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+-- Oozie 5.0.0 release
+OOZIE-3176 Oozie-core fails with checkstyle errors (alishap via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-2726 Flaky test due to daylight saving changes (sasishsaley, 
andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2645 Deprecate Instrumentation in favor of Metrics (andras.piros via 
+OOZIE-3150 Remove references to not present dependencies within NOTICE.txt 
(gezapeti via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3201 Typo in TestCoordActionInputCheckXCommand (gongchuanjie via 
+OOZIE-3056 Implement new mechanism to specify ShareLibs for workflow actions 
(gezapeti via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-2600 OYA: Update Documentation (andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3189 Update the release script and wiki page to use sha512 instead of 
md5 (rkanter via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3195 Typo in WebServicesAPI.twiki: Proxy Hive Job Submission (kmarton 
via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-2814 OYA: Update example workflows to newest schemas (asasvari via 
+OOZIE-2585 Remove test case 
TestPartitionDependencyManagerEhcache.testMemoryUsageAndSpeedOverflowToDisk and 
testMemoryUsageAndSpeed (pbacsko via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2957 Documentation states that starting a coordinator is possible (Jan 
Hentschel via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3182 Oozie components fail with checkstyle errors (alishap via 
+OOZIE-3183 Better logging for SshActionExecutor and extended HA capability 
when calling to remote host (andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3172 Upgrade non-transitive Jackson dependencies from 
org.codehaus.jackson to com.fasterxml.jackson (andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3173 Coordinator job with frequency using cron syntax creates only one 
action in catchup mode (andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3121 bump all maven plugins to latest versions (dbist13 via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3163 Improve documentation rendering: use fluido skin and better config 
(hboutemy via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-2847 Oozie Ha timing issue (dionusos via asasvari)
+OOZIE-1717 amend Add indexes to speed up db queries (asasvari)
+OOZIE-3168 Remove -secure option from DG_QuickStart.twiki and from (kmarton via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-1717 Add indexes to speed up db queries (asasvari)
+OOZIE-3157 Setup truststore so that it also works in HTTP only mode (kmarton 
via asasvari)
+OOZIE-3166 Remove tomcat alias from AG_Install.twiki: To use a Self-Signed 
Certificate part (kmarton via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-2775 Oozie server does not stop if there is an exception during service 
initalization at startup (asasvari) 
+OOZIE-3145 >git status< should be clean after >mvn test< was called (kmarton 
via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3162 amend Precommit build fails to add comment to JIRA (asasvari)
+OOZIE-3159 Spark Action fails because of absence of hadoop mapreduce jar(s) 
+OOZIE-3162 Precommit build fails to add comment to JIRA (asasvari)
+OOZIE-1401 amend PurgeCommand should purge the workflow jobs w/o end_time 
(andras.piros, asasvari)
+OOZIE-3085 Improve logging in ActionExecutors: add log entry for start(), 
end() and kill() (kmarton via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3083 Make improved version Info backward compatible (gezapeti via 
+OOZIE-2150 Shell launcher should print shell script (jtolar via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3147 Misleading documentation of oozie.service.PurgeService.purge.limit 
configuration property (okalinin via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3148 Rerun Failing Tests through Maven surefire (asasvari)
+OOZIE-3113 Retry for ZK lock release (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-3142 Integer Overflows in Purge retentionTime (Prabhu Joseph via 
+OOZIE-3143 AG_Install.twiki needs some refinement (kmarton via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3127 Remove redundant check for user (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-3139 Oozie validates workflow incorrectly (dionusos via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2869 amend Ability to add/remove MapReduce jars from action classpath 
+OOZIE-2969 Drop support for Java 1.7 (dbist13 via gezapeti, pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2681 Fix javadoc to compile on JDK8 (dbist13, abhisekbafna, gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3112 SparkConfigrationService overwrites properties provided via 
--properties-file option in SparkAction (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3126 Add option to allow list of users to access system config 
+OOZIE-2900 Retrieve tokens for oozie.launcher.mapreduce.job.hdfs-servers 
before submission (asasvari)
+OOZIE-3132 Instrument SLACalculatorMemory (andras.piros)
+OOZIE-2945 Update SpotBugs to stable version after GA (dbist13 via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3114 Fix javadoc for warning: no @return (dbist13 via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3107 org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.TestHiveMain#testMain is flaky 
(dbist13 via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-3125 amend TestDBLoadDump.testImportInvalidDataLeavesTablesEmpty fails 
+OOZIE-3106 amend upgrade surefire-plugin to 2.20.1 (dbist13 via asasvari)
+OOZIE-2869 Ability to add/remove MapReduce jars from action classpath 
+OOZIE-2296 Add an Oozie diagnostic bundle tool (asasvari)
+OOZIE-3125 TestDBLoadDump.testImportInvalidDataLeavesTablesEmpty fails 
+OOZIE-3106 upgrade surefire-plugin to 2.20.1 (dbist13 via asasvari)
+OOZIE-2061 Remove CoordJobDeleteJPAExecutor (dbist13 via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2997 files contain trailing white spaces in client lib (dbist13 via 
+OOZIE-3101 Oozie should add error message to the response body (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-2964 Add -Xdoclint:all to javadoc opts (dbist13 via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3022 Fix for warning has no file and won't be listed in dependency files 
details (dbist13 via gezapeti and andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3001 Core has many Javadoc warnings (lines with trailing spaces and 
longer than 132 chars) (dbist13 via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-2996 Add options for GC overhead limit error to 
(dbist13 via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-2897 LauncherAM should support ACLs (pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2962 bump maven-javadoc-plugin to 2.10.4 (dbist13 via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3103 Improve log message regarding max concurrency for coordinators 
(asasvari via rkanter)
+OOZIE-3102 External Link to "EL Expression Language Quick Reference" not found 
+OOZIE-2618 Include hive-common in hive-beeline as compile component for 
hive-server2 (hive2 action) (wutaklon via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-1401 PurgeCommand should purge the workflow jobs w/o end_time (asasvari)
+OOZIE-3084 Add missing JVM properties to Jetty startup script (andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3097 Change version in pom in master to 5.0.0-beta1 (dbist13 via 
+OOZIE-3098 Allow to use the rest api to get the creation time of the 
Coordinator (chiwen via andras.piros)
+OOZIE-3100 Upgrade javax.mail:mail to 1.4.7 (andras.piros)
+OOZIE-2929 Coordinator SLA should support configuration variable (chiwen via 
+OOZIE-2896 Ensure compatibility for existing LauncherMapper settings 
+OOZIE-3095 Job submit command is not logged in audit log (puru)
+OOZIE-3096 Pre-commit job is timing out regularly (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2406 Completely rewrite GraphGenerator code (andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3081 testSubmitWithLauncherQueue fails when FairScheduler is used 
+OOZIE-3082 Move org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.ActionStats to Oozie ShareLib 
+OOZIE-3077 SLA documentation fixes (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-3031 Coord job with only unresolved dependencies doesn't timeout (puru 
via satishsaley)
+OOZIE-3079 Filtering coordinators returns bundle id as null (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-3078 PasswordMasker throws NPE with null arguments (asasvari)
+OOZIE-3075 Follow-up on OOZIE-3054: create the lib directory if it doesn't 
exist (pbacsko)
+OOZIE-3072 oozie.service.HadoopAccessorService.action.configurations   should 
overwrite default values set in Hadoop's configuration files (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2963 Use net.hydromatic instead of org.pentaho aggdesigner-algorithmin 
pomfilesi (dbist13 via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3070 Remove references to org.mortbay.jetty (pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2885 Running Spark actions should not need Hive on the classpath 
+OOZIE-2909 amend Fix license headers (andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3054 Disable erasure coding for sharelib if Oozie runs on Hadoop 3 
+OOZIE-3048 Check El Functions for the coordinator action (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-3058 nocleanup option is missing in oozie-coordinator-0.5.xsd 
+OOZIE-2909 LauncherAM: rewrite UGI calls (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2687 Create XML schema for launcher configurations (asasvari) 
+OOZIE-3041 TestWorkflowActionRetryInfoXCommand fails in oozie core module 
(andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2916 Set a job name for the MR Action's child job (asasvari) 
+OOZIE-2858 HiveMain, ShellMain and SparkMain should not overwrite properties 
and config files locally (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3035 HDFS HA and log aggregation: getting HDFS delegation token from 
YARN renewer within JavaActionExecutor (andras.piros via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-3026 fix openjpa enhancer stage during build for logging (dbdist13, 
andras.piros via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2746 Several tests failure in (Dongying Jiao 
via asasvari)
+OOZIE-3038 Make all Oozie JUnit tests pass on dist_test (andras.piros via 
+OOZIE-2940 Possible NullPointerException in WorkflowActionBean (dionusos via 
+OOZIE-3036 Spark 2.2.0 support: tell Spark not to get any delegation tokens 
(andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3028 Oozie Pig Action fails with no python dependencies (dbist13 via 
+OOZIE-2670 Upgrade Hbase to 1.2 (gezapeti via asasvari)
+OOZIE-2608 Comma in oozie.service.JPAService.jdbc.password value results in 
authentication error (gezapeti via asasvari)
+OOZIE-3009 amend Number of Oozie tests executed dropped after OOZIE-2854 
(andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2999 minioozie can't compile (Artem Ervits via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2978 Remove code that handles Pig versions before 0.8 (asasvari)
+OOZIE-2852 Remove simple-json dependency from oozie sharelib (Artem Ervits via 
+OOZIE-3021 Error on job or SLA event listening: WARN logs instead of DEBUG 
(andras.piros via asasvari)
+OOZIE-2931 Fix warnings during build for "no @param for" (Artem Ervits via 
+OOZIE-2974 Change TestLiteWorkflowAppParser so that it works with Hadoop 3 
(asasvari via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2977 Fix javafoc error: self-closing element not allowed (Artem Ervits 
via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2960 Fix warnings for @return tag has no argument (Artem Ervits via 
+OOZIE-3019 Remove getPasswordMethod in ConfigurationService (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3009 Number of Oozie tests executed dropped after OOZIE-2854 
(andras.piros via asasvari)
+OOZIE-2961 Build contains multiple warnings for is not a parameter name (Artem 
Ervits via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-3018 Use Hadoop's CredentialProvider for passwords in 
SchemaCheckerService (andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2958 TestLauncherAM fails in Share Lib Oozie (pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2662 DB migration fails if database is too big (andras.piros via 
+OOZIE-2984 Parse spark-defaults.conf values with spaces without needing the 
quotes (andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2910 Re-add testChildKill and adapt it to OYA (pbacsko and gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2995 In preparation for Java 8, remove MaxPermSize=512m (Artem Ervits 
via asasvari)
