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+title: Pulsar Metrics
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+Pulsar exposes metrics in Prometheus format that can be collected and used for 
monitoring the health of the cluster.
+* [ZooKeeper](#zookeeper)
+* [BookKeeper](#bookkeeper)
+* [Broker](#broker)
+## Overview
+The metrics exposed by Pulsar are in Prometheus format. The types of metrics 
+- [Counter]( a 
cumulative metric that represents a single monotonically increasing counter 
whose value can only increase or be reset to zero on restart.
+- [Gauge]( a *gauge* 
is a metric that represents a single numerical value that can arbitrarily go up 
and down.
+- [Histogram]( a 
histogram samples observations (usually things like request durations or 
response sizes) and counts them in configurable buckets.
+- [Summary]( 
similar to a histogram, a summary samples observations (usually things like 
request durations and response sizes). While it also provides a total count of 
observations and a sum of all observed values, it calculates configurable 
quantiles over a sliding time window.
+## ZooKeeper
+The zookeeper metrics are exposed under "/metrics" at port 8000. You can 
change the port by configuring a system
+property `stats_server_port` to use a different port.
+### Server metrics
+| Name | Type | Description |
+| zookeeper_server_znode_count | Gauge | Number of z-nodes stored. |
+| zookeeper_server_data_size_bytes | Gauge | The total size of all of z-nodes 
stored. |
+| zookeeper_server_connections | Gauge | Number of currently opened 
connections. |
+| zookeeper_server_watches_count | Gauge | Number of watchers registered. |
+| zookeeper_server_ephemerals_count | Gauge | Number of ephemeral z-nodes. |
+### Request metrics
+| Name | Type | Description |
+| zookeeper_server_requests | Counter | The total number of requests received 
by a particular server. |
+| zookeeper_server_requests_latency_ms | Summary | The requests latency 
calculated in milliseconds. <br> Available labels: *type* (write, read). <br> 
<ul><li>*write*: the requests that write data to zookeeper.</li><li>*read*: the 
requests that read data from zookeeper.</li></ul>|
+## BookKeeper
+The bookkeeper metrics are exposed under "/metrics" at port 8000. You can 
change the port by updating `prometheusStatsHttpPort`
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