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URL: https://github.com/apache/pulsar/issues/6589#issuecomment-604259667
   @sijie thanks for your reply.
   I deploy the pulsar cluster on bare metal.my cluster has five machines.Two 
of them have brokers and three have bookies.local-zk and configuration-store 
deployed on all machines.I started `functions-woker` within `brokers` use 
`Thread Runtime`.  
   At the beginning I started a demo-function named `WordCountFunction`,then i 
trigger it and broker log outputs  a exception.
   According to the exception messages, I looked at the source code and found 
that using the `Function# Context#stateContext` requires starting a 
`StreamStorage` component.
   I first started this component in a single  bookie use 
   The Booki Log shows a successful start.And I use `netstat -ant | grep -i 
listen | grep 4181` command to see that port 4181 is already listening at 
   In the configuration file `functions_worker.yml ` I set the 
`stateStorageServiceUrl` configuration to ` bk://`.that is IP of 
   After restarting the broker I deleted the demo-function `WordCountFunction` 
I created earlier and recreated it again.But when I check the logs, I find that 
the startup of the demo-function is parked.  
   I use command  of `pulsar-admin functions trigger`,prompt me function does 
not exist.
   19:27:11.455 [test/test-namespace/WordCountFunction-0] INFO  
org.apache.pulsar.functions.instance.JavaInstanceRunnable - Load JAR: 
   19:27:11.467 [test/test-namespace/WordCountFunction-0] INFO  
org.apache.pulsar.functions.instance.JavaInstanceRunnable - Initialize function 
class loader for function WordCountFunction at function cache manager
   19:27:11.920 [client-scheduler-OrderedScheduler-0-0] INFO  
org.apache.bookkeeper.clients.impl.channel.StorageServerChannelManager - Added 
range server (hostname: ""
   port: 4181
   ) into the channel manager.
   I suspect it may be a problem with this `Added range server (hostname: 
"" port: 4181) `, because `StreamStorageServer` is on another machine, 
but I have configured the correct `stateStorageServiceUrl` in 
`functions_worker.yml `.  
    I think that the hostname should be obtained in zk according to the source 
code, and then I connected to local-zk to check `ls /stream/servers/available` 
path found that the output is `[]`.
   I think it may be that the real IP address cannot be obtained when 
registering for zk,but I cannot confirm whether this problem is caused.  
   Then I started an independent functions-worker on the bookie machine, and 
then started the demo-function and trigger it,then i found that everything was 
   I tested other cases,you can see here.  

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