this is a proposal for Jakarta Commons developers.

It's related to the inconvenient proliferation of complex
types of containers: LRUMap, List, ArrayList, Sets, OrderedLists,
OrderedSets, BidiMaps, and son on. I find that every simple customization
to a minimal requirement often results in a very particular new

My proposal is to implement the equivalent in Java Jakarta Commons Collections
to the famous Boost C++ Multi-index Containers Library.

It defines a generic container simultaneously maintaining one or more indices 
different sorting and access semantics. The versatile nature of Boost.MultiIndex
allows for the specification of a wide spectrum of different data structures.
It allows sorted, hashed, sequenced, random-access indices.
It also provides extended look-up facilities.
Therefore it can emulate different data structures such as:
- Sets with several iteration orders and search criteria.
- Lists with fast lookup and/or without duplicates.
- Bidirectional maps, i.e. maps searchable either for key or value.
- MRU (most recently used) lists, structures keeping the n last referenced 
items, beginning with the newest ones.

I consider that it has an easy implementation in Java, and it could
significantly improve the power of Collections.

Comments are welcome.
Best Regards

David López Muñoz
(34) 91 337 4703
gtalk, jabber: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Multimedia Technology
Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo

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