Manuel Iglesias commented on NETBEANS-3158:

Yes, and I have reported those two times here, including the log files.

The bug was more serious in 'netbeans.11.1'. I commented in a previous post: {
There is a difference with the previous version: In 'netbeans.11.1', when the 
bug happens, directory '$HOME/.netbeans/11.1/config/Modules' is emptied. 
'$HOME/.netbeans/11.2/config/Modules' is not emptied when the bug appears in 

I can live with the bug in 'netbeans.11.2': When it happens I only have to open 
an old project and reset 'Tools/Java Platforms/Javadoc' settings.

I am going to stop posting, but the bug is still there.
Feel free to close the issue if you are not going to do anything about it.
Best regards.

> netbeans 11.1 requests re-installation of nbjavac plugin and fails.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: NETBEANS-3158
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/NETBEANS-3158
>             Project: NetBeans
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: platform - Plugin Manager
>    Affects Versions: 11.1
>         Environment: Linux Cinnamon Mint 19.2
>            Reporter: Manuel Iglesias
>            Priority: Major
>         Attachments: 00000021.log, 00000022.log, 00000023.log, 00000024.log, 
> 00000040.log, 00000041.log, 00000042.log, Screenshot from 2019-10-31 
> 11-23-33.png, Screenshot from 2019-10-31 11-24-34.png, Screenshot from 
> 2019-10-31 11-25-31.png, Screenshot from 2019-10-31 11-52-50.png, Screenshot 
> from 2019-10-31 11-52-50.png, Screenshot from 2019-10-31 19-25-54.png, 
> Screenshot from 2019-11-10 16-45-28.png, Screenshot from 2019-11-10 
> 16-46-18.png, Screenshot from 2019-11-10 16-47-48.png, Screenshot from 
> 2019-11-10 16-48-54.png, Screenshot from 2019-11-10 16-51-33.png, Screenshot 
> from 2019-11-10 16-52-33.png, Screenshot1.png, Screenshot2.png, messages.log, 
> messages.log, netbeans.conf
> Installed plugins data seems to get corrupted with normal use. 'netbeans' 
> then requests re-installation of 'nbjavac' plugin which fails.
> Problem can be reproduced in this way:
>  # Run 'netbeans' without --userdir & --cachedir options # Default values 
> '$HOME/.netbeans/11.1' & '$HOME/.cache/netbeans/11.1'. First run.
>  Open new project so that installation of 'nbjavac' & 'javafx' plugins is 
> triggered.
>  Install plugins and exit.
>  # Run 'netbeans' with  --userdir $HOME/Test/.netbeans/11.1 --cachedir 
> $HOME/Test/.cache/netbeans/11.1 options. # First run.
>  Open new project so that installation of 'nbjavac' & 'javafx' plugins is 
> triggered.
>  Install plugins and exit.
> Run sequentially:
>  * netbeans
>  * netbeans --userdir $HOME/Test/.netbeans/11.1 --cachedir 
> $HOME/Test/.cache/netbeans/11.1
> After a few times:
>  * Directory $HOME/.netbeans/11.1/config/Modules is empty.
>  * 'netbeans' requests re-installation of 'nbjavac' (which fails).
>  * Tools/Plugins/Installed shows that there are no active plugins.
> EDIT: It seems that it may not be necessary to run, sequentially, 'netbeans' 
> & 'netbeans --userdir ... --cachedir ...'
>  to reproduce the bug. I started netbeans (running 'netbeans') and before its 
> window appeared (it takes a few seconds)
>  I tried to close an editor (another application). Just when I mouse-clicked 
> the netbeans' window appeared and I closed
>  netbeans instead of the editor. Next time I started 'netbeans' the bug 
> appeared (plugins data corrupted, etc).

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