+OOZIE-3004 Forked action retry info is not working (puru)
+OOZIE-2601 Ability to use local paths for the sharelib (asasvari)
+OOZIE-2987 Coord action missing dependencies should show URI template with 
unresolved dependencies (puru)
+OOZIE-2004 Improve Oozie version info output (Artem Ervits via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2854 Oozie should handle transient database problems (andras.piros via 
+OOZIE-2371 Add docs for state transitions for WF Action states (daniel.becker 
via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2911 Re-add test testWfActionKillChildJob and adapt it to OYA (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2918 Delete LauncherMapper and its test (asasvari via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2733 change org.apache.hadoop.fs.permission.AccessControlException to (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2884 consolidate hadoop versions in pomfiles (Artem Ervits via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2794 Hive and Pig tests failing when multiple pre-commit jobs are 
running (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2849 Fix build warnings when assembling directories (asasvari via 
+OOZIE-2848 Override sharelib.tgz in distro when rebuilding Oozie (asasvari via 
+OOZIE-2943 Fix Findbugs warnings in oozie-sharelib-pig (Jan Hentschel via 
+OOZIE-2846 TestSSLServerConnectorFactory fails with Jetty 9.3 and 9.4 
+OOZIE-2936 Fix Javadoc warnings from build (Jan Hentschel via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2920 Document Distcp can copy files within a cluster (Artem Ervits via 
+OOZIE-2796 oozie.action.keep.action.dir not getting notice (zgengxb2005 via 
+OOZIE-2769 Extend FS action to allow setrep on a file (Artem Ervits via 
+OOZIE-2815 amend - Oozie not always display job log (andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2946 Include find-sec-bugs plugin (Jan Hentschel via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2950 TestOozieCLI.testSlaEvents is not testing SLAServlet. (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2924 ./bin/ reports a number instances of no @throws for 
Exception (Artem Ervits via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2928 Unit Tests using LocalOozie fail randomly (Denes Bodo via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2944 Shell action example does not work with Oozie on Yarn on hadoop 2.6 
(asasvari via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2933 Switch from Findbugs to Spotbugs (Jan Hentschel via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2651 Set javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory sys prop to make XML 
handling faster (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2938 Fix Findbugs warnings in oozie-sharelib-hive module (Jan Hentschel 
via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2939 Fix Findbugs warnings related to reliance on default encoding in 
oozie-sharelib-hive2 module (Jan Hentschel via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2935 Fix "concatenates strings using + in a loop" Findbugs error in 
oozie-sharelib-streaming (Jan Hentschel via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2825 Custom Authentication doc page is not well formatted (Jan Hentschel 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2747 README.txt is out of date (Jan Hentschel via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2926 Update Oozie version to 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT (dbist13 via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2930 Duplicate declaration of version warning for hadoop-yarn-api and 
hadoop-yarn-common (Artem Ervits via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2923 Improve Spark options parsing (andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2886 Ensure consistent versioning of hadoop jars in sharelibs (dbist13 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2875 Typo in ssh action twiki docs (Dongying Jiao via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2387 Oozie is Unable to handle Spaces in file/archive tag. (asasvari via 
+OOZIE-2917 duplicate declaration warning for 
io.dropwizard.metrics:metrics-core (Artem Ervits via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-1770 Create Oozie Application Master for YARN (pbacsko, rkanter, 
+OOZIE-2316 Drop support for Hadoop 1 and 0.23 (asasvari)
+OOZIE-2908 Fix typo in oozie.actions.null.args.allowed property in 
oozie-default.xml (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2888 Upgrade commons-io to 2.4 (dbist13 via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2872 Address backward compatibility issue introduced by OOZIE-2748 
+OOZIE-2780 Upgrade minimum Hadoop version to 2.6.0 (dbist13 via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2824 Fix typos in documentation (lzeke via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2874 Make the Launcher Mapper map-only job's InputFormat class pluggable 
(andras.piros via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2751 LocalOozieClient is missing methods from OozieClient (abhishekbafna 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2870 non working examples in oozie documentation coordinator spec 
(andras.piros via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2827 amend More directly view of the coordinator’s history from 
perspective of workflow action. (Alonzo Zhou via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2851 spelling mistakes in examples (Artem Ervits via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2863 SLACalculatorMemory.loadOnRestart causing delay in server start 
(puru via satishsaley)
+OOZIE-2843 Enhance logging inside ZKLocksService and MemoryLocksService 
(andras.piros via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2818 Can't overwrite on a per-workflow 
basis (asasvari via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2827 More directly view of the coordinator’s history from perspective 
of workflow action. (Alonzo Zhou via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2864 Maven artifacts for package com.codahale.metrics have inconsistent 
groupId (andras.piros via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2862 Coord change command doesn't change job to running if job was 
killed without creating any actions (puru)
+OOZIE-2815 Oozie not always display job log (puru)
+OOZIE-2860 Improve Jetty logging (andras.piros via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2457 Oozie log parsing regex consume more than 90% cpu (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-2844 Increase stability of Oozie actions when is 
missing or not readable (andras.piros via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2701 Oozie to support Multiple HCatalog URIs (abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2850 Fix default callback notifications (asasvari via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-1283 Remove the old ssh documentation (Jan Hentschel via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2845 Replace reflection-based code which sets variable in HiveConf 
(pbacsko via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2831 Update maven-project-info-reports-plugin to 2.9 (asasvari via 
+OOZIE-2753 Update Docs for Jetty Tomcat changes (asasvari via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2841 Limit FindBugs diff errors in JIRA comments (andras.piros via 
+OOZIE-2739 Remove property expansion pattern from ShellMain's log4j properties 
content (harsh)
+OOZIE-2817 amend Increase test case stability in pre-commit job (abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2838 TestClassUtils,TestJsonUtils,TestWritableUtils,TestXmlUtils shall 
not be an Oozie XTestCase (asasvari via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2811 amend Add support for filtering out properties from 
+OOZIE-2817 amend Increase test case stability in pre-commit job (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2041 Add an admin command to run the PurgeXCommand (abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2393 Allow table drop in hcat prepare (abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2835 TestIOUtils shall not be an XTestCase (asasvari via pbacsko)
+OOZIE-2817 Increase test case stability in pre-commit job (gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2820 Fix more spelling errors in exceptions and logging (lzeke via 
+OOZIE-2816 Strip out the first command word from Sqoop action if its "sqoop" 
+OOZIE-2813 Remove tabs and trailing whitespaces from oozie-defaul.xml 
+OOZIE-2830 Use tarLongFileMode with 'gnu' in the assembly plugin's 
configuration (asasvari via gezapeti)
+OOZIE-2819 Make Oozie REST API accept multibyte characters for script Actions 
(asasvari via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2750 Spelling errors in the log messages and exception messages (gsohn 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2807 Oozie gets RM delegation token even for checking job status 
+OOZIE-1887 Remove the utils dir (kvntrieu via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2540 Create a PySpark example (abhishekbafna via rkanter)
+OOZIE-807 Docs can be explicit about multiple sub-workflow definitions being 
possible (qwertymaniac via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2811 Add support for filtering out properties from 
SparkConfigurationService (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2802 Spark action failure on Spark 2.1.0 due to duplicate sharelibs 
(gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2803 Mask passwords when printing out configs/args in MapReduceMain and 
SparkMain (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2799 Setting log location for spark sql on hive (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-2792 Hive2 action is not parsing Spark application ID from log file 
properly when Hive is on Spark (zhengxb2005 via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2788 Fix jobs API servlet mapping for EmbeddedOozieServer (abhishekbafna 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2778 Copy only jetty.version related server dependencies to distro 
(asasvari via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2786 Pass Oozie workflow ID and settings to Spark application 
configuration (zhengxb2005 via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2790 log4j configuration is not passed to spark executors (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-2787 Oozie distributes application jar twice making the spark job fail 
+OOZIE-2789 Maven complains about checkstyle error during build (zhengxb2005 
via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2777 Config-default.xml longer than 64k results in (gezapeti via harsh)
+OOZIE-2782 Input logic wait documentation is confusing (puru)
+OOZIE-2781 HCat partition available notification is not sent to coordinator 
actions if coordinator job is using a different hostname (cname, IP address, 
etc. ) for HCat URL (puru)
+OOZIE-2770 Show missing dependencies for coord actions (puru)
+OOZIE-2630 Oozie Coordinator EL Functions to get first day of the week/month 
+OOZIE-2771 Allow retrieving keystore and truststore passwords from Hadoop 
Credential Provider (asasvari via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2619 Make Hive action defaults to match hive defaults when running from 
command line (venkatnrangan via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2776 Log message is repeated twice for hive actions (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-2691 Show workflow action retry information in UI (puru)
+OOZIE-2709 Log the substituted pig script by expanding macros (satishsaley)
+OOZIE-2732 Remove login server example (rkanter via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2756 Extend HTTPS configuration settings for embedded Jetty (asasvari 
via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2727 OozieDBCLI creates temporary directories and do not delete them 
(gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2728 Typo in Error E0405 (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2748 NPE in LauncherMapper.printArgs() (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2754 Document Ssh action failure if output is written to stdout/stderr 
upon login (asasvari via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2654 Zookeeper dependent services should not depend on Connectionstate 
to be valid before cleaning up (venkatnrangan via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2519 Oozie HA with SSL info is slightly incorrect (andras.piros via 
+OOZIE-2757 Malformed xml is Spark action doc page (gezapeti via abhishekbafna)
