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[INFRA] Close stale PRs

## What changes were proposed in this pull request?

This PR proposes to close stale PRs, mostly the same instances with #18017

Closes #14085 - [SPARK-16408][SQL] SparkSQL Added file get Exception: is a 
directory …
Closes #14239 - [SPARK-16593] [CORE] [WIP] Provide a pre-fetch mechanism to 
accelerate shuffle stage.
Closes #14567 - [SPARK-16992][PYSPARK] Python Pep8 formatting and import 
Closes #14579 - [SPARK-16921][PYSPARK] RDD/DataFrame persist()/cache() should 
return Python context managers
Closes #14601 - [SPARK-13979][Core] Killed executor is re spawned without AWS 
Closes #14830 - [SPARK-16992][PYSPARK][DOCS] import sort and autopep8 on 
Pyspark examples
Closes #14963 - [SPARK-16992][PYSPARK] Virtualenv for Pylint and pep8 in 
Closes #15227 - [SPARK-17655][SQL]Remove unused variables declarations and 
definations in a WholeStageCodeGened stage
Closes #15240 - [SPARK-17556] [CORE] [SQL] Executor side broadcast for 
broadcast joins
Closes #15405 - [SPARK-15917][CORE] Added support for number of executors in 
Standalone [WIP]
Closes #16099 - [SPARK-18665][SQL] set statement state to "ERROR" after user 
cancel job
Closes #16445 - [SPARK-19043][SQL]Make SparkSQLSessionManager more configurable
Closes #16618 - [SPARK-14409][ML][WIP] Add RankingEvaluator
Closes #16766 - [SPARK-19426][SQL] Custom coalesce for Dataset
Closes #16832 - [SPARK-19490][SQL] ignore case sensitivity when filtering hive 
partition columns
Closes #17052 - [SPARK-19690][SS] Join a streaming DataFrame with a batch 
DataFrame which has an aggregation may not work
Closes #17267 - [SPARK-19926][PYSPARK] Make pyspark exception more user-friendly
Closes #17371 - [SPARK-19903][PYSPARK][SS] window operator miss the `watermark` 
metadata of time column
Closes #17401 - [SPARK-18364][YARN] Expose metrics for YarnShuffleService
Closes #17519 - [SPARK-15352][Doc] follow-up: add configuration docs for 
topology-aware block replication
Closes #17530 - [SPARK-5158] Access kerberized HDFS from Spark standalone
Closes #17854 - [SPARK-20564][Deploy] Reduce massive executor failures when 
executor count is large (>2000)
Closes #17979 - [SPARK-19320][MESOS][WIP]allow specifying a hard limit on 
number of gpus required in each spark executor when running on mesos
Closes #18127 - [SPARK-6628][SQL][Branch-2.1] Fix ClassCastException when 
executing sql statement 'insert into' on hbase table
Closes #18236 - [SPARK-21015] Check field name is not null and empty in 
Closes #18269 - [SPARK-21056][SQL] Use at most one spark job to list files in 
Closes #18328 - [SPARK-21121][SQL] Support changing storage level via the 
spark.sql.inMemoryColumnarStorage.level variable
Closes #18354 - [SPARK-18016][SQL][CATALYST][BRANCH-2.1] Code Generation: 
Constant Pool Limit - Class Splitting
Closes #18383 - [SPARK-21167][SS] Set kafka clientId while fetch messages
Closes #18414 - [SPARK-21169] [core] Make sure to update application status to 
RUNNING if executors are accepted and RUNNING after recovery
Closes #18432 - resolve com.esotericsoftware.kryo.KryoException
Closes #18490 - [SPARK-21269][Core][WIP] Fix FetchFailedException when enable 
maxReqSizeShuffleToMem and KryoSerializer
Closes #18585 - SPARK-21359
Closes #18609 - Spark SQL merge small files to big files Update 

Closes #18308 - [SPARK-21099][Spark Core] INFO Log Message Using Incorrect 
Executor I…
Closes #18599 - [SPARK-21372] spark writes one log file even I set the number 
of spark_rotate_log to 0
Closes #18619 - [SPARK-21397][BUILD]Maven shade plugin adding 
dependency-reduced-pom.xml to …
Closes #18667 - Fix the simpleString used in error messages
Closes #18782 - Branch 2.1

Closes #17694 - [SPARK-12717][PYSPARK] Resolving race condition with pyspark 
broadcasts when using multiple threads

Closes #16456 - [SPARK-18994] clean up the local directories for application in 
future by annother thread
Closes #18683 - [SPARK-21474][CORE] Make number of parallel fetches from a 
reducer configurable
Closes #18690 - [SPARK-21334][CORE] Add metrics reporting service to External 
Shuffle Server

Closes #18827 - Merge pull request 1 from apache/master

## How was this patch tested?


Author: hyukjinkwon <>

Closes #18780 from HyukjinKwon/close-prs.


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 3a45c7fee6190270505d32409184b6ed1ed7b52b
Parents: 894d5a4
Author: hyukjinkwon <>
Authored: Sat Aug 5 21:58:38 2017 +0900
Committer: hyukjinkwon <>
Committed: Sat Aug 5 21:58:38 2017 +0900



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