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jai1 pushed a change to branch branch-1.20-yahoo
in repository

     was d5175b9  Bumped to 1.20.8-incubating-yahoo-SNAPSHOT

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard d5175b9  Bumped to 1.20.8-incubating-yahoo-SNAPSHOT
 discard 870268e  Cancel keep-alive timer task after the proxy switch to TCP 
proxy (#1210)
 discard 7c460ac  Reset kafka dep (#17)
 discard 02ec84b  Bumped to 1.20.7-incubating-yahoo
 discard 8ae92d3  CMS-2984: Enable specification of TLS Protocol Versions and 
Cipher Suites
 discard d8f6068  Use SecurityUtility class (#16)
 discard 136c241  Support hostname verification on proxy to broker connection 
(#1214) (#14)
 discard 1336b85  Add hostname-verification at client tls connection (#1208) 
 discard a86e472  Pulsar proxy (#11)
 discard 5c35550  Bumped to 1.20.7-incubating-yahoo-SNAPSHOT
 discard fdd255a  Release to 1.20.6-incubating-yahoo
 discard 1b2d720  Add timeout for bundle unloading (#990)
 discard c24f03a  Bumped to 1.20.6-incubating-yahoo-SNAPSHOT
 discard ab4b30d  Release to 1.20.5-incubating-yahoo
 discard 031d64a  add NoSuchEntryException as not-recoverable error (#10)
 discard fc954a0  Bumped up 1.20.5-incubating-yahoo-SNAPSHOT
 discard 3cbdb76  Release pulsar to 1.20.4-incubating-yahoo
 discard 3773830  Make sure nextTuple emits tuple with non-null values #1000
 discard 61c6d75  Fix: cursor-ledger leak by deleting cursor-ledger after 
recovering managed-cursor
 discard 8a1132a  Bumped to 1.20.4-incubating-yahoo-SNAPSHOT
 discard 403a409  Release pulsar to 1.20.3-incubating-yahoo
 discard 9b0a98d  shade data-sketch (#8)
 discard 58ccccf  Bumped to 1.20.3-incubating-yahoo-SNAPSHOT
 discard 0b15038  Release pulsar to 1.20.2-incubating-yahoo
 discard 5eba7c1  Avoid dead-lock on broker service when broker failed to load 
managed-ledger (#934)
 discard 90be3c7  Fix: failed producer creation leak (#927)
 discard 05e6a20  Bumped to 1.20.2-incubating-yahoo-SNAPSHOT
 discard 67e0b88  Release pulsar to 1.20.1-incubating-yahoo
 discard dda80f8  Log incompatible client version on partition-metadata access
 discard 65722cc  Fail broker start if broker-znode created by other zk-session 
 discard 05742e6  PIP-8: Introduce peer cluster for global namespace 
redirection (#903)
 discard 564d1cc  Avoid logging stacktrace for exclusive consumer-busy 
exception (#906)
 discard b979691  Cleanup unsused ApiVersionFilter (#885)
 discard c9c0a4b  Specify rsa transform, aes & tag length (#839)
 discard 054cc49  Use thread local to allocate temp byte[] instead of allocator 
 discard 1482cd0  Fix: Non-persistent topic acking sequence for dropped message 
 discard 624e2f4  Bumped to 1.20.1-incubating-yahoo-SNAPSHOT
 discard eaf5587  Release pulsar to 1.20.0-incubating-yahoo

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