Jon Bringhurst created SAMZA-1657:

             Summary: Docs for are outdated
                 Key: SAMZA-1657
             Project: Samza
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Jon Bringhurst


{noformat} -1 If task.class implements WindowableTask, it can 
receive a windowing callback in regular intervals. This property specifies the 
time between window() calls, in milliseconds. If the number is negative (the 
default), window() is never called. Note that Samza is single-threaded, so a 
window() call will never occur concurrently with the processing of a message. 
If a message is being processed at the time when a window() call is due, the 
window() call occurs after the processing of the current message has 

This should be updated to remove the following statement:

{noformat}Samza is single-threaded\{noformat}

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