yangleimiao opened a new pull request #2: update personal address
URL: https://github.com/apache/pulsar-translation/pull/2
   ### Contribution Checklist
     - Name the pull request in the form "[Issue XYZ][component] Title of the 
pull request", where *XYZ* should be replaced by the actual issue number.
       Skip *Issue XYZ* if there is no associated github issue for this pull 
       Skip *component* if you are unsure about which is the best component. 
E.g. `[docs] Fix typo in produce method`.
     - Fill out the template below to describe the changes contributed by the 
pull request. That will give reviewers the context they need to do the review.
     - Each pull request should address only one issue, not mix up code from 
multiple issues.
     - Each commit in the pull request has a meaningful commit message
     - Once all items of the checklist are addressed, remove the above text and 
this checklist, leaving only the filled out template below.
   **(The sections below can be removed for hotfixes of typos)**
   *(If this PR fixes a github issue, please add `Fixes #<xyz>`.)*
   Fixes #<xyz>
   *(or if this PR is one task of a github issue, please add `Master Issue: 
#<xyz>` to link to the master issue.)*
   Master Issue: #<xyz>
   ### Motivation
   *Explain here the context, and why you're making that change. What is the 
problem you're trying to solve.*
   ### Modifications
   *Describe the modifications you've done.*
   ### Verify this change
   - [ ] Make sure that the change is correct.
   - For how to check and verify, refer to [Translation and 
   ### Documentation
     - Is this pull request related to crowdin usage? (yes / no)
     - Is this pull request related to translation quality? (yes / no)
     - If yes, how to improve? 
     - Is this pull request related to translation guidelines?(yes / no)
     - Is this pull request related to translation workflow?(yes / no)
     - If a sth is not documented yet in this PR, please create a followup 
issue for adding the documentation.

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