847f  vm 18
     new 7330277  task location management in master
     new 61566e6  disable global sync in offloading
     new c622eb0  scaling in
     new 4487544  fix bug in tiny task worker
     new e02b952  disable stage2 offloading in query5
     new 1ec65cf  fix bug
     new dab9a88  fix bug
     new 5ae0e19  job scaler fix
     new b499185  query5 move fix
     new f234ab5  Add thread throttleling
     new 5a04f55  inject
     new e2b3072  query5 stage2 offloading disable
     new 0e21f2e  throttle
     new 72c7c6a  throttle
     new f44cf7b  throttle
     new 8df412f  throttle
     new a51e30d  throttle
     new ecc2377  rendevous server impl
     new 01f1a71  task registering and sending data fix
     new f22595c  offloading executor blocking fix
     new 24f75a1  logging
     new 3583e23  encoder fix
     new 4029f0d  log
     new c2d8d02  fix rendevous client channel initializer null
     new 2bac95c  output context completableFuture asyncc
     new 17ac1ca  Fix thread num in relay server
     new a6df3fa  query5 job scaling stage 3
     new a2883bd  query5 job scaling stage 3 disable
     new ed56dd0  optimize relay server
     new 78cff4f  retain
     new 83201c3  retain
     new ac3f565  throttle in offloading executor
     new d606a88  no throttleing in offloading executor
     new 025a00f  vm scaling
     new c11e2dc  log
     new c8ace91  logging
     new 81a498d  cached poll
     new 714f2c3  disable global sync
     new dc5ab15  rm logging
     new 9f5bcb0  cpu
     new d188bf8  vm 22
     new 7a01a59  task number based offloading
     new 3462928  kafka optimize

The 1449 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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