Adrien Crivelli created NETBEANS-51:

             Summary: Major plugin release cycles should be independent from 
the core
                 Key: NETBEANS-51
             Project: NetBeans
          Issue Type: Wish
            Reporter: Adrien Crivelli

NetBeans releases versions roughly every year. Unfortunately that means that 
major plugins, such as the one for PHP support, does not get updated for 12 
months or more. So when a major PHP version is available (7.1), NetBeans users 
still have to wait for several months before being able to benefit from new 
features, despite the fact that the plugin was already updated (5 months ago, 
and counting).

Of course we can use dev build in the meantime, but unfortunately those dev 
builds are far from being stable. I regularly get Java exceptions and 
everything seems to be slightly slower than a production release. 

This lead to a lot of frustration for end-users, as can be [seen 
there|]. And I believe this 
is not specific to PHP plugin, but must also happens for pretty much all other 
language/frameworks that are not Java related.

The solution seems simple to me. Since NetBeans already is architectured with 
plugins in mind and those are already auto-updated. We only have to allow 
plugin author to release their plugins at their own pace.

In fact this is exactly how it is done for the plugin to add support for 
TypeScript ( Its release cycle is not tied to 
NetBeans and it's working great.

So I am kinda wondering why does PHP need to be tied to NetBeans release ? what 
are the advantage for end-users and/or developers ?

[], do you know whether it would be technically possible to 
release PHP as a independent plugin more often ?

It seems to be a purely organisational issue. And if it could be fixed with the 
move to Apache, that would be awesome.

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