Author: mukulg
Date: Mon Feb  5 06:25:54 2018
New Revision: 1823129

doing a minor correction to documentation


Modified: xerces/java/trunk/docs/faq-xs.xml
--- xerces/java/trunk/docs/faq-xs.xml (original)
+++ xerces/java/trunk/docs/faq-xs.xml Mon Feb  5 06:25:54 2018
@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@
     <q>How do I validate against XML schema?</q>
       <p>XML Schema 1.0 validation has been integrated with the 
-       regular SAXParser and DOMParser classes. No special classes are 
+       regular SAXParser and DOMParser classes, and also with the JAXP
+      validation API using the XSD 1.0 Schema factory. No special classes are 
        required to parse documents that use a schema.</p>
       <p>For XML Schema 1.1 validation, you'll need to use the JAXP
       validation API, using the XSD 1.1 Schema factory. Here's an example: </p>

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