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 The `map(String)` applies the path mapping algorithm in the reverse order. 
That is, first the path mappings are reversed and then any virtual mappings are 
checked. So, a path `/content/sample` might be mapped `/sample` to revers the 
`/content` prefixing. Or the main administrative page - say 
`/system/admin/main.html` \- may be mapped to the virtual URL `/`.
+More details on mappings can be found at [Mappings for Resource Resolution]({{ 
refs.mappings-for-resource-resolution.path }}).
 ### Relative Path Resolution
 Sometimes it is required to resolve relative paths to Resources. An example of 
such a use case is Script and Servlet resolution which starts with a relative 
path consisting of the Resource type, optional selectors and the request 
extension or method name. By scanning a search path for these relative paths a 
system provided Resource may be overwritten with some user defined 

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