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they accept, then the
 link:[How to Add a New PMC Member] 
section in the Apache docs for ho to
 complete the process. Use 
link:[Whimsy] to update PMC 
+Board Reports
+The PMC Chair is responsible for submitting a 
link:[report to the board]
+on a quarterly basis. TinkerPop reports on the following months: January, 
April, July, October. The report has the
+following format:
+## Description:
+ Apache TinkerPop is a graph computing framework for both graph databases
+ (OLTP) and graph analytic systems (OLAP).
+## Activity:
+ <discuss general project health, project direction, community 
growth/activity, etc.>
+## Issues:
+ There are no issues requiring board attention at this time.
+## Releases:
+ - x.y.z (<month> <day>, <year>)
+ - x.y.z (<month> <day>, <year>)
+## PMC/Committer:
+ - Last PMC addition was <name> - <month> <year>
+ - Last committer addition was <name> - <month> <year>
+## Links
+[1] <hyperlink to external reference, if a reference was made in the report>
+A draft of the report should be sent to the TinkerPop developer mailing list 
for review at least three days prior to
+submitting to the board. The final report should be sent in plain-text format 
to `` and should be
+committed to the appropriate meeting agenda in SVN at:

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