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+.. Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
+   contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed
+   with this work for additional information regarding copyright
+   ownership.  The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
+   License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
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+   permissions and limitations under the License.
+.. include:: ../../../common.defs
+.. default-domain:: c
+`#include <ts/ts.h>`
+.. function:: TSReturnCode TSHttpArgIndexReserve(const char * name, const char 
* description, int * arg_idx)
+.. function:: TSReturnCode TSHttpArgIndexNameLookup(const char * name, int * 
arg__idx, const char ** description)
+.. function:: TSReturnCode TSHttpArgIndexLookup(int arg_idx, const char ** 
name, const char ** description)
+.. function:: void TSHttpTxnArgSet(TSHttpTxn txnp, int arg_idx, void * arg)
+.. function:: void * TSHttpTxnArgGet(TSHttpTxn txnp, int arg_idx)
+.. function:: void TSHttpSsnArgSet(TSHttpTxn txnp, int arg_idx, void * arg)
+.. function:: void * TSHttpSsnArgGet(TSHttpTxn txnp, int arg_idx)
+|TS| sessions and transactions provide a fixed array of void pointers that can 
be used by plugins to
+store information. This can be used to avoid creating a per session or 
transaction continuations to
+hold data, or to communicate between plugins as the values in the array are 
visible to any plugin
+which can access the session or transaction. The array values are opaque to 
|TS| and it will not
+dereference or release them. Plugins are responsible for cleaning up any 
resources pointed to by the
+values or, if the values are simply values there is no need for the plugin to 
remove them after the
+session or transaction has completed.
+To avoid collisions between plugins a plugin should first *reserve* an index 
in the array by calling
+:func:`TSHttpArgIndexReserve` passing it an identifying name, a description, 
and a pointer to an
+integer which will get the reserved index. The function returns 
:code:`TS_SUCCESS` if an index was
+reserved, :code:`TS_ERROR` if not (most likely because all of the indices have 
already been
+reserved). Generally this will be a file or library scope global which is set 
at plugin
+initialization. This function is used in the example remap plugin 
+The index is stored in the global :code:`arg_index`. When an index is reserved 
it is reserved for
+both sessions and transactions.
+To look up the owner of a reserved index use :func:`TSHttpArgIndexNameLookup`. 
If the :arg:`name` is
+found as an owner, the function returns :code:`TS_SUCCESS` and 
:arg:`arg_index` is updated with the
+index reserved under that name. If :arg:`description` is not :code:`NULL` then 
it will be updated
+with the description for that reserved index. This enables communication 
between plugins where
+plugin "A" reserves an index under a well known name and plugin "B" locates 
the index by looking it
+up under that name.
+The owner of a reserved index can be found with :func:`TSHttpArgIndexLookup`. 
If :arg:`arg_index` is
+reserved then the function returns :code:`TS_SUCCESS` and :arg:`name` and 
:arg:`description` are
+updated. :arg:`name` must point at a valid character pointer but 
:arg:`description` can be
+Manipulating the array is simple. :func:`TSHttpTxnArgSet` sets the array slot 
at :arg:`arg_idx` for
+the transaction :arg:`txnp` to the value :arg:`arg`. Note this sets the value 
only for the specific
+transaction. Similarly :func:`TSHttpSsnArgSet` sets the value for a session 
argument. The values can
+be retrieved with :func:`TSHttpTxnArgGet` for transactions and 
:func:`TSHttpSsnArgGet` for sessions,
+which return the specified value. Values that have not been set are 
+.. note:: Session arguments persist for the entire session, which means 
potentially across all transactions in that session.
+.. note:: Following arg index reservations is conventional, it is not enforced.

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