davids5 commented on a change in pull request #459: stm32h7: support SDRAM via 
FMC peripherial
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-nuttx/pull/459#discussion_r397833141

 File path: arch/arm/src/stm32h7/stm32_allocateheap.c
 @@ -60,33 +60,57 @@
 #include "hardware/stm32_memorymap.h"
 #include "stm32_mpuinit.h"
 #include "stm32_dtcm.h"
+#include "stm32_fmc.h"
  * Pre-processor Definitions
-/* Internal SRAM is available in all members of the STM32 family. The
- * following definitions must be provided to specify the size and
- * location of internal(system) SRAM:
+/* At startup the kernel will invoke up_addregion() so that platform code
+ * may register available memories for use as part of system heap.
+ * The global configuration option CONFIG_MM_REGIONS defines the maximal
+ * number of non-contiguous memory ranges that may be registered with the
+ * system heap. You must make sure it is large enough to hold all memory
+ * regions you intend to use.
- * In addition to internal SRAM, external RAM may also be available through
- * the FMC.  In order to use FMC RAM, the following additional things need
- * to be present in the NuttX configuration file:
+ * The following memory types can be used for heap on STM32H7 platform:
- * CONFIG_STM32H7_FMC=y         : Enables the FMC
- * CONFIG_STM32H7_FMC_S[D]RAM=y : SRAM and/or SDRAM is available via the FMC.
- *                                Either of these autoselects
- *                                CONFIG_ARCH_HAVE_HEAP2 which is what we
- *                                are interested in here.
- * CONFIG_HEAP2_BASE            : The base address of the external RAM in
- *                                the FMC address space
- * CONFIG_HEAP2_SIZE            : The size of the external RAM in the FMC
- *                                address space
- * CONFIG_MM_REGIONS            : Must be set to a large enough value to
- *                                include the FMC external RAM (as determined
- *                                by the rules provided below)
+ * - AXI SRAM is a 512kb memory area. This will be automatically registered
+ *      with the system heap in up_allocate_heap, all the other memory
+ *      regions will be registered in up_addregion().
+ *      So, CONFIG_MM_REGIONS must be at least 1 to use AXI SRAM.
- *  CONFIG_STM32H7_DTCMEXCLUDE  : Set to exclude the DTCM from heap
+ * - Internal SRAM is available in all members of the STM32 family.
+ *      This is always registered with system heap.
+ *      There are two contiguous regions of internal SRAM:
+ *      SRAM1+SRAM2+SRAM3 and SRAM4 at a separate address.
+ *      So, add 2 more to CONFIG_MM_REGIONS.
+ *
+ * - Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM RAM), we can use Data TCM (DTCM) for system
+ *      heap. Note that DTCM has a number of limitations, for example DMA
+ *      transfers to/from DTCM are impossible.
 Review comment:
   @anpaza was this copied from the another SoC? The H7 has a multiple DMA 
engines and DTCM is on the cross bar to this statment is not true.

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