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+## Release Notes
+### Apache ServiceComb Service-Center (incubating) version 1.0.0-m1
+#### API Changes :
+ * Added new API to get All Schema List.
+ * Add Service statistics in the Governance API.
+ * Add Self-microservice information in the Governance API.
+#### New Features/Improvements:
+* Support discovery of SC instances by Consumer micro-service.
+* Event driven implementation for dependency rules.
+* Make compact interval configurable and avoid defragmentation of the database 
when compacted.
+* Update the default quota’s limit of service/instance count.
+* Update black-list rule controls in discovery.
+#### Metrics : 
+* Added support for Prometheus metrics exposure.
+* Added templates for Grafana Dashboard.
+#### Optimization:
+* Optimized Restful clients and plugins loader.
+* Optimized Service-Count calculation rule.
+* Use CDN for resolving all the dependencies of frontend.
+#### Bug-Fix:
+* Fix panic issue while deleting instance and invalid metrics request.
+* Fix modify schema response issue and heart-beat failure when etcd has no 
+* Fix batch delete api to exempt from unregistering service-center 
+* Fix watcher wrong event sequence when SC modify resource concurrently
+* Fix discovery of default APP services in Shared service mode 

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