+OOZIE-2616 Add Tez profile for Hive and Pig sharelibs (poeppt via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2741 Remove Tomcat (asasvari via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2745 test-patch should also list the failed tests (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2740 oozie help misspelled coordinator (coordiantor) and retrieved 
(retreived) (gsohn via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2690 OOZIE NPE while executing kill() (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2737 testConfigDefaultPropsToAction is flaky (satishsaley via rohini)
+OOZIE-2666 Support embedding Jetty into Oozie (asasvari via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1459 Remove the version in the child poms for maven-antrun-plugin (Jan 
Hentschel via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2225 Add wild card filter for gathering jobs (sai-krish,pbacsko via 
+OOZIE-1986 Add FindBugs report to pre-commit build (andras.piros via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2634 Queue dump command message is confusing when the queue is empty 
(andras.piros via rkanter)
+-- Oozie 4.3.0 release
+OOZIE-2742 Unable to kill applications based on tag (satishsaley via rohini)
+OOZIE-2720 Test failure - 
TestCoordMaterializeTriggerService#testMaxMatThrottleNotPicked (gezapeti via 
+OOZIE-2536 Hadoop's cleanup of local directory in uber mode causing failures 
(satishsaley via rohini)
+OOZIE-2723 license is now CatX (rkanter, abhishekbafna via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2725 Upgrade Tomcat to 6.0.47 for the latest security fixes (rkanter via 
+OOZIE-2724 coord:current resolves monthly/yearly dependencies incorrectly 
(satishsaley via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2719 Test case failure (abhishekbafna via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2674 Improve oozie commads documentation (abhishekbafna via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2710 Oozie HCatalog example workflow fails (abhishekbafna via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2705 Oozie Spark action ignores spark.executor.extraJavaOptions and 
spark.driver.extraJavaOptions (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2621 Use hive-exec-<version>-core instead of hive-exec in oozie-core 
(gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2613 Upgrade hive version from 0.13.1 to 1.2.0 (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2658 --driver-class-path can overwrite the classpath in SparkMain 
(gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1814 Oozie should mask any passwords in logs and REST interfaces 
(andras.piros via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2622 ExtJS 2.2 is no longer available (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2606 Set spark.yarn.jars to fix Spark 2.0 with Oozie (satishsaley via 
+OOZIE-2673 Include XSD for shell-action:0.3 in documentation (abhishekbafna 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2194 oozie job -kill doesn't work with spark action (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2501 ZK reentrant lock doesn't work for few cases (puru)
+OOZIE-2582 Populating external child Ids for action failures (abhishekbafna 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-2678 Oozie job -kill doesn't work with tez jobs (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2676 Make hadoop-2 as the default profile (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2487 Temporary workaround for Java 8 Javadoc errors (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-1978 Forkjoin validation code is ridiculously slow in some cases 
(pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2682 Oozie test-patch script is not updating Jira with jenkins test 
report (abhishekbafna via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2679 Decrease HttpClient library versions due to Hadoop incompatibility 
(abhishekbafna via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2661 Coordinator Action status not updated when workflow job SUSPENDED 
(satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2273 MiniOozie does not work outside of Oozie (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2667 Optimize queries for DB export (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1793 Improve find bugs reporting for Oozie (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2572 SLA DURATION miss not shown when job is running for longer than 
expected time (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2525 SchemaChecker fails with NPE (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2672 SLA periodic update does not remove job from map if job is removed 
from database (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2498 Oozie CallerId configuration for downstream components 
(abhishekbafna via rohini)
+OOZIE-2491 oozie acl cannot specify group,it does`t work (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2569 Adding yarn-site, core-site, hdfs-site and mapred-site into spark 
launcher (abhishekbafna via rohini)
+OOZIE-2675 Drop support for hadoop 0.23 (abhishekbafna via rohini)
+OOZIE-2588 Support getting credentials for same cluster hcat when credentials 
config is empty (satishsaley via rohini)
+OOZIE-2538 Update HttpClient versions to close security vulnerabilities 
(abhishekbafna via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2037 Add TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2500 -DtestJarSimple option mentioned in minioozie doc does not work 
(abhishekbafna via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2552 Update ActiveMQ version for security and other fixes (asasvari via 
+OOZIE-2571 Add spark.scala.binary.version Maven property so that Scala 2.11 
can be used (jonathak via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2530 Allow Hive to use a different jline version (poeppt via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2660 Create documentation for DB Dump/Load functionality (gezapeti via 
+OOZIE-2659 TestPauseTransitService is flaky (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2488 Upgrade to latest OpenJPA version (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2648 Child jobs shouldn't send callbacks to Oozie (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2584 Eliminate Thread.sleep() calls in TestMemoryLocks (pbacsko via 
+OOZIE-2635 TimeZone.getTimeZone has performance issue. (satishsaley via 
+OOZIE-2583 oozie throws EL Exception when reference variable name containing 
dot (abhishekbafna via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2653 Close active connection to hcat server in fs action (satishsaley 
via puru)
+OOZIE-2617 Read properties files in action configurations (wutaklon via 
+OOZIE-2615 Flaky tests 
TestCoordActionsKillXCommand.testActionKillCommandActionNumbers and 
testActionKillCommandDate (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2632 Provide database dump/load functionality to make database migration 
easier (gezapeti, rjustice via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2243 Kill Command does not kill the child job for java action 
+OOZIE-2649 Can't override sub-workflow configuration property if defined in 
parent workflow XML (asasvari via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2656 OozieShareLibCLI uses op system username instead of Kerberos to 
upload jars (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1173 Refactor: use ParamChecker inXOozieClient (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2657 Clean up redundant access modifiers from oozie interfaces 
(abhishekbafna via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2517 Add support for startCreatedTime and endCreatedTime filters for 
coord and bundles (abhishekbafna via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2589 CompletedActionXCommand is hardcoded to wrong priority (tm_linfly 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2081 WorkflowJob notification to include coordinator action id (seoeun25 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2036 Drop support for Java 1.6 (gezapeti via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2512 ShareLibservice returns incorrect path for jar (satishsaley via 
+OOZIE-2508 Documentation change for Coord action rerun [OOZIE-1735] 
(satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2628 Fix Workflow EL function return types in Documentation 
(abhishekbafna via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2623 Oozie should use a dummy OutputFormat (satishsaley via rohini)
+OOZIE-2625 Drop workflowgenerator (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2602 Upgrade oozie to pig 0.16.0 (nperiwal via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2493 TestDistcpMain deletes action.xml from wrong filesystem 
(abhishekbafna via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2496 Testcase failure due to environment specific line.separator value 
(abhishekbafna via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2574 Oozie to support replication-enabled mysql urls (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2433 oozie restart required if oozie metrics to graphing tool broken 
(nperiwal via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2244 Oozie should mask passwords in the logs when logging command 
arguments (venkatnrangan via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2516 Update web service documentation for jobs API (abhishekbafna via 
+OOZIE-2497 Some tests fail on windows due to hard coded URIs (abhishekbafna 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2349 Method getCoordJobInfo(String jobId, String filter, int offset, int 
length, boolean desc) is not present in LocalOozieClientCoord (nperiwal via 
+OOZIE-2172 ZooKeeper Security Tests failed with JVM IBM JAVA (GauravPande via 
+OOZIE-2555 Oozie SSL enable setup does not return port for admin -servers 
(abhishekbafna via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2440 Exponential re-try policy for workflow action (satishsaley via 
+OOZIE-2539 Incorrect property key is used for 'hive log4j configuration file 
for execution mode' (abhishekbafna via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2565 [Oozie web Console] Make the timezones in settings tab to be sorted 
by default (meetchandan via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2520 SortBy filter for ordering the jobs query results (abhishekbafna 
via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2506 Add logs into RecoverService for logging information about queued 
commands (abhishekbafna via jaydeepvishwakarma) 
+OOZIE-2515 Duplicate information for "Changing endtime/pausetime of a Bundle 
Job" in CommandLineTool wiki (abhishekbafna via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2390 Rerun with failed option removing completed output data 
+OOZIE-2462 When calling ParamChecker.notNull() in, "Action" should be passed instead of "Action 
cannot be null" (mballur via jaydeepvishwakarma)
+OOZIE-2507 Expose monitoring via JMX beans in Oozie (fdenes via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2581 Oozie should reset SecurityManager in finally block (satishsaley 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-2579 Bulk kill tests in TestBulkWorkflowXCommand might fail because of a 
race condition (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2587 Disable SchedulerService on certain tests (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2603 Give thread pools a meaningful name in CallableQueueService and 
SchedulerService (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2436 Fork/join workflow fails with "oozie.action.yarn.tag must not be 
null" (puru)
+OOZIE-2578 Oozie example distcp job fails to run within an encrypted zone with 
checksum match error (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2362 SQL injection in BulkJPAExecutor (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2577 Flaky tests TestCoordActionInputCheckXCommand.testTimeout and 
testTimeoutWithException (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2570 remove -PtestPatchCompile from patch testing as there is no such 
profile (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2504 Create a under HADOOP_CONF_DIR in Shell Action 
+OOZIE-2567 HCat connection is not closed while getting hcat cred (puru)
+OOZIE-2547 Add mapreduce.job.cache.files to spark action (satishsaley via 
+OOZIE-2550 Flaky tests in (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2445 Doc for - Specifying coordinator input datasets in more logical 
ways (puru)
+OOZIE-2541 Possible resource leak in Hive2Credentials (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2563 Pass spark-defaults.conf to spark action (satishsaley via rohini)
+OOZIE-2556 TestAbandonedCoordChecker.testCatchupJob is flaky (puru)
+OOZIE-2522 There can be multiple coord submit from bundle in case of ZK glitch 
