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 @@ -6,53 +6,26 @@ sidebar_label: Use Pulsar with client libraries
 Pulsar supports the following client libraries:
-- [Java client](#java-client)
-- [Go client](#go-client)
-- [Python client](#python-client)
-- [C++ client](#c-client)
-## Java client
-For instructions on how to use the Pulsar Java client to produce and consume 
messages, see [Pulsar Java client](
-Two independent sets of Javadoc API docs are available.
-Library | Purpose
-[`org.apache.pulsar.client.api`](/api/client) | The [Pulsar Java 
client]( is used to produce and consume messages on 
Pulsar topics.
-[`org.apache.pulsar.client.admin`](/api/admin) | The Java client for the 
[Pulsar admin interface](
-## Go client
-For a tutorial on using the Pulsar Go client, see [Pulsar Go 
-## Python client
-For a tutorial on using the Pulsar Python client, see [Pulsar Python 
-There are also [pdoc]( API docs 
for the Python client [here](/api/python).
-## C++ client
-For a tutorial on using the Pulsar C++ clent, see [Pulsar C++ 
-There are also [Doxygen]( API docs for the 
C++ client [here](/api/cpp).
-## Feature Matrix
+- [Java client](
+- [Go client](
+- [Python client](
+- [C++ client](
+- [Node.js client](
+- [WebSocket client](
+## Feature matrix
 Pulsar client feature matrix for different languages is listed on [Client 
Features Matrix]( 
-## Thirdparty Clients
+## Third-party clients
-Besides the official released clients, there are also multiple projects on 
developing a Pulsar client in different languages.
+Besides the official released clients, multiple projects on developing Pulsar 
clients are available in different languages.
 > If you have developed a new Pulsar client, feel free to submit a pull 
 > request and add your client to the list below.
 | Language | Project | Maintainer | License | Description |
-| Go | [pulsar-client-go]( | 
[Comcast]( | 
 | A native golang client |
-| Go | [go-pulsar]( | 
[t2y]( | 
 | |
+| CGo | 
 | [Apache Pulsar]( | 
 | CGo client that depends on C++ client library |
+| Go | [pulsar-client-go]( | 
[Apache Pulsar]( | 
 | A native golang client |
 Review comment:
   These libraries are not 3rd party but maintained by the project.

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