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    Update pull request template to be more helpful
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-#### Instructions for Apache Thrift Pull Requests ####
+Some helpful tips for a successful Apache Thrift PR:
-* All code changes require an Apache Jira THRIFT Issue
-  (
-* Pull requests should contain a single commit per issue, or we will ask you 
to squash it.
-* The pull request title must begin with the Jira THRIFT ticket identifier, 
for example:
+* Did you test your changes locally or using CI in your fork?
+* Is the Apache Jira THRIFT ticket identifier in the PR title?
+* Is the Apache Jira THRIFT ticket identifier in the commit message?
+* Did you squash your changes to a single commit?
+* Are these changes backwards compatible? (please say so in PR description)
+* Do you need to update the language-specific README?
+Example ideal pull request title:
         THRIFT-9999: an example pull request title
-* Commit messages must follow this pattern for code changes (deviations will 
not be merged):
+Example ideal commit message:
         THRIFT-9999: [summary of fix, one line if possible]
         Client: [language(s) affected, comma separated, use lib/ directory 
names please]
-* Remove these instructions from any pull request description.
 For more information about committing, see

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