YARN-4849. Addendum patch to fix document. (Wangda Tan via Sunil G)

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Authored: Wed Aug 24 16:10:19 2016 +0530
Committer: Wangda Tan <wan...@apache.org>
Committed: Mon Oct 17 11:30:30 2016 -0700

 BUILDING.txt                                    |  2 +-
 .../src/site/markdown/YarnUI2.md                | 36 +++++++++++---------
 2 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

diff --git a/BUILDING.txt b/BUILDING.txt
index 4424579..908c366 100644
--- a/BUILDING.txt
+++ b/BUILDING.txt
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ Maven build goals:
   * Use -Psrc to create a project source TAR.GZ
   * Use -Dtar to create a TAR with the distribution (using -Pdist)
   * Use -Preleasedocs to include the changelog and release docs (requires 
Internet connectivity)
-  * Use -Pyarn-ui to build YARN UI v2. (Requires Internet connectivity, and it 
is for dev use only)
+  * Use -Pyarn-ui to build YARN UI v2. (Requires Internet connectivity)
  Snappy build options:

diff --git 
index 575ebc7..ff48183 100644
@@ -17,27 +17,31 @@
 Hadoop: YARN-UI V2
-*This is a WIP project, nobody should use it in production.*
-You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.
+If you run RM locally in your computer for test purpose, you need the 
following things properly installed.
-* Install Node.js with NPM: https://nodejs.org/download/
-* After Node.js installed, install bower: `npm install -g bower`.
-* Install Ember-cli: `npm install -g ember-cli`
+- Install Node.js with NPM: https://nodejs.org/download
+- After Node.js installed, install `corsproxy`: `npm install -g corsproxy`.
-* Please refer to BUILDING.txt in the top directory and pass -Pyarn-ui to 
build UI-related code
-* Execute `mvn test -Pyarn-ui` to run unit tests
-Try it
+*In yarn-site.xml*
+| Configuration Property | Description |
+|:---- |:---- |
+| `yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.ui2.enable` | In the server side it indicates 
whether the new YARN-UI v2 is enabled or not. Defaults to `false`. |
+| `yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.ui2.address` | Specify the address of 
ResourceManager and port which host YARN-UI v2, defaults to `localhost:8288`. |
-* Packaging and deploying Hadoop in this branch
-* In 
change `timelineWebUrl` and `rmWebUrl` to your YARN RM/Timeline server web 
-* If you are running YARN RM in your localhost, you should update 
`localBaseUrl` to `localhost:1337/`, install `npm install -g corsproxy` and run 
`corsproxy` to avoid CORS errors. More details: 
-* Run `ember serve` under 
-* Visit your app at [http://localhost:4200](http://localhost:4200).
+*In $HADOOP_PREFIX/share/hadoop/yarn/webapps/rm/config/configs.env*
+- Update timelineWebAddress and rmWebAddress to the actual addresses run 
resource manager and timeline server
+- If you run RM locally in you computer just for test purpose, you need to 
keep `corsproxy` running. Otherwise, you need to set `localBaseAddress` to 
+Use it
+Open your browser, go to `rm-address:8288` and try it!

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