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Date: Thu Jan  3 13:36:48 2019
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no jira - updated readme and release notes


Modified: uima/ruta/trunk/README
--- uima/ruta/trunk/README (original)
+++ uima/ruta/trunk/README Thu Jan  3 13:36:48 2019
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-Apache UIMA Ruta (TM) v2.6.1
+Apache UIMA Ruta (TM) v2.7.0
 Building from the Source Distribution

Modified: uima/ruta/trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.html
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-  <title>Apache UIMA Ruta v2.6.1 Release Notes</title>
+  <title>Apache UIMA Ruta v2.7.0 Release Notes</title>
-<h1>Apache UIMA Ruta&#8482; v2.6.1 Release Notes</h1>
+<h1>Apache UIMA Ruta&#8482; v2.7.0 Release Notes</h1>
@@ -50,21 +50,32 @@
   <p>UIMA Ruta Language and Analysis Engine:</p>
-    <li>Fixed problem with empty annotation list expressions/li>
-    <li>Fixed stacked feature expressions/li>
-    <li>Fixed false positive match in conjunct rules/li>
-    <li>Fixed mixing FOREACH with BLOCK blocks/li>
-    <li>Fixed min/max quantifier/li>
-    <li>Fixed float variables/li>
-    <li>Fixed dynamic internal reindexing/li>
-    <li>Requires UIMA 2.10.0 and uimaFIT 2.3.0/li>
-    <li>Other bugfixes/li>
+    <li>New language feature: label expressions at actions for directly 
assigning/reusing newly created annotations. Example: Document{-> a:T1, 
CREATE(T2, "ref" = a)};</li>
+    <li>New language feature: new type of rule element for completely optional 
match which does not require an existing annotation and therefore also works at 
the boundary of a window/document. Example: NUM _{-PARTOF(CW)};</li>
+    <li>Type lists can be used as matching condition.</li>
+    <li>Initial default value of string and annotations variables is now 
+    <li>Comparison of annotation and annotation list are now supported..</li>
+    <li>New configuration parameter 'inferenceVisitors'.</li>
+    <li>New configuration parameter 'maxRuleMatches'.</li>
+    <li>New configuration parameter 'maxRuleElementMatches'.</li>
+    <li>Inlined rules as condition are only evaluated if the rule element 
match was successful.</li>
+    <li>String features with allowed values are supported.</li>
+    <li>PlainTextAnnotator supports vertical tabs.</li>
+    <li>Various improvements for WORDTABLE.</li>
+    <li>Thrown exceptions include script name.</li>
+    <li>Fixed values of label for failed matches.</li>
+    <li>Fixed inlined rules as condition at wildcards.</li>
+    <li>Fixed resetting of annotation-based variables.</li>
+    <li>Fixed various bug of wildcards.</li>
+    <li>Fixed CONTAINS condition for annotations overlapping the window.</li>
+    <li>Fixed COUNT condition.</li>
+    <li>Fixed setting variables by configuration parameter.</li>
   <p>UIMA Ruta Workbench:</p>
-    <li>Fixed Query View</li>
-    <li>Fixed Annotation Testing View</li>
-    <li>Fixed error reporting in editor</li>
+       <li>Query View support more CAS formats.</li>
+    <li>Fixed order of scripts in Applied Rules view.</li>
+    <li>Fixed reporting of non-existing problems in editor.</li>

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