Laszlo Kishalmi commented on NETBEANS-3025:

The way projectVersion is used in the example above is pretty much an 
anti-pattern. With that you are changing the name of the jars even if you just 
build a sub-module.

The best practice:
I'd not recommend to use the version property in Gradle ing general. Use it 
only whenever a released artifact has to be produced . Release build can use
-Pversion=<whatever version you like>
argument when the time comes.


The obsession of versions has always been there in developers, then it has been 
planted deep by Maven.

Be happy that Gradle give you the freedom to live happily without it in 
development time (when your version is actually your local copy).

> Netbeans editor looses dependent gradle module if the name of its jar changes 
> frequently
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: NETBEANS-3025
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/NETBEANS-3025
>             Project: NetBeans
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: projects - Gradle
>    Affects Versions: 11.1
>            Reporter: Adam Walczak
>            Assignee: Laszlo Kishalmi
>            Priority: Major
> Lets say I have the following multi module project:
> build.gralde
> {code:java}
> def projectVersion = new Date().format("yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm")
> subprojects {
>     apply plugin: 'java'
>     sourceCompatibility = 11
>     group = 'foo'
>     version = projectVersion
> }
> {code}
> foo-commons/build.gradle
> {code:java}
> // nothing
> {code}
> foo-app/build.gradle
> {code:java}
> dependencies {
>     compile project(":foo-commons")
> }
> {code}
> This will cause Netbeas to often looses sight of the foo-commons library code 
> and classes from there will be not found when editing source code in foo-app. 
> The project will however  build without any problem in gradle.
> I think Netbeans has a problem with the fact that the name of the library jar 
> build from foo-commons changes every time any thing changes in that code as 
> the projects version is part of the name (foo-commons-2019-08-12-15-54.jar)
> A workaround to make Netbean never loose sight of the dependancy is to make 
> its jar name constant like so:
> foo-commons/build.gradle
> {code:java}
> jar.archiveName = 'foo-commons.jar'
> {code}

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