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[ZEPPELIN-1728] Add an example configuring classpath for hive-site.xml

### What is this PR for?
hive-site.xml is required to configure HiveContext in SparkInterpreter.
So it'll be helpful if document provide at least simple example that can help 
user get some idea.

### What type of PR is it?

### Todos
* [x] - Add simple example

### What is the Jira issue?

### How should this be tested?

### Screenshots (if appropriate)

### Questions:
* Does the licenses files need update? no
* Is there breaking changes for older versions? no
* Does this needs documentation? no

Author: Lee moon soo <>

Closes #1708 from Leemoonsoo/ZEPPELIN-1728 and squashes the following commits:

98860ba [Lee moon soo] an example configure hive-site.xml into the classpath


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: c7dede3d36c116de727d16fbb614ba0f66384fc7
Parents: 13d77e0
Author: Lee moon soo <>
Authored: Tue Nov 29 22:29:29 2016 -0800
Committer: Lee moon soo <>
Committed: Thu Dec 1 18:00:58 2016 -0800

 docs/interpreter/ | 8 +++++++-
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff --git a/docs/interpreter/ b/docs/interpreter/
index 92f8fcd..6d92561 100644
--- a/docs/interpreter/
+++ b/docs/interpreter/
@@ -146,11 +146,17 @@ For example,
 export SPARK_HOME=/usr/lib/spark
-You can optionally export `HADOOP_CONF_DIR` and `SPARK_SUBMIT_OPTIONS`
+You can optionally set more environment variables
+# set hadoop conf dir
 export HADOOP_CONF_DIR=/usr/lib/hadoop
+# set options to pass spark-submit command
 export SPARK_SUBMIT_OPTIONS="--packages com.databricks:spark-csv_2.10:1.2.0"
+# extra classpath. e.g. set classpath for hive-site.xml
 For Windows, ensure you have `winutils.exe` in `%HADOOP_HOME%\bin`. Please see 
[Problems running Hadoop on 
Windows]( for the details.

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