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+id: io-kafka-source
+title: Kafka source connector
+sidebar_label: Kafka source connector
+The Kafka source connector pulls messages from Kafka topics and persists the 
+to Pulsar topics.
+This guide explains how to configure and use the Kafka source connector.
+## Configuration
+The configuration of the Kafka source connector has the following parameters.
+### Parameter
+| Name | Type| Required | Default | Description 
+|  `bootstrapServers` |String| true | " " (empty string) | A comma-separated 
list of host and port pairs for establishing the initial connection to the 
Kafka cluster. |
+| `groupId` |String| true | " " (empty string) | A unique string that 
identifies the group of consumer processes to which this consumer belongs. |
+| `fetchMinBytes` | long|false | 1 | The minimum byte expected for each fetch 
response. |
+| `autoCommitEnabled` | boolean |false | true | If set to true, the consumer's 
offset is periodically committed in the background.<br/><br/> This committed 
offset is used when the process fails as the position from which a new consumer 
begins. |
+| `autoCommitIntervalMs` | long|false | 5000 | The frequency in milliseconds 
that the consumer offsets are auto-committed to Kafka if `autoCommitEnabled` is 
set to true. |
+| `heartbeatIntervalMs` | long| false | 3000 | The interval between heartbeats 
to the consumer when using Kafka's group management facilities. 
<br/><br/>**Note: `heartbeatIntervalMs` must be smaller than 
+| `sessionTimeoutMs` | long|false | 30000 | The timeout used to detect 
consumer failures when using Kafka's group management facility. |
+| `topic` | String|true | " " (empty string)| The pulsar topic which receives 
messages from Kafka. |
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   @tuteng is the description for `topic` correct? (while it is different from 
the description in 

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