dennis lucero created NETBEANS-3035:

             Summary: “Package […] does not exist” when including another 
project with generated sources as a Maven dependency
                 Key: NETBEANS-3035
             Project: NetBeans
          Issue Type: Bug
    Affects Versions: 11.1
         Environment: Windows 10
            Reporter: dennis lucero

I have two projects:
 * *Model* generates Java files (.java/.class) from XSD files (via JAXB)
 * *Service* includes _Model_ as a Maven dependency.

Both projects compile fine. However, if Service includes Model with the current 
version, NetBeans cannot resolve references to Model in the Service project.

For example, Service 1.0.0 uses Model 42.0.0. If my Model project specifies 
version 42.0.0 in the POM, NetBeans marks files in the Service project 
referencing classes from Model with a red icon and states “Package does not exist” on the import statements. If I keep the 
dependency version in Service’s pom.xml at 42.0.0 and change the Model version 
in its POM to 42.0.1-SNAPSHOT, everything works fine.

It is true that there are no *.java files in the Model project sources. These 
are generated and compiled when the Model project is compiled.

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