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Date: Fri Oct 14 09:26:05 2016
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SLING-3234 - Sling buildbot continuous integration

Remove links to the buildbot builders, as they are now retired. Added links
to the ASF Jenkins instance instead.


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 ## Continuous Integration
-Sling builds run automatically on the ASF's 
[Buildbot]( servers, triggered
-by commits.
-As we write this the following builds are active:
+Sling builds run automatically on the [ASF's Jenkins 
instance](, triggered
+by commits.
-* [sling-trunk](
-* [sling-trunk-oak](
+We maintain multiple build jobs, typically one or two per module. These are 
grouped into two views:
-[SLING-3234]( should be kept 
up to date with the latest info 
-about our Buildbot setup.
+* [Sling](, which holds all 
Sling-related jobs
+* [Sling-Dashboard](, 
which holds all Sling jobs needing attention, such as failed jobs.
+More documentation regarding the Jenkins setup is available as wiki links from 
the views mentioned above.
 ## Documentation Repository
 The documentation website, in fact the very page that you are reading right 
now, is located at [The ASF Content Management System’s Sling 
project]( You can contribute without being an 
official project committer.

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