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The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/7.1.x by this push:
     new 0e29d18  Fixes a case on chunked cached objects, 304s and Ranges
0e29d18 is described below

commit 0e29d1875a6691b9f6c42fa495cb963d66347dce
Author: Leif Hedstrom <>
AuthorDate: Fri Apr 6 13:06:36 2018 -0600

    Fixes a case on chunked cached objects, 304s and Ranges
    Before this fix, in the deranged case of
           1. Chunked object in cache (which is a static asset)
           2. Object goes stale
           3. Client does a Range request
           4. Origin responds with a 304
    we can serve a "200 OK" with a partial object (the requested range). This
    not only messes up a client, but in the parent proxy setup, can pollute the
    downstream cache with a truncated object.
    This fixes #3409.
    (cherry picked from commit be0a07c0224b0288fa7855bea3279650e395c6e9)
 proxy/http/ | 8 +++++++-
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/proxy/http/ b/proxy/http/
index eaadead..bcd383b 100644
--- a/proxy/http/
+++ b/proxy/http/
@@ -6871,7 +6871,7 @@ HttpTransact::handle_content_length_header(State *s, 
HTTPHdr *header, HTTPHdr *b
     DebugTxn("http_trans", "[handle_content_length_header] RESPONSE cont len 
in hdr is %" PRId64, header->get_content_length());
   } else {
-    // No content length header
+    // No content length header.
     if (s->source == SOURCE_CACHE) {
       // If there is no content-length header, we can
       //   insert one since the cache knows definately
@@ -6893,6 +6893,12 @@ HttpTransact::handle_content_length_header(State *s, 
HTTPHdr *header, HTTPHdr *b
         s->hdr_info.trust_response_cl = true;
+    } else if (s->source == SOURCE_HTTP_ORIGIN_SERVER && 
s->hdr_info.server_response.status_get() == HTTP_STATUS_NOT_MODIFIED &&
+               s->range_setup == RANGE_NOT_TRANSFORM_REQUESTED) {
+      // In this case, we had a cached object, possibly chunked encoded (so we 
don't have a CL: header), but the origin did a
+      // 304 Not Modified response. We can still turn this into a proper Range 
response from the cached object.
+      change_response_header_because_of_range_request(s, header);
+      s->hdr_info.trust_response_cl = true;
     } else {
       // Check to see if there is no content length
       //  header because the response precludes a

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