+OOZIE-2553 Cred tag is required for all actions in the workflow even if an 
action does not require it (me.venkatr via rohini)
+OOZIE-2503 show ChildJobURLs to spark action (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2551 Feature request: epoch timestamp generation (jtolar via puru)
+OOZIE-2542 Option to disable OpenJPA BrokerImpl finalization (puru)
+OOZIE-2447 Illegal character 0x0 oozie client (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2548 Flaky test TestZKLocksService.testLockReaper (pbacsko via puru)
+OOZIE-2546 Improperly closed resources in OozieDBCLI (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2476 When one of the action from fork fails with transient error, WF 
never joins (puru)
+OOZIE-2475 Oozie does not cleanup action dir of killed actions (satishsaley 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-2535 User can't disable uber mode (puru)
+OOZIE-2482 Pyspark job fails with Oozie (satishsaley and gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2467 Oozie can shutdown itself on long GC pause (puru)
+OOZIE-2537 SqoopMain does not set up log4j properly (pbacsko via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2532 patch apply does not handle binary files (gezapeti via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2330 Spark action should take the global jobTracker and nameNode configs 
by default and allow file and archive elements (satishsaley via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2510 TestLogStreamer.testStreamLog() fails in other timezones (pbacsko 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2531 Prevent Spark trying for token which is already available 
(satishsaley via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2509 SLA job status can stuck in running state (puru)
+OOZIE-2529 Support adding secret keys to Credentials of Launcher (satishsaley 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-1402 Increase retry interval for non-progressing coordinator action with 
fix value (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2512 ShareLibservice returns incorrect path for jar (satishsaley via 
+OOZIE-2471 Show child job url tab for distcp (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2511 SubWorkflow missing variable set from option if config-default is 
present in parent workflow (asasvari via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2391 spark-opts value in workflow.xml is not parsed properly (gezapeti 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2489 XML parsing is vulnerable (fdenes via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2485 Oozie client keeps trying to use expired auth token (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2490 Oozie can't set (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2474 <job-xml> is not being applied to the launcher job (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2486 TestSLAEventsGetForFilterJPAExecutor is flakey (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2481 Add YARN_CONF_DIR in the Shell action (harsh)
+OOZIE-2492 JSON security issue in js code (fdenes via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2429 TestEventGeneration test is flakey (fdenes via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2466 Repeated failure of TestMetricsInstrumentation.testSamplers (fdenes 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2470 Remove infinite socket timeouts in the Oozie email action (harsh)
+OOZIE-2246 CoordinatorInputCheckCommand does not behave properly when har file 
is one of data dependency and doesn't exist (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2446 Job does not fail during submission if non existent credential is 
specified (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2283 Documentation should not say that System.exit is not allowed in 
Java Action (eeeva via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2400 Workflow xml configuration parser cannot deal with namespace prefix 
(lars_francke via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2452 Coordinator Functional Specification - EL Constants Typo 
(markgreene via puru)
+OOZIE-2173 DISCLAIMER.txt still refers to Apache Incubator (eeeva via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2312 oozie doesn't purge audit and error log (puru)
+OOZIE-2431 Support hive.metastore.uris as alias for hcat.metastore.uri 
(satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-1976 Specifying coordinator input datasets in more logical ways (puru)
+OOZIE-2444 Need conditional logic in bundles (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2394 Oozie can execute command without holding lock (puru)
+OOZIE-1922 MemoryLocksService fails if lock is acquired multiple times in same 
thread and released (puru)
+OOZIE-2432 TestPurgeXCommand fails (fdenes via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2434 inconsistent coord action status and workflow job status 
(satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2438 Oozie client "jobs -filter" diagnostic message clarification 
(satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2165 Job log fetching can fail in Oozie HA mode when using doAs 
impersonation (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2430 Add root logger for hive,sqoop action (satishsaley via puru)
+OOZIE-2441 SubWorkflow action with propagate-configuration but no global 
section throws NPE on submit (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2370 Docs for Coordinator Action Status Notification has wrong property 
name (eeeva via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2419 HBase credentials are not correctly proxied (qwertymaniac via 
+OOZIE-2439 FS Action no longer uses name-node from global section or default 
NN (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2435 TestCoordChangeXCommand is flakey (fdenes via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2428 TestSLAService, TestSLAEventGeneration flakey tests (fdenes via 
+OOZIE-2437 Exclude additional Hadoop dependencies from Spark Sharelib (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2030 Configuration properties from global section is not getting set in 
Hadoop job conf when using sub-workflow action in Oozie workflow.xml 
(jaydeepvishwakarma via rohini)
+OOZIE-2380 Oozie Hive action failed with wrong tmp path (vaifer via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2222 Oozie UI parent job should be clickable (puru)
+OOZIE-2407 AbandonedService should not send mail if there is no abandoned 
coord (puru)
+OOZIE-2402 sharelib create takes a long time on large clusters 
(yalovyyi via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2185 Make oozie cli source conf/ (grimesmi via 
+OOZIE-2413 Kerberos credentials can expire if the KDC is slow to respond 
+OOZIE-2411 Add BCC to oozie email action (fdenes via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2397 LAST_ONLY and NONE don't properly handle READY actions (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2401 Typo in twiki docs with FilesAchives instead of FilesArchives 
( via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2168 Oozie flow and action names have 50 char limit (akshayrai09, 
me.venkatr via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2346 Add sub-workflow information like the super-parent id and workflow 
depth into the '' property (akshayrai09 via puru)
+OOZIE-2303 Typo in documentation (lars_francke via rohini)
+OOZIE-2328 Coordinator endtime change should check if the last action is in 
database (kailongs via puru) 
+OOZIE-2367 fs delete should support skipTrash option (jaydeepvishwakarma via 
+OOZIE-2368 coord:dateOffset and coord:dateTzOffset can't be used for coord 
initial-instance (puru)
+OOZIE-2369 coord:offset doesn't resolve correctly (puru)
+OOZIE-2251 Expose instrumental matrices in Realtime Graphing tool (nperiwal 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2314 Unable to kill old instance child job by workflow or coord rerun by 
Launcher (jaydeepvishwakarma via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2386 org.apache.oozie.util.TestXConfiguration.testSubstituteVar is 
flakey (rkanter)
org.apache.oozie.TestCoordinatorEngineStreamLog.testCoordLogStreaming is flakey 
org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop.TestPigMain.testPig_withNullExternalID is flakey 
 is flakey (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2378 org.apache.oozie.client.TestOozieCLI.testAdminInstrumentation is 
flakey (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2377 Hive2 Action should not propagate oozie.hive2.* properties to 
Beeline (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2376 Default action configs not honored if no <configuration> section in 
workflow (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2365 oozie fail to start when smtp password not set (rohini)
+OOZIE-2360 Spark Action fails due to missing mesos jar (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2345 Parallel job submission for forked actions (puru)
+OOZIE-2358 Coord rerun cleanup should reuse hcat connections (rohini)
+OOZIE-2356 Add a way to enable/disable credentials in a workflow (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2355 Hive2 Action doesn't pass along oozie configs to jobconf (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2318 Provide better solution for specifying SSL truststore to Oozie 
Client (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2344 Enabling 'oozie.action.jobinfo.enable' doesn't inject the job 
information into the map/reduce job's configuration. (akshayrai09 via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2350 Package changes for release (shwethags)
+OOZIE-2347 Remove unnecessary new Configuration()/new jobConf() calls from 
oozie (puru)
+OOZIE-2348 Recovery service keeps on recovering coord action of suspended jobs 
+OOZIE-2277 Honor oozie.action.sharelib.for.spark in Spark jobs (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2322 Oozie Web UI doesn't work with Kerberos in Internet Explorer 10 or 
11 and curl (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2343 Shell Action should take Oozie Action config and setup 
+OOZIE-2245 Service to periodically check database schema (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2332 Add ability to provide Hive and Hive 2 Action queries inline in 
workflows (prateekrungta via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2329 Make handling yarn restarts configurable (puru)
+OOZIE-2228 Statustransit service doesn't pick bundle with suspend status (puru)
+OOZIE-2325 Shell action fails if user overrides (kailongs via puru)
+OOZIE-2324 A syntax error in the kill node causes the workflow to get stuck 
and other problems (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2309 Enable the coord:dateOffset() function in 
/coordinator-app/datasets/dataset/@initial-instance (kailongs via rohini)
+OOZIE-2305 Compile Oozie with Hive-1.2.0 (raviprak via shwethags)
 is failing (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2293 Oozie 4.0.1 build failed while building Catalog (raviprak via 
+OOZIE-2308 Add support for bundle:conf() function (kailongs via rohini)
+OOZIE-2315 TestOozieCLI.testshareLibUpdate_withSecurity fails with Hadoop 2 
+OOZIE-2291 Hive2 should have "cred" in action tag 
instead of "hive2" tag (bzhang via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2289 hive-jdbc dependency in core/pom.xml should be compile (bzhang)
+OOZIE-2300 TestAuthFilterAuthOozieClient.testClientAuthTokenCache fails with 
Hadoop 2.7.0 and later (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1837 LauncherMainHadoopUtils sensitive to clock skew (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2187 Add a way to specify a default JT/RM and NN (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2272 Use Hadoop's CredentialProvider for passwords in oozie-site 
+OOZIE-2287 Add support for deleting hcat partitions in fs action delete 
(kailongs via rohini)
+OOZIE-2285 Change in concurrency should trigger coord action ready command 
(kailongs via rohini)
+OOZIE-2284 HBaseCredentials should only add hbase-default.xml and 
hbase-site.xml to actionConf (rohini)
+OOZIE-2286 Update Log4j and Log4j-extras to latest 1.2.x release (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2250 Show log for WAITING and TIMEDOUT coord actions (kailongs via 
+OOZIE-2262 Fix log streaming from other server with start/end filter (kailongs 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-2159 'oozie validate' command should be moved server-side (seoeun25 via 
+OOZIE-2271 Upgrade Tomcat to 6.0.44 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2266 Fix 'total' actions returned in coordinator job info (sai-krish via 
+OOZIE-2264 Fix coord:offset(n,"DAY") to resolve correct data set (kailongs via 
