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The "Berlin2013" page has been changed by JulianFoad:

   * Merge
    * Do we need a new data model? How would that look like?
    * What needs to be done for move support?
-    * Implement Move Tracking -- see MoveDev/MoveDev
+    * Implement Move Tracking -- see [[MoveDev/How to Add Moves to Svn]]
    * In what aspects can the current merge algorithms / infrastructure be 
improved besides adding move support? (What problems are users still 
experiencing unrelated to moves?)
    * Refactoring our 500+kB merge.c?
     * One issue: Updating mergeinfo (props) in the WC is currently done two 
ways -- directly, and via a 'result_mergeinfo' output hash that is written to 
disk later -- but neither way is fully supported by all the code.  Need to 

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