Jake Maes commented on SAMZA-1387:

Hey [~hao.song], the fix is in the samza-kafka_2.10-0.13.0 artifact. 

The fix is in that artifact. What version do you have configured in your 

SAMZA-1317 was raised in response to some jobs at LinkedIn that had the same 
problem you've described and those jobs have been running fine since the fix 
was committed, so we have some evidence that it should work. 

Also, the fix uses a generic streamID for the changelog topic, so it should be 
completely decoupled from your topic name now. 

Please double check your version. If that still looks ok, let me know how 
you're configuring the samza version or where you're downloading it from and I 
can verify that path as well. 

> Unable to Start Samza App Because Regex Check
> ---------------------------------------------
>                 Key: SAMZA-1387
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SAMZA-1387
>             Project: Samza
>          Issue Type: Bug
>    Affects Versions: 0.13.0
>            Reporter: Hao Song
>            Assignee: Jake Maes
> [I created this as a bug but feel free to change it if it's a feature]
> When I'm trying to upgrade Samza to 0.13 (from 0.11), I got the error below 
> when trying to start our job: 
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out: 2017-08-09 17:26:31.977 [main] 
> KafkaSystemAdmin [INFO] Attempting to create coordinator stream 
> __samza_coordinator_<env>.<AppName>_1.
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out: Exception in thread "main" 
> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Identifier 'streamId' is 
> '__samza_coordinator_<env>.<AppName>_1'. It must match the expression 
> [A-Za-z0-9_-]+
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out:     at 
> org.apache.samza.system.StreamSpec.validateLogicalIdentifier(StreamSpec.java:201)
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out:     at 
> org.apache.samza.system.StreamSpec.<init>(StreamSpec.java:140)
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out:     at 
> org.apache.samza.system.kafka.KafkaStreamSpec.<init>(KafkaStreamSpec.java:152)
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out:     at 
> org.apache.samza.system.kafka.KafkaSystemAdmin.createCoordinatorStream(KafkaSystemAdmin.scala:334)
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out:     at 
> org.apache.samza.job.JobRunner.run(JobRunner.scala:88)
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out:     at 
> org.apache.samza.job.JobRunner$.doOperation(JobRunner.scala:52)
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out:     at 
> org.apache.samza.job.JobRunner$.main(JobRunner.scala:47)
> [ec2-user@namenode-shadow-1] out:     at 
> org.apache.samza.job.JobRunner.main(JobRunner.scala)
> Looking at Samza code on Github, it seems Samza just started to restrict 
> topic names to a stricter sets. It doesn't allow '.' anymore whereas we have 
> been using '.' for all of our topics. That means we cannot upgrade to Samza 
> 0.13 without changing all the topics. That also breaks our convention for 
> defining topic names. Having '.' in the topic name is actually very 
> convenient for us because they can be shown in Grafana/StatsD in a more 
> organized way.
> Here is the change in Github: 
> https://github.com/apache/samza/commit/e6c1eed4f1d576661abafce8477c1749c2554b39#diff-98a114809fb1ab416f8d1d0b4d318b96R201
> Can you expand the regex set to a larger set including '.'? Thanks in advance!

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