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    SCB-551 translate set up write access for committer (#79)
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-title: "Set Up Write Access for Committer"
-lang: cn 
+title: "Committer权限设置"
+lang: cn
 ref: setup-committer-rights
 permalink: /cn/developers/setup-committer-rights/
 excerpt: "How to set up repo write rights for committer"
-last_modified_at: 2017-12-22T14:49:00
+last_modified_at: 2018-05-08T14:49:00
 {% include toc %}
-Congratulations for being a valuable committer to Apache ServiceComb projects!
+恭喜您成为Apache ServiceComb 项目宝贵的 committer !
-This article will guide you through setting up write access to [Apache 
 hosted on Github.
+本文将指导您设置对 Github 上托管的 Apache ServiceComb 仓库的权限。
-You need to complete three simple steps to obtain such rights, if you are 
already an Apache ServiceComb committer:
-* Authorize your Apache account
-* Authorize your Github account
-* Join Apache Github organization
+如果您已经是Apache ServiceComb 项目的 committer,需要完成下面三个简单的步骤才能获得这些权限:
-Open []( in 
your favorite browser and you should see a page like below. 
+* 对 Apache 账号授权
+* 对 Github 账号授权
+* 加入 Apache Github 组织
 ![pre authorization]({{ site.url }}{{ site.baseurl 
}}/assets/images/gitbox/apache-pre-auth.png){: .align-center}
-Let\'s get started!
-## Authorize your Apache account
-Click `Start ASF Oauth` link and follow the instructions on the page to log in 
with your Apache account.
+## 授权 Apache 账户
+点击 `Start ASF Oauth` 链接并按照页面上的说明使用您的 Apache 账号登录。
 ![apache account authorization]({{ site.url }}{{ site.baseurl 
}}/assets/images/gitbox/apache-auth.png){: .align-center}
-## Authorize your Github account
-Before proceeding, enable [2FA on 
Github]( for your account.
+## 授权 Github 账户
+首先需要在 Github 账号上[启用2FA]( 安全设置。
-Your Github account security page should look like the image below, if 2FA is 
set up successfully.
 ![github 2FA]({{ site.url }}{{ site.baseurl 
}}/assets/images/gitbox/github-2fa.png){: .align-center}
-If you need help, please refer to [Github 2FA help 
+更多安全设置资料请参考 [Github 2FA 
-Once your Github 2FA is set up, click `Auth on GitHub` and follow the 
instructions to authorize your Github account.
+设置好 Github 2FA后,点击 `Auth on GitHub` 并按照说明授权Github 账号。
 ![github account authorization]({{ site.url }}{{ site.baseurl 
}}/assets/images/gitbox/github-auth.png){: .align-center}
-## Join Apache Github organization
-Open []( and log into your Apache 
+## 加入 Apache Github 组织
+打开 []( 并登陆到您的 Apache 账户。
+登陆后,填写您的 github 账户用户名并保存:
-Once logged in, fill in your github username under *Your Github Username* 
section like below and save your changes:
 ![github account linking]({{ site.url }}{{ site.baseurl 
}}/assets/images/gitbox/link-apache-github-id.png){: .align-center}
-An organisational invite will be sent to you shortly thereafter (within 30 
-You may visit [Apache on Github]( to see if you 
have an invitation pending. It may take up to 30 minutes.
+此后不久(30分钟内)将向您发送组织邀请,您可以在 Github 上访问 [Apache]( 
-Accept the invitation and wait till you are added as an Apache ServiceComb 
project committer (you will be notified by email).
+然后接受邀请并等待您添加为 Apache ServiceComb 项目的 committer (您将通过电子邮件获取通知)。
-Once your write access is granted, you will see something like the image below:
 ![post authorization]({{ site.url }}{{ site.baseurl 
}}/assets/images/gitbox/apache-post-auth.png){: .align-center}
-Congratulations! Now you have write access to Apache ServiceComb project, 
under which you are able to merge pull requests.
+恭喜!现在您可以访问 Apache ServiceComb 项目,在该项目下您将有权限Merge开发者的PR。

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