Laszlo Kishalmi resolved NETBEANS-2291.
    Fix Version/s: 11.2
       Resolution: Fixed

I mark this one resolved, as the situation seems to be improved and issue seems 
to be stalled. For once in a blue moon I see some unexplainable raise of file 
events, but it is really hard to reproduce. I'm running my NetBeans in debug 
options, so I could catch something when it happens, but was not succesful so 
far. So whenever it would show up that would be a separate issue.

As of reload needed when switching branches, it is most probably due to a 
caching issue in ProjectManager.

> NetBeans is unusably slow
> -------------------------
>                 Key: NETBEANS-2291
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/NETBEANS-2291
>             Project: NetBeans
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: projects - Gradle
>    Affects Versions: 8.2, 10.0, 11.0
>         Environment: Ubuntu 18.10
> Linux 4.18.0
> 12 core Xeon E-2176M with 64Gb RAM
> -Xmx2536m (2.5Gb for NB, of which it uses about 1.7G)
> NetBeans 10vc2, 10vc5, 8.2
> JDK 11.0.1
> JDK 1.8
> G1GC, CMS GC, Serial GC
>            Reporter: Shevek
>            Assignee: Laszlo Kishalmi
>            Priority: Critical
>              Labels: performance, usability
>             Fix For: 11.2
>         Attachments: git-branch-switch.npss, 
> image-2019-06-12-15-33-06-715.png, image-2019-06-13-17-35-18-309.png, 
> nb-11-slow-hotspots.png, netbeans-10vc5-jdk8-hang-gototype.txt.tdump, 
> netbeans-10vc5-jdk8-hang-progressutils.txt.tdump, 
> netbeans-10vc5-jdk8-hang.txt.tdump, netbeans-slow-00.npss, 
> netbeans-slow-01.npss, netbeans-startup-slow.npss, 
> open-file-slow-01.txt.tdump, open-file-slow-02.txt.tdump, 
> open-file-slow-03.txt.tdump, org-netbeans-modules-masterfs-linux.xml, 
> restart-netbeans-and-open-file-01.npss, slow-stack-00.txt
> I used to use NetBeans 8 on JDK8, it was tolerable, but slow.
> Now I have a new laptop, I've tried nb8, nb10 on jdk8, jdk11, with g1gc, 
> cmsgc, other gc. They are all UNUSABLY slow. By which I mean, it takes over a 
> minute just to open a file.
> Mostly this is because things are waiting for things waiting for very 
> inefficiently implemnted file I/O, editor parsing, or things like that. I've 
> watched a 12-core Xeon chip spend over 4 hours just attempting to handle the 
> Active Reference Queue Daemon thread.
> The slowdown is somewhat incremental - I can escape it as long as I'm happy 
> to restart NetBeans every hour or so (which I'm not happy to do).
> Attached a stack dump to get you started, this took over a minute to open a 
> 284-line Java file from idle.
> Please feel free to ask all the obvious questions, although I'm fairly sure 
> all the obvious things have been done. Mostly, I've got GC down to a 
> negligible amount.
> If there's one or more features of NetBeans I can disable to get acceptable 
> behaviour while still being able to realistically edit Java code, please tell 
> me and I will disable them because I am at the end of my rope after using 
> (and developing for) NetBeans for nearly 10 years. If I can get IntelliJ to 
> load a Java/Gradle project neatly before this gets fixed, I'm gone.

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