Author: jleroux
Revision: 1804845
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Modified: svn:log at Fri Aug 11 19:28:32 2017
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-"Applied fix from trunk framework for revision: 1804843" 
+"Applied fix BY HAND from trunk framework for revision: 1804843" 
 r1804843 | jleroux | 2017-08-11 21:14:21 +0200 (ven. 11 août 2017) | 12 lignes
-Fixed: Missing action in empty if-statement in 
+Fixed: [FB] Package org.apache.ofbiz.accounting.payment (Additional Bugs)
-In the method processAuthResult() line 1889 there is an empty if-statement for 
-the case that authResult is null. It seems like somebody was planning to cover 
-the case but forgot to add code.
+This patch resolves bugs from GiftCertificateServices
-I would suggest to return a service error when the authResult is null since 
-otherwise it cannot be determined if the payment is authorized or not., UCF_USELESS_CONTROL_FLOW
+UCF: Useless control flow in 
+PaymentGatewayServices.processAuthResult(DispatchContext, Map)
+This method contains a useless control flow statement, where control flow 
continues onto 
+the same place regardless of whether or not the branch is taken.
-Thanks: Kyra Pritzel-Hentley
+Thanks: Kyra 
+I got a weird but simple conflict in PaymentGatewayServices

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