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@@ -32,10 +32,40 @@ from a previous version or from recent `SNAPSHOT`. When 
using one generated for
 commands end up being set to the version that is being released, making cut 
and paste of those commands less labor
 intensive and error prone.
-IMPORTANT: The following instructions assume that the release manager's 
<<development-environment,environment> is setup
+IMPORTANT: The following instructions assume that the release manager's 
<<development-environment,environment>> is setup
 properly for release and includes a `.glv` file in `gremlin-python` as 
described in the <<python-environment,Python Environment>>
 section, so that the `gremlin-python` module builds in full.
+Development Versions
+A "development version" or snapshot (in Java parlance) is not an "official" 
release. Artifacts produced for a
+snapshot are solely for the convenience of providers and other developers who 
want to use the latest releases of
+TinkerPop. These releases do not require a VOTE and do not require a "release 
manager". Any PMC member can deploy them.
+It is important to note that these releases cannot be promoted outside of the 
developer mailing list and should not be
+recommended for use beyond the purpose of evaluation and testing.
+IMPORTANT: A development release must contain the suffix "-SNAPSHOT" in the 
+For JVM-based artifacts, simply use the following command:
+mvn clean deploy
+and artifacts will be pushed to the 
link:[Apache Snapshot Repository]. Python
+development artifacts must be deployed separately with a separate command:
+mvn clean deploy -pl gremlin-python -Dpypi
+Python does not use the snapshot model that the JVM does, however, the build 
is smart in that it will dynamically
+generate a development version number for the Python artifacts when 
"-SNAPSHOT" is in the `pom.xml`. The previous
+command will push the development version to 
link:[pypi] for distribution.
+IMPORTANT: The `clean` in the above commands is more important to the pypi 
deployment because the process will deploy
+anything found in the `target/python-packaged/dist` directory. Since the names 
of the artifacts are based on
+timestamps, they will not overwrite one another and multiple artifacts will 
get uploaded.
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