Huafeng Wang created HADOOP-13633:

             Summary: Introduce Apache Kafka as a Service into Hadoop
                 Key: HADOOP-13633
             Project: Hadoop Common
          Issue Type: New Feature
            Reporter: Huafeng Wang
            Assignee: Huafeng Wang

In HDFS-7343 we want to develop a comprehensive storage management solution 
originated from community discussions, in order for allowing convenient, 
intelligent and effective utilization of various HDFS facilities such as 
erasure coding, HDFS cache, HSM offering, and etc. based on valuable insights 
from events and data collected from namenodes, datanodes, frameworks and 
applications via a pub-sub messaging system. In HDFS-8940 it was discussed that 
the proposed large scale inotify feature would be better to be implemented via 
Kafka system to allowing thousands of consumers or inotify clients.

Apache Kafka is a distributed messaging system that aims to provide a unified, 
high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds, and 
currently it’s widely used in real-time streaming process field. Considering 
the above two important use cases desired in Hadoop, we’d like to propose to 
introduce Kafka as a fundamental event pub-sub service into Hadoop platform. 
Like FileSystem offering, we’d like to provide MessagingSystem in Hadoop style 
and conforming Hadoop security, backed by an internal or external existing 
Kafka cluster. Generally the new service is very convenient to use, and can be 
used to distribute and exchange various types of events across IO, storage, and 
computation that produced by Hadoop itself, frameworks or applications on top 
of it. Then on this basis valuable events can be analyzed in a centralized way 
so that meaningful applications and usages can be developed.

The design document is under-going and will be submitted in a week. Feedback 
are very welcome. Thanks!

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