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    TOMEE-2390: Added README.adoc for the multiple-tomee-arquillian example.
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+= Multiple TomEE Arquillian
+:index-group: Arquillian
+:jbake-type: page
+:jbake-status: published
+This example shows how to deploy two different applications if the need for it 
+That sometimes happens if we need communication between two different web 
applications. In our
+example we will deploy two applications web resources and test their content.
+== Run the application:
+[source, bash]
+mvn clean test
+This command runs the test where we have specified the two deployments we want 
+test. The test deploys two applications on which we test their content
+that we defined as web resource in our `createDep1()` and createDep2()` method.
+== @Deployment annotation
+If we want to have two different applications running in the same test it's as
+simple as adding two different `@Deployment` annotated methods to our test 
+@Deployment(name = "war1", testable = false)
+public static WebArchive createDep1() {
+    return ShrinkWrap.create(WebArchive.class, "application1.war")
+            .addAsWebResource(new StringAsset("Hello from TomEE 1"), 
+@Deployment(name = "war2", testable = false)
+public static WebArchive createDep2() {
+    return ShrinkWrap.create(WebArchive.class, "application2.war")
+            .addAsWebResource(new StringAsset("Hello from TomEE 2"), 
+== Define `Deployment` context
+For each test method we have to define on which `Deployment` context the tests
+should be run. For that we use the `@OperateOnDeployment("war2")` annotation 
on our
+test method.
+public void testRunningInDep2(@ArquillianResource final URL url) throws 
IOException {
+    final String content = IO.slurp(url);
+    assertEquals("Hello from TomEE 2", content);
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