+OOZIE-2178 fix javadoc to compile on JDK8 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2268 Update ActiveMQ version for security and other fixes (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2215 Support glob in FS EL function (ryota)
+OOZIE-2270 Audit log doesn't get loaded when "audit log" tab is clicked for 
coord job (puru)
+OOZIE-2257 BundleStatusTransitXCommand doesn't update last modified time (puru)
+OOZIE-2260 Only set "" to "./tmp" for the AM (ryota)
+-- Oozie 4.2.0 release
+OOZIE-2240 add configuration to disable email attachment support (egashira via 
+OOZIE-1963 Create a Hive Server 2 example (qwertymaniac via shwethags)
+OOZIE-1993 Rerun fails during join in certain condition (shwethags)
+OOZIE-2236 Need to package hive-hcatalog-server-extensions.jar in the hcatalog 
sharelib (venkatnrangan via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2232 Oozie should invalidate bulk write command when "-filter" is 
missing (venkatnrangan via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2224 Add example worklfow.xml for hive in secure mode (venkatnrangan via 
+OOZIE-2227 PartitionDependencyManagerService keeps on purging delete coord 
actions (puru)
+OOZIE-2163 Remove CoordinatorStore (seoeun25 via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2221 Oozie audit log has null id for some of input request (puru)
+OOZIE-2223 Improve documentation with regard to Java action retries 
(ben.roling via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2218 META-INF directories in the war file have 777 permissions (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2130 Add EL Function for offsetting a date by a timezone amount 
including DST (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2199 Ooziedb.cmd and oozie-setup.ps1 are missing jars in lib/ for 
classpath on Windows (venkatnrangan via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2012 coordinator with an invalid cron frequency throws NPE after 
validation (bzhang)
+OOZIE-2129 Duplicate child jobs per instance (jaydeepvishwakarma via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2214 fix test case TestCoordRerunXCommand.testCoordRerunDateNeg (ryota)
+OOZIE-2213 oozie-setup.ps1 should use "start-process" rather than "cmd /c" to 
invoke OozieSharelibCLI or OozieDBCLI commands (bzhang)
+OOZIE-2210 Update extjs 2.2 link (bzhang)
+OOZIE-2205 add option to load default/site.xml to actionConf on compute node 
+OOZIE-2206 Change Reaper mode on ChildReaper in ZKLocksService (ryota)
+OOZIE-2209 Oozie jobs to set "" to "./tmp" (kailongs via rohini)
+OOZIE-2051 Allows multiple default action configuration files per action 
(venkatnrangan via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2170 Oozie should automatically set configs to make Spark jobs show up 
in the Spark History Server (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2140 Audit Log should be shown in Oozie UI (puru)
+OOZIE-2139 Coord update doesn't work for job which is submitted by bundle 
+OOZIE-1726 Oozie does not support _HOST when configuring kerberos security 
(venkatnrangan via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2197 ooziedb.cmd command failed due to classpath being too long on 
windows (me.venkatr via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2182 SLA alert commands are not in sync with doc (puru)
+OOZIE-2191 Upgrade jackson version for hadoop-2 profile (ryota)
+OOZIE-2183 provide an option to disable cleanup for output dataset in rerun 
+OOZIE-2146 Add option to filter sla information by bundle id or name (ryota)
+OOZIE-2188 Fix typos in twiki documentation ( jacobtolar via puru)
+OOZIE-2174 Add missing admin commands to OozieClient and OozieCLI (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2186 Upgrade Tomcat to 6.0.43 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2181 JsonToBean has some missing and incorrect mappings (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2184 Change default value of action tmp dir removal to true (Viji via 
+OOZIE-2006 Hive 2 action should support tez delegation tokens (bzhang)
+OOZIE-2180 Oozie hive2 should explicitly depend on commons-io rather than 
transitive dependency of hive-exec (bzhang)
+OOZIE-2177 Parameterize javadoc plugin configuration (ryota)
+OOZIE-2169 Fix return type for fs:dirSize, fs:fileSize and fs:blockSize in WF 
spec (apivovarov via puru)
+OOZIE-2171 Some error code messages are not parsed correctly due to unescaped 
single quote (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2108 bulk kill, suspend, resume jobs using existing filter, offset, len, 
and jobtype params (bzhang)
+OOZIE-2167 TestCoordMaterializeTransitionXCommand fails (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1964 Hive Server 2 action doesn't return Hadoop Job IDs (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2126 SSH action can be too fast for Oozie sometimes (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2142 Changing the JT whitelist causes running Workflows to stay RUNNING 
forever (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2164 make master parameterizable in Spark action example (wypoon via 
+OOZIE-2155 Incorrect DST Shifts are occurring based on the Database timezone 
+OOZIE-2156 override hive.querylog.location in hive-site.xml (ryota)
+OOZIE-2153 modify HCatCredentialHelper to use HCatClient (ryota)
+OOZIE-2132 FS actions are not retried (ryota)
+OOZIE-2147 Oozie upgrade from 4.0.0 to 4.1.0 fails with CLOBs of zero length 
with Oracle DB (venkatnrangan via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2158 Overrides in action conf in streaming action do not work (rohini)
+OOZIE-2042 Max substitution for config variables should be configurable 
(seoeun25 via puru)
+OOZIE-1913 Devise a way to turn off SLA alerts for bundle/coordinator flexibly 
+OOZIE-2071 Add a Spark example (pavan kumar via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2145 ZooKeeper paths should start with a "/" (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2113 Oozie Command Line Utilities are failing as hadoop-auth jar not 
found (shwethags)
+OOZIE-1688 New configuration to specify server-server authentication type 
+OOZIE-2090 wf:lastErrorNode does not take into account transient errors with 
retries (ranter)
+OOZIE-2133 Support getting ATS delegation tokens for tez jobs (rohini)
+OOZIE-2131 Add flag to sqoop action to skip hbase delegation token generation 
(abec via ranter)
+OOZIE-2127 Add created time to RecoveryService WF queries (puru)
+OOZIE-2123 Disable launcher uber mode if classloader options are set (ryota)
+OOZIE-2118 add createdtime option to workflow jobs query (ryota)
+OOZIE-2110 cancel delegation token of launcher jobs that stay till child jobs 
finish (ryota)
+OOZIE-2119 Distcp action fails when -D option in arguments (ryota)
+OOZIE-2112 Child Job URL doesn't show properly with Hive on Tez (ryota)
+OOZIE-2122 fix test case failure of TestLiteWorkflowAppService (ryota)
+OOZIE-2055 PauseTransitService does not proceed forward if any job has issue 
+OOZIE-2068 Configuration as part of sharelib (puru)
+OOZIE-2121 CoordinatorFunctionalSpec swap Value and First Occurrence 
line 4 in example table (apivovarov via ryota)
+OOZIE-1894 Better error reporting to user (puru)
+OOZIE-2120 Many JPAExecutor names are wrong (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1722 Add support to Hadoop-2 for AM restarts of the launcher job 
(jaydeepvishwakarma via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2107 Schema config properties should be consistent with ActionExecutor 
config properties (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1730 Change hadoop-2 profile to use 2.4.0 (jaydeepvishwakarma via 
+OOZIE-2088 Exponential retries for transient failures (pavan kumar via 
+OOZIE-2111 Kerberized Oozie doesn't allow connections from users with a lot of 
groups (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2104 oozie server dies on startup if oozie-site redefines ActionExecutor 
classes (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2092 Provide option to supply config to workflow during rerun of 
coordinator (jaydeepvishwakarma via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2100 Publish oozie-webapp artifact (sureshms via bzhang)
+OOZIE-1889 Convert NamedNativeQueries to JPQL (dvillegas via shwethags)
+OOZIE-1876 use pom properties rather than specific version numbers in the pom 
files of hbaselibs, hcataloglibs, sharelib, etc (shwethags)
+OOZIE-2027 Disable re-runs using the workflow directly if it has a parent 
(jaydeepvishwakarma via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2098 Add Apache parent POM to oozie (sureshms via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2093 TestSubmitXCommand.testProtoConfStorage fails against Hadoop 2 
+OOZIE-2028 Coord action rerun with -failed option should rerun existing 
workflow with RERUN_FAIL_NODES=true (jaydeepvishwakarma via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2029 Workflow re-run with RERUN_FAIL_NODES=true should re-run only the 
failed nodes of the sub-workflow (jaydeepvishwakarma via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2035 NotificationXCommand should support proxy (puru)
+OOZIE-2065 Oozie returns incorrect total action for coord dryrun (puru)
+OOZIE-2069 RecoveryService reads incorrect configuration (puru)
+OOZIE-2074 Compatibility issue with Yarn and Hadoop 0.23/2.x 
(jaydeepvishwakarma via shwethags)
+OOZIE-1983 Add spark action executor (pavan kumar via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1985 support dropping hcat dataset in coord rerun with cleanup option 
+OOZIE-2053 Change old HCatalog API (ryota)
+OOZIE-2064 coord job with frequency coord:endOfMonths doesn't materialize 
+OOZIE-2063 Cron syntax creates duplicate actions (bzhang)
+OOZIE-1803 Improvement in Purge service (jaydeepvishwakarma via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2043 Misc test failures against JDK8 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2045 Symlink support for sharelib (puru)
+OOZIE-1385 Make Uber Mode the default (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1890 Make oozie-site empty and reconcile defaults between oozie-default 
and the code (seoeun25 via rkanter)
+OOZIE-2001 Workflow re-runs doesn't update coord action status 
(jaydeepvishwakarma via shwethags)
+OOZIE-2048 HadoopAccessorService should also process ssl_client.xml 
(venkatnrangan via bzhang)
+OOZIE-2047 Oozie does not support Hive tables that use datatypes introduced 
since Hive 0.8 (venkatnrangan via bzhang)
+OOZIE-1808 Change DG_QuickStart.twiki to reflect changes in sharelib 
installation (ryota)
+OOZIE-1891 Parametrize surefire argLine to bump up heap memory for testing 
+OOZIE-1914 CLI should retry on timeout (puru)
+OOZIE-1728 When an ApplicationMaster restarts, it restarts the launcher job: 
DistCp followup (ryota)
+OOZIE-2009 Requeue CoordActionInputCheck in case of permission error (ryota)
+OOZIE-1896 ZKUUIDService - Too many job submission fails (puru)
+OOZIE-2019 SLA miss processed on server2 not send email (puru)
+OOZIE-1391 Sub wf suspend doesn't update parent wf (jaydeepvishwakarma via 
+OOZIE-2023 Job rerun can stuck in prep (puru)
+OOZIE-1940 StatusTransitService has race condition (puru)
+OOZIE-1696 Document how to get the action conf in the Java action (jrkinley 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1567 Provide a wait tool in Oozie (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2014 TestAuthFilterAuthOozieClient fails after OOZIE-1917 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1917 Authentication secret should be random by default and needs to 
coordinate with HA (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1853 Improve the Credentials documentation (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1954 Add a way for the MapReduce action to be configured by Java code 
+OOZIE-2003 Checkstyle issues (rkanter via shwethags)
+OOZIE-1457 Create a Hive Server 2 action (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1813 Add service to report/kill rogue bundles and coordinator jobs (puru)
+OOZIE-1847 HA - Oozie servers should shutdown (or go in safe mode) in case of 
ZK failure (puru)
+OOZIE-1957 Coord update command override group when is set and group/acl is 
not configured in job property (puru)
+OOZIE-1818 CoordMaterializeTransitionXCommand verifyPrecondition doesn't 
verify current time (puru)
+OOZIE-1653 Support ALL to allowed error code of the user retry (seoeun25 via 
+OOZIE-1923 ZKLocksService locks are not re-entrant like MemoryLocks (puru)
+OOZIE-1843 Bulk update for coord last modified time for 
CoordMaterializeTriggerService (puru)
+OOZIE-1941 Bundle coordinator name can't be parameterized (puru)
+OOZIE-1966 Fix Headers in java code (shwethags via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1428 The delay time for requeue should be configurable (sree2k via 
