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     new 333139e  Updated Emulation Components (markdown)
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commit 333139e6055d7cf25447cf08445dc0005e433a78
Author: aharui <>
AuthorDate: Sun Apr 8 21:42:30 2018 -0700

    Updated Emulation Components (markdown)
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diff --git a/ b/
index 79de42f..7caf0cf 100644
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+++ b/
@@ -31,7 +31,15 @@ If APIs are not in list, delete them unless you know they 
are needed to implemen
 7) Make sure it compiles without warnings.  You can use 
@royalesuppresspublicvarwarning in an ASDoc comment to suppress public var 
warnings for public vars that are not used in handling server data.  See for an example.
-###Things to keep in mind:
+8) References to in API surfaces like parameters and return 
types should be replaced by  Also:
+ should be replaced by should be replaced by should be replaced by    
+The internal implementation can still use flash.*.* if it is in COMPILE::SWF 
+### Things to keep in mind:
 Infrastructure (commitProperties, measure, updateDisplayList, etc should not 
be preserved.  Remove it.  We expect the underlying Basic or Express component 
and beads will effectively result in the same visuals.  We keep 
invalidateProperties, invalidateSize and invalidateDisplayList because it is 
called from app code.  I think it can just do nothing.  We'll figure that out 

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