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+This directory contains integration tests for Pulsar.
+The integration tests use a framework called [Arquillian 
Cube]( to bring up a bunch of 
docker containers running Pulsar services. TestNG can then be used to test 
functionallity against these containers.
+Arquillian sets up a clean set of containers for each test suite. However, if 
maven is configured to fork per test class, Arquillian will set up a clean set 
of containers _per test class_. The test cases within the class will share the 
environment, so tests which leave the cluster in a different state after 
running should be put in their own test class.
+The tests require that docker is installed and running. Tests will only run if 
the integrationTests system property is defined. To run the tests:
+# in the top level directory
+pulsar/ $ mvn install -DskipTests -Pdocker # builds the docker images
+pulsar/ $ mvn -f tests/pom.xml test -DintegrationTests
+The directories are as follows:
+- docker-images/ : Docker images for integration testing.
+- integration/ : The integration tests themselves.
+- integration-tests-base/ : A base module for integration test modules. 
Contains common settings and dependencies.
+- integration-tests-topologies/ : Arquillian cluster definitions for use in 
integration tests.
+- integration-tests-utils/ : Utilities for working with arquillian test 

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