On 8/16/06, Gary Gregory <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
FWIW, here are some test results for test.time I have:

Compiled with Sun Java 1.4.2_12:

- test.time has 1 failure with Sun Java 1.3.1_15
- test.time passes with Sun Java 1.4.2_12
- test.time passes with Sun Java 1.5.0_08

Doing the same above with the code compiled with Sun Java 1.3.1_15 yield
the same results. This is all on Windows XP SP2 and Ant 1.6.5.

Wish I could get JDK 1.3 to work on a Linux box. Both my Debian Sarge
(hardly a new distro) and Ubuntu laptop have glibc errors. Must grab
the IBM version and see how it goes.

Which one is the test.time failure?


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