Aditya created SAMZA-1661:

             Summary: Window high level API: During shutdown of RocksDb store 
while shutting down Samza job, RocksDb runs into an assertion
                 Key: SAMZA-1661
             Project: Samza
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Aditya

This could be consistently reproduced with Samza-sql testEndToEndGroupBy test 
in TestSamzaSqlEndToEnd. Please note that this issue does not happen with 
Stream Table join which also uses RocksDb.

[p-1-container-thread-0] CoordinatorRequests [INFO] Shutdown requested.
[p-1-container-thread-0] SamzaContainer [INFO] Shutting down.
[p-1-container-thread-0] SamzaContainer [INFO] Shutting down consumer 
[p-1-container-thread-0] SamzaContainer [INFO] Shutting down task instance 
stream tasks.
[p-1-container-thread-0] SamzaContainer [INFO] Shutting down timer executor
[p-1-container-thread-0] SamzaContainer [INFO] Committing offsets for all task 
[p-1-container-thread-0] SamzaContainer [INFO] Shutting down task instance 
table manager.
[p-1-container-thread-0] SamzaContainer [INFO] Shutting down task instance 
Assertion failed: (dummy_versions_->TEST_Next() == dummy_versions_), function 
~ColumnFamilyData, file db/, line 483.


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