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   9. If the vote fails - configure the file config.json and resume from step 3
   10. [Publish the release artifacts to Apache release 
   11. Announce the release
+## Automated mode of Release Process
+The release manager can take full advantage of Travis CI to implement the 
release process. The only manual step is to
+configure the release information, by editing the configuration file 
_config.json_. Please refer to [edit configuration 
+for the information able to be configured.
+* **PR-based Travis build**: the Travis build triggered by a pull request. 
Each time the file config.json is ready, release
+manager can submit a pull request to the master branch of OpenWhisk release 
repository. Based on the result of the Travis build,
+we know whether the configurations in config.json can be used as a candidate 
to release. This type of Travis build will
+download the source code, generate the artifacts, sign the artifacts, install 
the OpenWhisk services and run the test cases.
+* **Push-based Travis build**: the Travis build triggered by a push into 
master branch. When a PR with new configurations
+is accepted, the release manager can merge it to kick off this type of Travis 
build. On top of the tasks done by PR-based
+Travis build, it will upload the artifacts into the staging directory.
+* **Tag-based Travis build**: the Travis build triggered by git tag. After the 
vote succeeds in the community, we decide to
+move the artifacts from the staging directory to the Apache release directory. 
This type of Travis build is responsible
+for this task.
+In summary, the release process of OpenWhisk is the process of developing the 
configuration file _config.json_ for a
+certain release.

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