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+<a name="Action_Authentication"></a>
+<div class="section"><h2> Action Authentication</h2>
+<p><ul><ul><li><a href="#Background">Background</a>
+<li><a href="#Oozie_Server_Configuration">Oozie Server Configuration</a>
+<li><a href="#Workflow_Changes">Workflow Changes</a>
+<li><a href="#Built-in_Credentials_Implementations">Built-in Credentials 
+<a name="Background"></a>
+<div class="section"><h3>Background</h3>
+<p>A secure cluster requires that actions have been authenticated (typically 
via Kerberos).  However, due to the way that Oozie runs
+actions, Kerberos credentials are not easily made available to actions 
launched by Oozie.  For many action types, this is not a
+problem because they are self contained (beyond core Hadoop components).  For 
example, a Pig action typically only talks to
+MapReduce and HDFS.  However, some actions require talking to external 
services (e.g. HCatalog, HBase Region Server, Hive Server 2)
+and in these cases, the actions require some extra configuration in Oozie to 
authenticate.  To be clear, this extra configuration
+is only required if an action will be talking to these types of external 
services; running a typical MapReduce, Pig, Hive, etc
+action will not require any of this.</p>
+<p>For these situations, Oozie will have to use its Kerberos credentials to 
obtain &quot;delegation tokens&quot; (think of it like a cookie) on
+behalf of the user from the service in question.  The details of what this 
means is beyond the scope of this documentation, but
+basically, Oozie needs some extra configuration in the workflow so that it can 
obtain this delegation token.</p>
+<a name="Oozie_Server_Configuration"></a>
+<div class="section"><h3>Oozie Server Configuration</h3>
+<p>The code to obtain delegation tokens is pluggable so that it is easy to add 
support for different services by simply subclassing
+org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.Credentials to retrieve a delegation token from 
the service and add it to the Configuration.</p>
+<p>Out of the box, Oozie already comes with support for some credential types
+(see <a 
 Credentials Implementations</a>
+The credential classes that Oozie should load are specified by the following 
property in oozie-site.xml.  The left hand side of the
+equals sign is the type for the credential type, while the right hand side is 
the class.</p>
+   &lt;property&gt;
+      &lt;name&gt;oozie.credentials.credentialclasses&lt;/name&gt;
+      &lt;value&gt;
+         hcat=org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.HCatCredentials,
+         hbase=org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.HbaseCredentials,
+         hive2=org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.Hive2Credentials
+      &lt;/value&gt;
+   &lt;/property&gt;
+<a name="Workflow_Changes"></a>
+<div class="section"><h3>Workflow Changes</h3>
+<p>The user should add a <tt>credentials</tt>
+ section to the top of their workflow that contains 1 or more 
+ sections.  Each of
+these <tt>credential</tt>
+ sections contains a name for the credential, the type for the credential, and 
any configuration properties
+needed by that type of credential for obtaining a delegation token.  The 
+ section is available in workflow schema
+version 0.3 and later.</p>
+<p>For example, the following workflow is configured to obtain an HCatalog 
delegation token, which is given to a Pig action so that the
+Pig action can talk to a secure HCatalog:</p>
+   &lt;workflow-app xmlns='uri:oozie:workflow:0.4' name='pig-wf'&gt;
+      &lt;credentials&gt;
+         &lt;credential name='my-hcat-creds' type='hcat'&gt;
+            &lt;property&gt;
+               &lt;name&gt;hcat.metastore.uri&lt;/name&gt;
+               &lt;value&gt;HCAT_URI&lt;/value&gt;
+            &lt;/property&gt;
+            &lt;property&gt;
+               &lt;name&gt;hcat.metastore.principal&lt;/name&gt;
+               &lt;value&gt;HCAT_PRINCIPAL&lt;/value&gt;
+            &lt;/property&gt;
+         &lt;/credential&gt;
+      &lt;/credentials&gt;
+      ...
+      &lt;action name='pig' cred='my-hcat-creds'&gt;
+         &lt;pig&gt;
+            &lt;job-tracker&gt;JT&lt;/job-tracker&gt;
+            &lt;name-node&gt;NN&lt;/name-node&gt;
+            &lt;configuration&gt;
+               &lt;property&gt;
+                  &lt;name&gt;TESTING&lt;/name&gt;
+                  &lt;value&gt;${start}&lt;/value&gt;
+               &lt;/property&gt;
+            &lt;/configuration&gt;
+         &lt;/pig&gt;
+      &lt;/action&gt;
+      ...
+   &lt;/workflow-app&gt;
+<p>The type of the <tt>credential</tt>
+ is &quot;hcat&quot;, which is the type name we gave for the HCatCredentials 
class in oozie-site.xml.  We gave
+the <tt>credential</tt>
+ a name, &quot;my-hcat-creds&quot;, which can be whatever you want; we then 
specify cred='my-hcat-creds' in the Pig action,
+so that Oozie will include these credentials with the action.  You can include 
multiple credentials with an action by specifying
+a comma-separated list of <tt>credential</tt>
+ names.  And finally, the HCatCredentials required two properties (the 
metastore URI and
+principal), which we also specified.</p>
+<p>Adding the <tt>credentials</tt>
+ section to a workflow and referencing it in an action will make Oozie always 
try to obtain that delegation
+token.  Ordinarily, this would mean that you cannot re-use this workflow in a 
non-secure cluster without editing it because trying
+to obtain the delegation token will likely fail.  However, you can tell Oozie 
to ignore the <tt>credentials</tt>
+ for a workflow by setting
+the job-level property <tt>oozie.credentials.skip</tt>
+ to <tt>true</tt>
+; this will allow you to use the same workflow.xml in a secure and
+non-secure cluster by simply changing the job-level property at runtime. If 
omitted or set to <tt>false</tt>
+, Oozie will handle
+the <tt>credentials</tt>
+ section normally. In addition, you can also set this property at the 
action-level or server-level to skip getting
+credentials for just that action or for all workflows, respectively.  The 
order of priority is this:</p>
+<p><ol type="1"><li><tt>oozie.credentials.skip</tt>
+ in the <tt>configuration</tt>
+ section of an action, if set</li>
+ in the for a workflow, if set</li>
+ in oozie-site.xml for all workflows, if set</li>
+<li>(don't skip)</li>
+<a name="Built-in_Credentials_Implementations"></a>
+<div class="section"><h3>Built-in Credentials Implementations</h3>
+<p>Oozie currently comes with the following Credentials implementations:</p>
+<p><ol type="1"><li>HCatalog and Hive Metastore: 
+<li>HBase: <tt>org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.HBaseCredentials</tt>
+<li>Hive Server 2: <tt>org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.Hive2Credentials</tt>
+<p>HCatCredentials requires these two properties:</p>
+<p><ol type="1"><li><tt>hcat.metastore.principal</tt>
+ or hive.metastore.kerberos.principal</li>
+ or hive.metastore.uris</li>
+ The HCatalog Metastore and Hive Metastore are one and the same and so the 
&quot;hcat&quot; type credential can also be used to talk
+to a secure Hive Metastore, though the property names would still start with 
+<p>HBase does not require any additional properties since the hbase-site.xml 
on the Oozie server provides necessary information to the
+obtain delegation token; though properties can be overwritten here if 
+<p>Hive2Credentials requires these two properties:</p>
+<p><ol type="1"><li><tt>hive2.server.principal</tt>
+<p><a href="./index.html">::Go back to Oozie Documentation Index::</a>
+                  </div>
+            </div>
+          </div>
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