+OOZIE-1830 Change hadoop-1 profile to use 1.2.1 (seoeun25 via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1677 Add Oozie servers to instrumentation info (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1968 Building modules independently (shwethags)
+OOZIE-1939 Incorrect job information is set while logging (seoeun25 via 
+OOZIE-1846 Convert CoordActionMaterializeCommand to an XCommand and remove 
Command (seoeun25 via shwethags)
+OOZIE-1943 Bump up trunk to 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT (bzhang)
+-- Oozie 4.1.0 release (4.1 - released)
+OOZIE-1973 ConcurrentModificationException in Sharelib service (puru)
+OOZIE-1950 Coordinator job info should support timestamp (nominal time) 
+OOZIE-2032 If using SSL, the port reported by Oozie is incorrect for HA tasks 
+OOZIE-1959 TestZKUtilsWithSecurity fails (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2033 HA and misc improvements to SSL docs (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1789 Support backward compatibility of oozie share lib (shwethags)
+OOZIE-2034 Disable SSLv3 (POODLEbleed vulnerability) (rkanter)
+OOZIE-2005 Coordinator rerun fails to initialize error code and message (ryota)
+OOZIE-2026 fix synchronization in SLACalculatorMemory.addJobStatus to avoid 
duplicated SLA message (ryota)
+OOZIE-2017 On startup, StatusTransitService can transition Coordinators that 
were in PREPSUSPENDED to RUNNING (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1932 Services should load CallableQueueService after MemoryLocksService 
+OOZIE-1997 Oozie cannot materialize coordinator job with sqlserver in windows 
+OOZIE-1989 NPE during a rerun with forks (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1945 NPE in JaveActionExecutor#check() (sree2k via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1984 SLACalculator in HA mode performs duplicate operations on records 
with completed jobs (mona)
+OOZIE-1958 address duplication of env variables in when running with uber mode (ryota)
+OOZIE-1920 Capture Output for SSH Action doesn't work (Richard Williams via 
+OOZIE-1961 Remove requireJavaVersion from enforcer rules (lars_francke via 
+OOZIE-1883 hostnameFilter has invalid url-pattern (dvillegas via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1811 Current test failures in trunk (mona)
+OOZIE-1930 oozie coordinator "-info desc" returns earliest instead of latest 
actions when specifying "len" after oozie-1532 (bzhang)
+OOZIE-1944 Recursive variable resolution broken when same parameter name in 
config-default and action conf (mona)
+OOZIE-1906 Service to periodically remove ZK lock (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1812 Bulk API with bundle Id should relax regex check for Id (puru via 
+OOZIE-1915 Move system properties to conf properties (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1934 coordinator action repeatedly picked up by cachePurgeWorker of 
PartitionDependencyManagerService (ryota)
+OOZIE-1925 upgrade tomcat to 6.0.41 (rkanter via shwethags)
+OOZIE-1933 SLACalculatorMemory HA changes assume SLARegistrationBean exists 
for all jobs (mona)
+OOZIE-1935 Log level (ActionStartXCommand) and Doc fix 
(CoordinatorFunctionalSpec) (mona)
+OOZIE-1586 upgrade oozie to hive 13.1 (including hcatalog) (raviprak via 
+OOZIE-1932 Services should load CallableQueueService after MemoryLocksService 
+OOZIE-1740 Add a new function hadoop:conf() that can be invoked from the 
workflow.xml and will return a hadoop configuration option (sam liu via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1911 SLA calculation in HA mode does wrong bit comparison for 'start' 
and 'duration' (mona)
+OOZIE-1926 make gz blob compression as default (ryota)
+OOZIE-1916 Use Curator leader latch instead of checking the order of Oozie 
servers (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1886 Queue operation talking longer time (shwethags via rohini)
+OOZIE-1865 Oozie servers can't talk to each other with Oozie HA and Kerberos 
+OOZIE-1821 Oozie java action fails due to AlreadyBeingCreatedException 
(abhishek.agarwal via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1532 Purging should remove completed children job for long running 
coordinator jobs (bzhang)
+OOZIE-1909 log prefix information missing in JavaActionExecutor.check (ryota)
+OOZIE-1907 DB upgrade from 3.3.0 to trunk fails on derby (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1877 Setting to fail oozie server startup in case of sharelib 
misconfiguration (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1388 Add a admin servlet to show thread stack trace and CPU usage per 
thread (rohini)
+OOZIE-1893 Recovery service will never recover bundle action if 
CoordSubmitXCommand command is lost (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1878 Can't execute dryrun on the CLI (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1741 Add new coord EL function to get input partitions value string 
(satish.mittal via rohini) 
+OOZIE-1817 Oozie timers are not biased (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1807 Make bundle change command synchronous (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1678 HA support for SLA (ryota)
+OOZIE-1685 Oozie doesn’t process correctly workflows with a non-default name 
node (benjzh via rohini)
+OOZIE-1875 Add "NONE" to coordinator job execution_order (bzhang)
+OOZIE-1879 Workflow Rerun causes error depending on the order of forked nodes 
+OOZIE-1659 oozie-site is missing email-action-0.2 schema (jagatsingh via 
+OOZIE-1492 Make sure HA works with HCat (ryota)
+OOZIE-1869 Sharelib update shows vip/load balancer address as one of the 
hostname (puru via ryota)
+OOZIE-1861 Pig action should work with tez mode (rohini)
+OOZIE-1703 User should be able to set coord end-time before start time (puru 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-1715 Distributed ID sequence for HA (puru via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1870 Workflow action doen't resolve retry-max and retry-interval (puru 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-1686 Typo in DG_CommandLineTool (anbu78 via ryota)
+OOZIE-1804 Improve documentation for Coordinator Specification (lars_francke 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1828 Introduce counters JobStatus terminal states metrics (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1724 Make it easier to specify the HCat hive-site.xml for the Oozie 
Server (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1812 Bundle status is always in RUNNING if one of the action status is 
in PREP (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1848 Pig actions fail due to missing joda-time jar from pig sharelib 
+OOZIE-1319 "LAST_ONLY" in execution control for coordinator job still runs all 
the actions (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1862 Add hadoop token file location for Hive/Tez jobs (venkatnrangan via 
+OOZIE-1775 TestEventGeneration.testCoordinatorActionEvent is failing and 
CoordRerunX should generate event (mona)
+OOZIE-1844 HA - Lock mechanism for CoordMaterializeTriggerService (puru via 
+OOZIE-1834 sla should-start is supposed to be optional but it is not (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1838 sampler does not show up (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1801 ZKLocksService instrumentation should say how many locks this 
server has (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1819 Avoid early queueing of CoordActionInputCheckXCommand (shwethags 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-1783 Sharelib purging only occurs at Oozie startup (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1689 HA support for OOZIE-7(Ability to view the log information 
corresponding to particular coordinator action) (puru via mona)
+OOZIE-1849 If the underlying job finishes while a Workflow is suspended, Oozie 
can take a while to realize it (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1835 NullPointerException from SLAEmailEventListener (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1809 offset and len options are ignored in oozie job -info for workflow 
+OOZIE-1826 Add thread which detects JVM pauses (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1791 add IGNORED status to Coordinator Job and Action (ryota)
+OOZIE-1825 Optimize wf_jobs protoconf storage (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1831 Oozie upgrade fails if workflow jobs are in running or suspended 
state (satish.mittal via rohini)
+OOZIE-1690 TestShellActionExecutor#testEnvVar failed for Windows 
(omaliuvanchuk via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1243 libtools dir should not include hadoop JARs (satish.mittal via 
+OOZIE-1806 Java Action type jobs are failing with hadoop-0.20.0 and earlier 
versions on oozie trunk (satish.mittal via rohini)
+OOZIE-1823 OozieSharelibCLI shouldn't load ext services (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1762 Sharelib with oozie.action.ship.launcher.jar=true should copy 
oozie-hadoop-utils.jar (puru via mona)
+OOZIE-1709 CoordELFunctions.getCurrentInstance() is expensive (shwethags via 
+OOZIE-1787 parameterize interval of SLAService updating SlaStatus (ryota)
+OOZIE-1777 duplicated log message in Pig launcher's stdout (ryota)
+OOZIE-1748 When using cron-like syntax, the "Time Unit" field says "MINUTE"
+OOZIE-1737 Oozie log streaming is slow (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1794 java-opts and java-opt in the Java action don't always work 
properly in YARN (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1799 Document hcatalog integration steps for Oozie in a secure cluster 
(venkatnrangan via bzhang)
+OOZIE-1585 Upgrade oozie to pig 0.12.1 (bzhang)
+OOZIE-1768 Workflow schema 0.4.5 was removed (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1621 Add proper error code and error message for sharelib exceptions. 
+OOZIE-1785 Add oozie email action xsd to (jagatsingh via rohini)
+OOZIE-1527 Fix scalability issues with coordinator materialization (puru via 
+OOZIE-1797 Workflow rerun command should use existing workflow properties 
(puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1769 An option to update coord properties/definition (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1796 Job status should not transition from KILLED (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1781 UI - Last Modified time is not displayed for coord action in coord 
job info grid (puru via mona)
+OOZIE-1792 Ability to kill bundle stuck in RUNNING due to inconsistent pending 
states (rohini)
+OOZIE-1703 User should be able to set coord end-time before start time (puru 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-1719 v1/jobs api returns null for parentId even when it exists (ryota)
+OOZIE-1773 bulk API returns total = 0 when it's not (ryota)
+OOZIE-1774 Expected/Actual Duration on UI SLA Tab doesn't show correct 
information (ryota)
+OOZIE-1754 add order(sort) option and exclude filter for coord job Info (ryota)
+OOZIE-1761 Improve sharelib purging logic (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1725 add coord EL functions to be used in SLA tag (ryota)
+OOZIE-1765 JMS Notifications for Workflows not always on the correct topic 
+OOZIE-1732 Sharelib instrumentation fails if sharelib.system.libpath is not 
created (ryota)
+OOZIE-1692 modify log message when checking completion of child job in 
Map-Reduce action (ryota)
+OOZIE-1734 Oozie returned 500 Internal Server error when user passes invalid 
request (checha via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1593 Oozie HCatCredential provider needs to include hadoop rpc 
protection to work with encrypted secure clusters (bzhang)
+OOZIE-1735 Support resuming of failed coordinator job and rerun of a failed 
coordinator action (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1746 New API to fetch workflows corresponding to coordinator action 
reruns (mona)
+OOZIE-1713 Avoid creating dummy input file for each launcher job (puru via 
+OOZIE-1701 TestXTestCase#testWaitFor and TestXTestCase#testBaseDir have the 
errors (omaliuvanchuk via rohini)
+OOZIE-1751 Default authentication type using env variable for oozie CLI (puru 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-1753 Update create-release-artifact script for git (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1704 Add ability to use Bulk API with bundle ID (mona)
+OOZIE-1718 Coord Job Query UPDATE_COORD_JOB_CHANGE does not update last 
modified time (mona)
+OOZIE-1693 UI timeout while loading job table (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1698 Action sharelib configuration document lacks the "oozie." prefix 
(qwertymaniac via rohini)
+OOZIE-1712 Oozie page does not render in Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 
