bilu created NETBEANS-5975:

             Summary: Git clone recursive submodules
                 Key: NETBEANS-5975
             Project: NetBeans
          Issue Type: Improvement
    Affects Versions: 12.4, 12.0
            Reporter: bilu

{color:#1d1c1d}Netbeans git clone submodules 
{color}{color:#1d1c1d}{color:#1d1c1d}recursively {color}is 
not{color}{color:#1d1c1d} supported in 12.0 LTS. I checked also with latest 
12.4 same issue. 

{color:#1d1c1d}Only first child submodules are found.{color}

{color:#1d1c1d}Exemple: this public git repo 
[] contains 6 submodules:{color}

{color:#1d1c1d}git submodule status --recursive
  bc1bd3491f5f58c3619e9fd0cf2884b15cef15f6 libndcrash (bc1bd34)
  00654e8fcc51eb29f7e83fc0040f46ce268dc5d9 libndcrash/external/libcorkscrew-ndk 
  7baf9126235ee190d34ab24385dc1ea7d80dfa00 libndcrash/external/libunwind-ndk 
libndcrash/external/libunwind-ndk/lzma (android-o-iot-preview-5)
libndcrash/external/libunwindstack-ndk (libunwindstack_origin-129-g0717e9c)
libndcrash/external/libunwindstack-ndk/lzma (android-o-iot-preview-5)

{color:#1d1c1d}But NB only found the first:{color}

{color:#1d1c1d}Output of the NB git clone action :

==[IDE]== 4 sept. 2021 à 13:09:10 Validating destination...
==[IDE]== 4 sept. 2021 à 13:09:10 Validating destination... finished.
==[IDE]== 4 sept. 2021 à 13:09:10 Cloning
git init /home/xxx/NetBeansProjects/jndcrash
git fetch 
Total 335 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 335
Tag : r0.4
Result : NEW

Branch : origin/master
Old Id : null
New Id : a283eb10fae54b01b084b4b8691fcb1deec9c03d
Result : NEW

Tag : r0.5
Result : NEW

Tag : r0.6
Result : NEW

Tag : r0.7
Result : NEW

Tag : r0.1
Result : NEW

Tag : r0.2
Result : NEW

Tag : r0.3
Result : NEW

Tag : r0.8
Result : NEW

setting up remote: origin
git branch --track master origin/master
git checkout master
git reset --hard master
git submodule status
git submodule initialize /home/xxx/NetBeansProjects/jndcrash/libndcrash
git submodule update /home/xxx/NetBeansProjects/jndcrash/libndcrash
==[IDE]== 4 sept. 2021 à 13:09:18 Cloning finished.

Please enhance the Netbeans git integration to support recursive submodule 
clone as other IDEs (IntelliJ, VSCode, Android Studio etc...)

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