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+# Saga Pack Design
+## Overview
+Pack contains two components: *alpha* and *omega*. Alpha is the pack leader 
and backed by database to make sure transaction events stored permanently while 
omega is the pack worker and embeded inside services to intercept 
incoming/outgoing requests and report events to alpha.
+![Pack Architecture](static_files/pack.png)
+## Omega Internal
+Omega plays as an embeded agent inside services. When a request arrives, omega 
intercepts its header and retrieve the global transaction id as its global 
transaction id and retrieve the local transaction id as its parent transaction 
id. In pre-process phase, a transaction started event will be recorded in 
alpha. In post-process phase, a transaction ended event will be recorded in 
alpha to mark the end of the sub-transaction.
+![Omega Internal](static_files/omega_internal.png)
+## Inter-Service Communication
+The process of Inter-Service Communication is similiar to 
[Zipkin]('s. In the producer side, omega 
intercepts the transaction ids from request to retrieve the transaction 
context. In the consumer side, omega inject the transaction ids into request to 
pass the transaction context. Sub-transactions can chain as a single global 
transaction by co-operating producers and consumers.
+![Inter-Service Communication](static_files/inter-service_communication.png)
+## Workflow
+### Successful Scenario
+In a successful scenario, all started events will have a corresponding ended 
+![Successful Scenario](static_files/successful_scenario.png)
+### Exception Scenario
+In an exception scenario, omega inside the abnormal service will report an 
aborted event to alpha. Apha will then send compensate commands to the 
completed events within the global transaction to make suer all 
sub-transactions are either completed or rollbacked.
+![Exception Scenario](static_files/exception_scenario.png)
+### Timeout Scenario
+In timeout scenario, timeouted events will be detected by alpha's periodly 
scanner and abort the corresponding global transaction.
+![Timeout Scenario](static_files/timeout_scenario.png)
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