(omaliuvanchuk via rohini)
+OOZIE-1720 Oozie Hive action doesn't honour (mithun via rohini)
+OOZIE-1543 Minor typo in Hive Action documentation (anbu78 via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1650 Whitelisting docs are incorrect (anbu78 via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1733 Fix test failures caused by OOZIE-1722 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1223 too many extjs cookies can cause the web UI to stop responding 
(puru via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1722 When an ApplicationMaster restarts, it restarts the launcher job 
+OOZIE-1727 Upgrade hadoop-minikdc (puru via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1711 TestLiteWorkflowAppParser fails against Hadoop 2 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1714 Update Derby driver version to latest (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1680 Add a check for a maximum frequency of 5 min on Coord jobs (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1699 Some of the commands submitted to Oozie internal queue are never 
executed (sriksun via virag)
+OOZIE-1671 add an option to limit # of coordinator actions for log retrieval 
+OOZIE-1629 EL function in <timeout> is not evaluated properly (ryota)
+OOZIE-1618 dryrun should check variable substitution in workflow.xml 
(bowenzhangusa via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1681 Sqoop sharelib has no hsqldb jar version (Ostap via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1691 StackOverflowError in TimestampedMessageParser.parseNextLine() 
(puru via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1552 Bring Windows shell script functionality and structure in line with 
trunk (omaliuvanchuk via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1608 Update Curator to 2.4.0 when its available to fix security hole 
+OOZIE-1687 Bundle can still be in RUNNINGWITHERROR status after bundle kill 
+OOZIE-1684 DB upgrade from 3.3.0 to trunk fails on Oracle (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1675 Adding absolute URI of local cluster to dist cache not working with 
hadoop version 0.20.2 and before (satish via ryota)
+OOZIE-1683 UserGroupInformationService should close any filesystems opened by 
it (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1646 HBase Table Copy between two HBase servers doesn't work with 
Kerberos (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1609 HA support for share lib. (puru via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1622 Multiple CoordSubmit for same bundle (shwethags via virag)
+OOZIE-1644 Default config from config-default.xml is not propagated to actions 
+OOZIE-1645 Oozie upgrade DB command fails due to missing dependencies for 
mssql (omaliuvanchuk via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1668 Coord log streaming start and end time should be of action list 
start and end time (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1674 DB upgrade from 3.3.0 to trunk fails on postgres (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1581 Workflow performance optimizations (mona)
+OOZIE-1663 Queuedump to display command type (shwethags via virag)
+OOZIE-1672 UI info fetch fails for bundle having large number of coordinators 
(puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1666 Child job link not working in safari and chrome (puru via ryota)
+OOZIE-1658 Add bundle, coord, wf and action related information to launched 
M/R jobs (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1664 PollablePriorityDelayQueue.poll() returns elements with +ve delay 
(shwethags via rohini)
+OOZIE-1661 Stream logs in oozie UI (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1610 UnitTests fail on Windows because of wrong paths (omaliuvanchuk via 
+OOZIE-1660 DB connection misconfig causes all or most unit tests to fail 
+OOZIE-1651 Oozie should mask the signature secret in the configuration output 
+OOZIE-1655 Change oozie.service.JPAService.validate.db.connection to true 
+OOZIE-1643 Oozie doesn't parse Hadoop Job Id from the Hive action (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1632 Coordinators that undergo change endtime but are 
doneMaterialization, not getting picked for StatusTransit (mona)
+OOZIE-1548 OozieDBCLI changes to convert clob to blob and remove the 
discriminator column (virag)
+OOZIE-1504 Allow specifying a fixed instance as the start instance of a 
data-in (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1576 Add documentation for Oozie Sqoop CLI (bowenzhangusa via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1616 Add sharelib and launcherlib locations to the instrumentation info 
+OOZIE-1647 doesn't check exit code of java executions (alazarev 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1642 writeUTF 64k limit for counters (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1641 oozie-audit.log - add remote IP (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1635 verifySlaElement in should get sla info from 
action child as well (bowenzhangusa via rohini)
+OOZIE-1575 Add functionality to submit sqoop jobs through http on oozie server 
side (bowenzhangusa via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1634 TestJavaActionExecutor#testUpdateConfForUberMode fails against 
Hadoop 2 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1633 Test failures related to sharelib when running against Hadoop 2 
+OOZIE-1598 enable html email in email action (puru via ryota)
+OOZIE-1631 Tools module should have a direct dependency on mockito (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1491 Make sure HA works with a secure ZooKeeper (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1615 shell action cannot find script file and fails in uber mode (ryota)
+OOZIE-1605 Add common custom filter applied to Wf/Coord/Bundle jobs on oozie 
UI (ryota)
+OOZIE-1474 Fix logging issues - latency, accurate job ids, coord Job UI to 
show job logs (mona)
+OOZIE-1623 JPAService doesn't need to do reads in a transaction (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1612 When printing Dates to log messages, we should make sure they are 
in oozie.processing.timezone (gwenshap via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1519 Admin command to update the sharelib (puru via ryota)
+OOZIE-1604 <java-opts> and <java-opt> not added to Application Master property 
in uber mode (ryota)
+OOZIE-1584 Setup sharelib using script and pickup latest(honor ship.launcher) 
and remove DFS dependency at startup (puru via ryota)
+OOZIE-1550 Create a safeguard to kill errant recursive workflows before they 
bring down oozie (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1314 IllegalArgumentException: wfId cannot be empty (shwethags via virag)
+OOZIE-1606 Update Curator to 2.3.0 and fix some misc minor ZK related things 
+OOZIE-1544 Support variables for coord data-in/data-out dataset (puru via 
+OOZIE-1603 cannot submit job to oozie on mysql (virag)
+OOZIE-1600 map-reduce actions without configuration section in workflow.xml 
throws "IllegalArgumentException: element cannot be null" (bowenzhangusa via 
+OOZIE-1580 EL variables don't get resolved in configurations imported from a 
<job-xml> (bowenzhangusa via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1562 Allow re-run of actions of killed coordinator (shwethags via virag)
+OOZIE-1597 Cleanup database before every test (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1589 TestZKLocksService is flakey (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1541 Typo in Oozie HA admin -servers command in documentation (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1596 TestOozieMySqlDBCLI.testCreateMysql fails when tests are executed 
in a different order (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1592 El Expression Reference should point to the exact chapter in java 6 
(bowenzhangusa via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1578 Coordinator jobs with cron frequency should be invalidated upon 
submission if nothing would be materialized during run time (bowenzhangusa via 
+OOZIE-1577 Oozie coordinator job with identical start and end time remains 
"RUNNING" forever (bowenzhangusa via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1559 Fix missing fields from new SELECT queries and Recovery Service 
picking up killed control nodes (ryota,mona via mona)
+OOZIE-1569 Maintain backward incompatibility for running jobs before upgrade 
+OOZIE-1568 TestWorkflowClient.testSla is flakey (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1517 Support using MS SQL Server as a metastore (dwann via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1460 Implement and Document security for HA (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1570 Make openjpa connection properties configurable (rohini)
+OOZIE-1560 Log messages should have a way of identifying which server they 
came from when using HA (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1566 Add reference to Quartz module in cron documentation (bowenzhangusa 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1454 Documentation for cron syntax scheduling of coordinator job 
(bowenzhangusa via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1306 add flexibility to oozie coordinator job scheduling (bowenzhangusa 
via rohini)
+OOZIE-1526 Oozie does not work with a secure HA JobTracker or ResourceManager 
+OOZIE-1500 Fix many OS-specific issues on Windows (dwann via rohini)
+OOZIE-1556 Change Bundle SELECT query to fetch only necessary columns and 
consolidate JPA Executors (ryota)
+OOZIE-1523 Create Windows versions of the shell scripts (dwann via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1558 RAT Warning from (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1557 TestFsActionExecutor.testChmodWithGlob fails against Hadoop 
2.1.x-beta (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1503 [DB optimization] revisit eagerLoadState at places (mona)
+OOZIE-1555 LauncherMapper to check for sys properties before opening files for 
action data (mona)
+OOZIE-1546 TestMapReduceActionExecutorUberJar.testMapReduceWithUberJarEnabled 
fails (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1545 RecoveryService keeps repeatedly queueing SuspendXCommand (rohini)
+OOZIE-1547 Change Coordinator SELECT query to fetch only necessary columns and 
consolidate JPA Executors (ryota)
+OOZIE-1529 Disable job DAG display for workflow having huge actions (puru via 
+OOZIE-1468 Add created time column in WF_ACTIONS and SLA tables (rohini)
+OOZIE-1524 Change Workflow SELECT query to fetch only necessary columns and 
consolidate JPA Executors (ryota)
+OOZIE-1515 Passing superset of action id range should be allowed (mona)
+OOZIE-1530 Fork-join mismatch makes workflow Failed but some actions stay 
Running (mona)
+OOZIE-1539 Load more coordinator jobs eligible to be materialized in 
MaterializeTriggerService (mona)
+OOZIE-1528 CoordRerunX and ActionEndX not updating some of the modified beans. 
+OOZIE-1540 When is not specified, its using a space 
instead of the hostname (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1509 Do not preload all tabs in Oozie UI and make Active Jobs default 
+OOZIE-1496 Oozie demo and streaming examples fails to run on Windows 
(eshevchuk via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1462 Compress lob columns before storing in database (virag)
+OOZIE-1499 Update only necessary columns and consolidate JPA Executors (ryota)
+OOZIE-1522 SignalX may try to insert transition for a forked node twice (virag)
+OOZIE-1461 provide an option to auto-deploy launcher jar onto HDFS system 
libpath (ryota,virag via virag)
+OOZIE-1520 Sequencefile Reader fails to use doas for reading action data file 
(rohini,mona via mona)
+OOZIE-1513 Workflow stays in running if Fork/join validation or loop detection 
fails (mona)
+OOZIE-1490 Remove unix OS enforcement from build (dwann via tucu)
+OOZIE-1372 When using uber mode, Oozie should also make the AM container size 
larger (ryota)
+OOZIE-615 Support high availability for the Oozie service (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1486 Cut down on number of small files created to track a running action 
+OOZIE-1476 Add ability to issue kill on Coordinator Action directly with id 
and nominal daterange (mona)
+OOZIE-1495 inconsistent behavior of chmod/chgrp when path doesn't exist after 
glob support (ryota)
+OOZIE-1463 Remove discriminator column (virag)
+OOZIE-1448 A CoordActionUpdateXCommand gets queued for all workflows even if 
they were not launched by a coordinator (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1443 forkjoin validation should not allow a fork to go to the same node 
multiple times (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1471 Support glob in FS action and prepare blocks (ryota)
