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 # Release Note
+## v0.18.0
+- `feature` `Android/iOS` TemplateList support lifecycle and statefull 
component [#1019]( 
+- `feature` `Android` Support real time format to input component, support 
disable copy paste to input component 
+- `feature` `Android` Support use base64 to import fontface 
+- `feature` `Android` High performance binary Wson supported 
+- `feature` `Android` New touch dispatch mechanism and bubble sync method call 
for android touch event 
+- `feature` `Android` Support set global font to text component 
+- `feature` `Android` List component supported show scrollbar options 
+- `feature` `Android` box-shadow support multi shadows declaration 
+- `feature` `Android` Support `role` property to accessibility 
+- `bugfix` `Android` Fix network operation on main thread by WebSocket 
+- `bugfix` `Android` Fix font not rendered right when font is first downloaded 
+- `bugfix` `Android` Fix the `background-color` can not be set to 
`transparent` [#959](
+- `bugfix` `Android` Improve JSService usage, support mutil type params 
+- `bugfix` `Android` Fix fix security weaknesses on libweex*.so 
+- `bugfix` `Android` Fix long-running operation on WXThread.scure() 
+- `bugfix` `Android` Fix status of pseudo class can not restore after touch 
+- `bugfix` `Android` Fix parallax component not reseted to right position when 
scrollToElement with animated:false option 
+- `feature` `weex-js-framework` Upgrade weex-vue-framework to 
[v2.5.13](, which implemented 
the `<recycle-list>`.
+- Only update batched and mutated attributes and styles in js framework 
+- `feature` `weex-js-framework` Support append as tree on root element 
+- `improvement` `weex-js-framework` Enhance the multi-instance isolation 
(sandbox) ([#960](
+- `improvement` `weex-js-framework` Refactor the file structure and build 
scripts of js framework 
([#964]( | 
+- `improvement` `weex-js-framework` Stop using ES6 Proxy to require a module 
+- `bugfix` `iOS` bugfix about longpress and pangesture innner waterfall 
component invalid[#1007](
+- `improvemnet` `iOS` improve for threadSafe dictionary 
+- `feature` `iOS` deprecate WXCallback and WXModuleCallback, use 
WXKeepAliveCallback and WXModuleKeepAliveCallback 
+- `bugfix` `iOS` bugfix about iconfont draw failed on occasion 
+- `improvement` `iOS` [remove redundant implementation of 
+- `feature` `iOS` support css value for safe-area-inset-left, 
safe-area-inset-right, safe-area-inset-top, and safe-area-inset-bottom like 
[iPhone X 
+- `feature` `iOS` support word-wrap on iOS when drawing text 
+- `improvement` `web` refactor appear watcher, image lazyloading, components 
implementation, some APIs, and the event triggering and handling system.
+- `improvement` `web` significantly improved runtime performance.
+- `bugfix` `web` fix event binding.
+- `bugfix` `web` fix indicator item styles.
+- `bugfix` `web` fix slider's overflow style.
+- `feature` `web` support create weex components through render function.
+- `feature` `web` support binding native events for custom components with 
.native modifier.
+- `feature` `web` all weex native events should be dispatched through dom 
+- `improvement` `web` refactor test procedure flow and increase test cases' 
total number to 96.
+- `bugfix` `web` fix two way binding for `<input>` component.
+- `bugfix` `web` fix return event for `<input>` component.
+- `bugfix` `web` fix errors relative to createEventMap.
+- `feature` `web` now you can use 'wx' unit.
+- `improvement` `web` remove weex.createEventMap method.
+- `bugfix` `web` fix <switch> component's styles.
+- `bugfix` `web` fix test cases for `<switch>` and `<input>`.
+- `bugfix` `web` webview.reload for `<web>` component always throws a error.
+- `bugfix` `web` should trigger error event when a cross origin issue arises.
+- `bugfix` `web` always trigger a error event when loaded a cross origin page.
+- `bugfix` `web` trigger duplicated appear/disappear events when there're more 
than one list.
 ## v0.17

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