Author: julianfoad
Date: Fri Feb 23 15:39:00 2018
New Revision: 1825134

* subversion/libsvn_client/client.h
  Update a really old comment, and fix spelling.


Modified: subversion/trunk/subversion/libsvn_client/client.h
--- subversion/trunk/subversion/libsvn_client/client.h (original)
+++ subversion/trunk/subversion/libsvn_client/client.h Fri Feb 23 15:39:00 2018
@@ -754,40 +754,23 @@ typedef struct svn_client__copy_pair_t
 /*** Commit Stuff ***/
-/* WARNING: This is all new, untested, un-peer-reviewed conceptual
-   stuff.
+/* The "Harvest Committables" System
-   The day that 'svn switch' came into existence, our old commit
-   crawler (svn_wc_crawl_local_mods) became obsolete.  It relied far
-   too heavily on the on-disk hierarchy of files and directories, and
-   simply had no way to support disjoint working copy trees or nest
-   working copies.  The primary reason for this is that commit
-   process, in order to guarantee atomicity, is a single drive of a
+   The commit process requires, per repository, a single drive of a
    commit editor which is based not on working copy paths, but on
-   URLs.  With the completion of 'svn switch', it became all too
-   likely that the on-disk working copy hierarchy would no longer be
-   guaranteed to map to a similar in-repository hierarchy.
-   Aside from this new brokenness of the old system, an unrelated
-   feature request had cropped up -- the ability to know in advance of
-   your commit, exactly what would be committed (so that log messages
-   could be initially populated with this information).  Since the old
-   crawler discovered commit candidates while in the process of
-   committing, it was impossible to harvest this information upfront.
-   As a workaround, svn_wc_statuses() was used to stat the whole
-   working copy for changes before the commit started...and then the
-   commit would again stat the whole tree for changes.
-   Enter the new system.
+   URLs.  The on-disk working copy hierarchy does not, in general,
+   map to a similar in-repository hierarchy, due to switched subtrees
+   and disjoint working copies.
+   Also we wish to know exactly what would be committed, in advance of
+   the commit, so that a log message editor can be initially populated
+   with this information.
    The primary goal of this system is very straightforward: harvest
    all commit candidate information up front, and cache enough info in
    the process to use this to drive a URL-sorted commit.
-   *** END-OF-KNOWLEDGE ***
-   The prototypes below are still in development.  In general, the
-   idea is that commit-y processes ('svn mkdir URL', 'svn delete URL',
+   The idea is that commit-y processes ('svn mkdir URL', 'svn delete URL',
    'svn commit', 'svn copy WC_PATH URL', 'svn copy URL1 URL2', 'svn
    move URL1 URL2', others?) generate the cached commit candidate
    information, and hand this information off to a consumer which is
@@ -844,7 +827,7 @@ typedef svn_error_t *(*svn_client__check
      - if the candidate has a lock token, add it to the LOCK_TOKENS hash.
      - if the candidate is a directory scheduled for deletion, crawl
-       the directories children recursively for any lock tokens and
+       the directory's children recursively for any lock tokens and
        add them to the LOCK_TOKENS array.
    At the successful return of this function, COMMITTABLES will point

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