Work on HADOOP-15400 started by Gabor Bota.
> Improve S3Guard documentation on Authoritative Mode implementation
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: HADOOP-15400
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-15400
>             Project: Hadoop Common
>          Issue Type: Sub-task
>          Components: fs/s3
>    Affects Versions: 3.0.1
>            Reporter: Aaron Fabbri
>            Assignee: Gabor Bota
>            Priority: Minor
> Part of the design of S3Guard is support for skipping the call to S3 
> listObjects and serving directory listings out of the MetadataStore under 
> certain circumstances.  This feature is called "authoritative" mode.  I've 
> talked to many people about this feature and it seems to be universally 
> confusing.
> I suggest we improve / add a section to the s3guard.md site docs elaborating 
> on what Authoritative Mode is.
> It is *not* treating the MetadataStore (e.g. dynamodb) as the source of truth 
> in general.
> It *is* the ability to short-circuit S3 list objects and serve listings from 
> the MetadataStore in some circumstances: 
> For S3A to skip S3's list objects on some *path*, and serve it directly from 
> the MetadataStore, the following things must all be true:
>  # The MetadataStore implementation persists the bit 
> {{DirListingMetadata.isAuthorititative}} set when calling 
> {{MetadataStore#put(DirListingMetadata)}}
>  # The S3A client is configured to allow metadatastore to be authoritative 
> source of a directory listing (fs.s3a.metadatastore.authoritative=true).
>  # The MetadataStore has a full listing for *path* stored in it.  This only 
> happens if the FS client (s3a) explicitly has stored a full directory listing 
> with {{DirListingMetadata.isAuthorititative=true}} before the said listing 
> request happens.
> Note that #1 only currently happens in LocalMetadataStore. Adding support to 
> DynamoDBMetadataStore is covered in HADOOP-14154.
> Also, the multiple uses of the word "authoritative" are confusing. Two 
> meanings are used:
>  1. In the FS client configuration fs.s3a.metadatastore.authoritative
>  - Behavior of S3A code (not MetadataStore)
>  - "S3A is allowed to skip S3.list() when it has full listing from 
> MetadataStore"
> 2. MetadataStore
>  When storing a dir listing, can set a bit isAuthoritative
>  1 : "full contents of directory"
>  0 : "may not be full listing"
> Note that a MetadataStore *MAY* persist this bit. (not *MUST*).
> We should probably rename the {{DirListingMetadata.isAuthorititative}} to 
> {{.fullListing}} or at least put a comment where it is used to clarify its 
> meaning.

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