Author: schor
Date: Wed Dec 19 23:02:23 2018
New Revision: 1849347

[UIMA-5937] change to v 3.0.1. fix scm connection to the uv3/uima-as-v3/trunk. 
change to v12 of parent.  change to depend on 3.0.1 of uimaj sdk.   update 
versions of other dependencies per uima-as-v2, except for slf4j - make that the 
same as uimaj v3 (it is later than the v2).

    uima/uv3/uima-as-v3/trunk/uima-as-parent/   (props changed)

Propchange: uima/uv3/uima-as-v3/trunk/uima-as-parent/
    svn:mergeinfo = /uima/uima-as/trunk/uima-as-parent:1786000-1846917

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