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    added links to MDL and Spectrum pages.
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@@ -42,10 +42,8 @@ Apache Royale itself is a framework. It can play well with 
other frameworks to h
 * There are a large number of [ActionScript3](/features/as3) libraries that 
should "just work" when you import them into your Royale application. Others 
may need adjustment if they presume that your application will run on Flash, 
not in a modern browser.
 * Use the [ExternalInterface](/features/external-interface) class to connect 
with and use external JavaScript libraries in your Royale project.
 * An even more robust method for connecting with and using external JavaScript 
libraries is [externs](/features/externs).
+* Use Adobe's [Spectrum with Royale](/libraries/spectrum-royale). Spectrum 
supports large application ecosystems.
+* You can use [Material Design Lite (MDL) with Royale](/libraries/mdl-royale). 
MDL is a library/CSS structure that follows the Material Design principles that 
Google developed.
-See a working example at [Using external JavaScript libraries in Apache 
-_We will add here information about specific libraries that work well with 
Royale as we run into them._
+See a working example of [Using external JavaScript libraries in Apache 

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