+OOZIE-1403 forkjoin validation blocks some valid cases involving decision 
nodes (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1449 Coordinator Workflow parent relationship is broken for purge 
service (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1458 If a Credentials type is not defined, Oozie should say something 
+OOZIE-1425 param checker should validate cron syntax (bowenzhangusa via 
+OOZIE-1453 Change "frequency" to string in (bowenzhangusa 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1447 Sqoop actions that don't launch a map reduce job fail with an 
IllegalArgumentException (jarcec via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1440 Build fails in certain environments due to xerces OpenJPA issue 
(mackrorysd via rkanter)
+-- Oozie 4.0.1 release (unreleased)
+OOZIE-1756 hadoop-auth version is wrong if profile isn't selected (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1736 Switch to Hadoop 2.3.0 for the hadoop-2 profile (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1670 Workflow kill command doesn't kill child job for map-reduce action 
(puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1630 <prepare> operations fail when path doesn't have scheme (ryota)
+OOZIE-1627 Rerun doesn't resolve workflow app name (puru via rohini)
+OOZIE-1626 pig action pop-up is not working properly in UI (ryota, puru via 
+OOZIE-1607 [Doc]Update workflow specification for chgrp command (puru via 
+OOZIE-1542 When extjs isn't installed, the web UI is unhelpfully blank 
+OOZIE-1565 OOZIE-1481 should only affect v2 of the API, not v1 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1551 Change hadoop-2 profile to use 2.2.0 (rkanter,rohini,mona via 
+OOZIE-1573 coord:tzOffset() gives incorrect offset for daylight saving 
timezones (rohini)
+OOZIE-1582 Bump up Tomcat version to 6.0.37 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1563 colt jar includes GPL licence (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1284 in oozie-site is missing 
some newer xsd files (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1549 Update hcat documentation to mention hcatalog-pig-adapter jar 
(bowenzhangusa via rohini)
+-- Oozie 4.0.0 release
+OOZIE-1514 Rerunning a coordinator with no input dependencies puts actions in 
WAITING instead of READY and proceeding (bowenzhangusa via mona)
+OOZIE-1507 Command queue filling up with duplicate commands from 
RecoveryService (rohini)
+OOZIE-1502 Coordinator Job not going to Failed if a bad HCat-uri is specified 
+OOZIE-1501 Mapreduce action counters are picked up from launcher job instead 
of mapreduce job (rohini)
+OOZIE-1405 Fix flakey SLA tests (mona)
+OOZIE-1480 Web-console Workflow Job Info popup should display parent-id field 
and no empty Nominal time field (mona)
+OOZIE-1481 Getting a coordinator job info with len=0 should return 0 actions 
+OOZIE-1484 Error in DB upgrade when error message exceeds 4K characters (ryota)
+OOZIE-1482 4.0 client does not work with 3.x server for coord jobs (rohini)
+OOZIE-1479 Duplicate end_miss events introduced by OOZIE-1472 (rohini)
+OOZIE-1472 Confirm against database before generating start and duration miss 
events (rohini)
+OOZIE-1473 getKey() not overridden in some commands causing duplicates in 
queue (virag)
+OOZIE-1470 BundleStatusUpdateXCommand should get lock for bundle job (virag)
+OOZIE-1469 loadState() and/or verifyPrecondition() are blank in some commands 
+OOZIE-1467 Bundle not killed if coordinator fails due to db exception 
(rohini,virag via virag)
+OOZIE-1466 current EL should not check for less than or equal to zero (rohini)
+OOZIE-1465 Making constants in CoordELFunctions public for el extensions 
(shwethags via rohini)
+OOZIE-1450 Duplicate Coord_Action events on Waiting -> Timeout, and Coord 
Materialize not removing actions on Failure (mona)
+OOZIE-1451 CoordActionInputCheckX does a redundant eagerLoadState (rohini)
+OOZIE-1446 SLACalcStatus not updating the last modified time correctly and 
duplicate DURATION_* event (virag,mona via mona)
+OOZIE-1249 SLA Documentation (mona,virag,rohini via rohini)
+OOZIE-1441 Fix bugs related to coordchange and parentId in events (mona,virag 
via virag)
+OOZIE-1444 Job DAG causes OOM. Remove refresh option (rohini)
+OOZIE-1379 Generate SLA end_miss event only after confirming against 
persistent store (mona)
+OOZIE-1439 Job materialization happening even after coordinator is supposed to 
be killed (virag)
+OOZIE-1438 parentID is null in job event message of subworkflow action (ryota)
+OOZIE-1435 StatusTransitService unnecessarily updates the lastModifiedTime of 
jobs which causes MaterializationService to bring same jobs in memory (virag)
+OOZIE-1433 ActionCheckX should override XCommand.getKey() to prevent 
duplicates (virag)
+OOZIE-1436 Revert SLA_XML and few other varchar columns back to clob (virag)
+OOZIE-1427 Update CredentialsModule docs to mention Hive (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1429 Fix bugs in SLA UI (rohini)
+OOZIE-1423 Coordinator job change command not removing SLA Registration bean 
+OOZIE-1424 Improve SLA reliability on restart, fix bugs related to SLA and 
event generation (virag)
+OOZIE-1417 Exlude **/oozie/store/* **/oozie/examples/* from clover reports 
(dennisyv via virag)
+OOZIE-1426 Fix bugs in SLA UI (rohini)
+OOZIE-1421 UI for SLA (virag, rohini)
+OOZIE-1422 fix bug in SLARegistrationBean and 
CoordActionsCountForJobIdJPAExecutor (ryota)
+OOZIE-1408 Change column type of "frequency" from int to varchar for 
coordinators (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1420 OOZIE-1365 breaks the action popup in the Web UI (michalisk via 
+OOZIE-1418 Fix bugs around ActionKillX not setting end time, V2SLAServlet and 
exception handling for event threads (mona)
+OOZIE-1365 The hive action popup in the web UI is broken when externalChildIDs 
is empty string (michalisk via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1412 Webapp contains all sharedlib dependencies after launcher refactor 
+OOZIE-1414 Configuring Oozie for HTTPS still allows HTTP connections to all 
resources (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1410 V2 servlets are missing from ssl-web.xml (rkanter, rohini via 
+OOZIE-1349 oozieCLI -Doozie.auth.token.cache doesn't work (bowenzhangusa via 
+OOZIE-1398 Reduce the number of CLOB columns used (ryota)
+OOZIE-1374 Make all unit tests run with Hadoop 2 (rohini)
+OOZIE-1394 Fix Bugs in Job and SLA Events (mona)
+OOZIE-1315 Refactor classes from launcher jar into Oozie sharelib (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1377 OpenJPA runtime enhancement should be disabled and update OpenJPA 
to 2.2.2 (tucu)
+OOZIE-1339 Implement SLA Bootstrap Service and fix bugs in SLACalculator 
+OOZIE-1400 REST API to fetch SLA (rohini)
+OOZIE-1375 Generate Job notification events for Workflow Actions (mona)
+OOZIE-1357 Can't view more than 1000 actions of a coordinator and paging does 
not work (ryota)
+OOZIE-1381 Oozie does not support access to the distributed cache file under 
different name node (ryota)
+OOZIE-1298 TestPartitionDependencyManagerEhcache.testEvictionOnTimeToIdle is 
flakey (rohini)
+OOZIE-1397 failure in running test cases (aklochkov via rohini)
+OOZIE-1294 SLA Email Notification (ryota via virag)
+OOZIE-1395 Using Yarn's CapacityScheduler causes some tests to time out 
+OOZIE-1373 Oozie compilation fails with jdk7 (tucu, rohini via rohini)
+OOZIE-1296 SLA JMS Event Listener for publishing notifications related to SLA 
information (ryota via mona)
+OOZIE-1361 Remove SLACalculatorBean and add columns to SummaryBean indicating 
events processed and sla processed (mona)
+OOZIE-674 resolveInstanceRange doesn't work for EL extensions (shwethags via 
+OOZIE-1384 Make Uber Mode not the default (rkanter via virag)
+OOZIE-1386 NPE in XOozieClient if is not defined but 
fs.defaultFS is (wypoon via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1387 Proxysubmission from the Oozie client doesn't allow the mapreduce 
API (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1244 SLA Support in Oozie (mona)
+OOZIE-1371 oozie.coord.action.notification.url has no documentation (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1328 Cover package org.apache.oozie.cli with unit tests (vbondarev via 
+OOZIE-1327 enhance unit-test coverage of package org.apache.oozie (iveselovsky 
via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1356 Bundle job in PAUSEWITHERROR state does not goto SUSPENDEDWITHERROR 
state on suspending it (bowenzhangusa via virag)
+OOZIE-1313 coverage fix for org.apache.oozie.client (aleksgor via virag)
+OOZIE-1360 Oozie CLI shows created time of workflow as started time (ryota via 
+OOZIE-1359 mention default value of throttle in doc (ryota via virag)
+OOZIE-1370 oozie create db script throws classNotFound exception 
(bowenzhangusa via virag)
+OOZIE-1183 Update WebServices API documentation (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1368 Error message when using an incorrect oozie url with kerberos is 
misleading (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1352 Write documentation for OOzie Hive CLI (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1353 hive CLI fails with -X argument (rkanter)
+OOZIE-611 distcp action does not have documentation (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1318 Action Main classes should be overridable via action configuration 
settings (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1347 Additions to JMS topic API (virag)
+OOZIE-1231 Provide access to launcher job URL from web console when using Map 
Reduce action (ryota via virag)
+OOZIE-1335 The launcher job should use uber mode in Hadoop 2 by default 
+OOZIE-1297 Add chgrp in FS action (ryota via virag)
+OOZIE-1329 fix coverage (agorshkov via virag)
+OOZIE-1351 Oozie jobs with state PAUSEDWITHERROR should change to 
SUSPENDEDWITHERROR state when suspended (bowenzhangusa via virag)
+OOZIE-1346 Modularize hbase credentials to separate the populating of jobconf 
and obtaining token for job (virag)
+OOZIE-1341 Have Action Main classes in Oozie webapp (virag)
+OOZIE-1337 HadoopAccessorService has two static methods so you can't override 
them with another implementation (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1333 Some testcases related to EventHandlerService are failing in a 
transient way (virag)
+OOZIE-1316 fix coverage org.apache.oozie.action.hadoop (aleksgor via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1224 web console user interface improvements (matthew ropp via mona)
+OOZIE-1083 WFGEN Help -> About dialog box (jaoki via tucu)
+OOZIE-670 Merge addtowar and oozie-setup scripts into one (bowenzhangusa via 
+OOZIE-1326 sharelib tests failing saying error on fork after OOZIE-1311 
refactor (rohini via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1235 Client API for retrieving topic and jms connection related details 
+OOZIE-1234 JMS Event Listeners for publishing notifications related to 
workflow and coordinator (virag)
+OOZIE-1281  Hiveaction should populate externalChildIDs (rohini via virag)
+OOZIE-1322 show child job URL tab selectively for pig action (ryota via mona)
+OOZIE-1307 Cover package org.apache.oozie.action.ssh with unit tests 
(vbondarev via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1317 TestEventGeneration.testCoordinatorActionEvent fails (mona)
+OOZIE-1292 Add Hadoop 0.23 Poms in hadooplibs to enable a build/tests against 
branch 0.23 (mona)
+OOZIE-1320 Tests for sharelib actions fail with ClassNotFoundException against 
Hadoop 2 (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1311 Refactor action Main classes into sharelibs (rkanter)
+OOZIE-897 remove special build handling for sqoop testcase (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1209 Event generation and handling for workflow and coordinator (mona)
+OOZIE-1118 improve logic of purge service (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1205 If the JobTracker is restarted during a Fork, Oozie doesn't fail 
all of the currently running actions (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1286 SSH Action does not properly handle arguments that have spaces 
+OOZIE-1300 [Doc] Error in the the email action XML schema (harsh)
+OOZIE-1288 Improve docs around -D arguments support in the Oozie CLI's pig 
subcommand (harsh)
+OOZIE-1291 TestHadoopAccessorService.testGetMRDelegationTokenRenewer fails 
against Yarn (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1278 oozie example datelist-java-main has job property typo and has no 
lib directory for examples.jar (bowenzhangusa via rkanter)
+OOZIE-1264 The "parent" property of a subworkflow should be the ID of the 
parent workflow (rkanter)
+OOZIE-1245 Add ability to automatically suspend workflow at specified actions 

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